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This is my 3rd try to grow a Elatior begonia. Any suggestions?

I put the first 2 on my back porch in the summer, my porch is covered and faces the North. I am going to try the house this time. Any particular soil, besides regular potting soil?

All Begonias require soil that drains well. If you think about it, Begonias have succulent stems that hold a lot of water. Plants of this type are equipped to absorb and store water. Providing a planting medium that stays too moist will quickly cause problems. Sunlight is also important. While they cannot tolerate our hot, direct sunlight, they do require bright indirect light. I fear that by having them indoors that you'll experience spindly, thin plants that will not bloom well because the sunlight will not be sufficient. Making matters more challenging is our nighttime temperatures. This time of year is ideal for all Elatior Begonias and other Tuberous types because our nighttime temperatures cool off nicely. However, once the evening temperatures hover in the upper 70s to 80s, this does not allow for these types of Begonias to carry on the nighttime processes that they require. It's a fine balancing act to maintain these Begonias during these times of year.
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