Groundcover for Shade

Groundcover for Shade!

Make the Most of the Shady Parts of Your Garden, with Creativity and Some 'Cool' Shade Loving Plants.

Because lawn turf doesn't tend to grow well in lovely shady spots, some of us gardeners might begin to assume that nothing will grow well in the shade. Not true. There are not only many plants that do well in shade, they absolutely require shade and would die in full sun.

In addition, there are many groundcover plants that thrive in shade and can turn those areas next to walls, along dark shady pathways and under trees into beautiful lush showcases, rather than forgotten and forlorn patches of barren dirt. Have at look at some of these plants, which were chosen by Calloway's and Cornelius staff specifically for their performance in Texas gardens under shade conditions.


Ajuga, Burgundy, StepablesBurgundy Ajuga

Blueish blooms on spikes that are 6" to 10" inches above the plant. Unusual white to dark green to purple mottled foliage.



Ardisia, Chirimen Marlberry, MonroviaArdisia, Chirimen

A pretty groundcover/shrub. Grows 6" to 8" tall, and 2' to 3' wide. Fast growing and does well in shade. White flowers in Spring with bright red berries in Fall.



English IvyEnglish Ivy

Several varieties do well in the shade.