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I have a small garden that stays very moist, sometimes it is soggy. I would like to plant knockout rose bushes, will they grow in this condition?

I have a small garden that stays very moist - sometimes the soil and lawn around it is soggy. Not only does this area get water from our sprnkler, but also from our neighbor watering their lawn. I live in zone 9 -Houston,TX. I have two crepe mrytles growing now offering some reasonable shade. I would very much like to plant some knockout rose bushes around the perimeter of this garden. Since I have read that the knockout roses are drought resistant, as are the crepe mrytles, I worry that the rose bushes will not grow and will waste away, since I have no control over my neighbors watering routine. The crepe mrytles are doing beautifully, so I'm thinking there might be a chance with planting the knockout rose bushes. . . . . The garden has a west sun. What is your professional opinion? I would appreciate any input and advice you may have. Thank you. Spring, Tx

If you prepare the planting area by building it up where possible and planting your Roses in this raised area, they should do well, in our opinion. Try to use as much of the existing soil as possible as you approach the bed preparation and add planting mixes to get the area raised appropriately. Also, the existence of the Crapemyrtles will help to use up a lot of the water as they grow larger. And even though the KnockOut Roses are drought resistant, they are still Roses and will benefit from a non-drought existence as long as they aren't in the area that stays constantly soggy.