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The Best of The Best

 exclusively at Calloway's and Cornelius.


What does it take to be a Callie Select plant? To put it simply, Callie Select plants are the "Best of the Best." Selected by our own expert with over 20 years of experience, grown to the highest specifications, and delivered to our customers with pleasure and pride.

Even more important, while we know many gardeners have the patience to wait for small seedlings to grow, Callie Select plants are delivered bursting with blooms in 8" pots, so they make a beautiful impact from the moment you bring them home.

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Preparing for a Fabulous Vintage 

Runte Selects Big Ol Begonias at Pack Trials

Imagine a line of garden plants, raised with the same careful attention to every detail as a fine bottle of wine, from the selection of seeds and cuttings, to optimal growing conditions and final delivery to your retail store. That is the heart of the Callie Select collection available only at Calloway's.

One Man's Vision

Callie Select is the result of years of effort on the part of Tim Runte who has overseen the selection and purchase of plants for Calloway's and Cornelius for over 20 years. For Callie Select, he tours the country for the very finest plants, chosen for better growth, blooms or hardiness.


Zinnia, Callie SelectTim spends countless hours pouring over the newest varietals, and weeks at a time touring the major growers to survey the progress with plants that he has placed on his "watch list."










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Runte Selecting Plants at Pack Trials

Tim then selects the best nursery to grow his hand-picked varietal. He has a daunting list of demands: plants are grown to peak maturity in 8" pots; flowers are not forced but allowed to bloom naturally for maximum longevity in your garden; delivery must be handled with a minimum of stress; and of course all of this must be carried out at a cost that brings the Calloway's and Cornelius customer real value.

Seed to Garden

It's a seed to garden perspective, that leads to the highest quality plants anywhere. We call them the best of the best. These garden plants are truly exceptional, with added beauty that is immediately recognizable.

We are proud of Tim Runte for his dedication and focus. Without a man like Tim, plants like these would never be grown. It all begins with one man's vision, a big team effort, and gardeners throughout Texas enjoy the fruits (or flowers) of the effort.

For the very best, look for the Callie Select label. Or simply look for the breathtaking display of plants that are just that much better, that much more beautiful, and clearly of the highest quality.