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Secrets to a Lush Green Texas lawn!

Follow these tips to make your lawn a beautiful green carpet that is a delight throughout the year. It doesn't matter if your lawn is on the Gulf Coast in Houston or the prairie of Dallas/Fort Worth, these tips still apply.

Tip One - Regular and timely attention is key. Prevent problems before they can gain a foot-hold.

Texas Lawn Care Advice

Tip Two - Fertilize in Spring, Summer and Fall. Calloway's offers three fertilizers designed for specific lawn needs; Calloway's Premium Lawn Food, Calloway's Premium Phosphorous-Free Lawn Food, and Calloway's Organic & Natural Fertilizer. The Premium Lawn Foods contain 70% Triple slow release nitrogen, plus iron, to nourish your lawn for weeks to come. The difference between these two products is that the Phosphorous Free is a 21-0-0 product without salts, making it perfect for lawns which have been properly fed at least three times.

Weed Free Lawn

Calloway's newest Lawn Fertilizer is the Organic & Natural Fertilizer, which is highly enriched at 7-0-3. It contains beneficial Mycorrihiza to stimulate the growth of your turf both above and below the soil.

Tip Three - Improve your soil with Soil Mender's Stimulate, which contains Humates and creates healthy soil.

Tip Four -Eliminate weeds in Spring and Fall. Use Bonide Crabgrass & Weed Preventer or Bonide Weed Beater Complete. Regular twice-yearly applications prevent weeds from getting a start and help to insure a consistent healthy turf.

Tip Five - Apply a preemergent to prevent future weeds from even starting to grow. Bonide Weed Beater Complete has a preemergent and is ideal in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Houston gardeners should use Nitro-Phos Barricade.

Tip Six - Water regularly and appropriately for the season. Popular grasses for established Lawns in Texas require only 1 to 2 inches of water per week, even in summer. But it is important that even a once a week schedule be maintained and early morning watering is almost always regarded as best. New or young Lawns will require more frequent and shallower watering.

Tip Seven - Mow on a schedule. Mowing does more than improve the appearance of your Lawn, it improves its health. A good mow encourages roots and rhizomes to spread laterally and creates healthy interwoven turf. The frequency of mowing required varies by season and temperature, usually once or twice a week is adequate in the growing seasons.

Some varieties of grass, like St. Augustine, do best when cut long, and should be mowed to a height up to 2 1/2 inches. Others, such as Common Bermuda, will grow best when maintained at about 1 inch. Consult with a Calloway's or Cornelius nursery professional to determine the best length and timing for a mowing schedule for your lawn.


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