Native Texas Shrubs, Beautiful Structure

Shrubs for Your Texas Garden!

Like the walls and walkways of your home, shrubs define your garden spaces, creating pathways and 'rooms' that are welcoming, intimate, expansive, or can inspire and reflect almost any mood you choose. Garden design begins with structure, these shrubs provide your Texas garden with plenty of options for a great beginning.

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Agave Century Plant

Agave Century Plant

A statement in any garden, the leaves of this grand agave can grow up to 6' long. Once established, the agave requires little care, though it may need to be protected from hard freeze. This plant blooms only once in its lifetime, generally in less than 25 years, with a single huge stalk topped with a flower cluster. Prefers full sun and very limited water.

American Beauty Berry

American Beautyberry

This is a wild-looking shrub that is best-suited to woodland plantings. American Beautyberry grows 5'-8' tall, with a similar spread. It is a deciduous plant, that tolerates both shade and drought. It is highly prized for the magenta berries which cover the branches.

Greggs Mist Flower, Texas Ageratum

Greggs Mistflower, Texas Ageratum

The fabulous blue-tinted blooms on Greggs Mistflower appear in early spring and will continue to bloom until frost. In warmer climates this flower may bloom all year long! The pale blue flowers are a favorite of the Queen Butterfly. This plant grows to about 2' tall, and while it can take part shade, it does prefer hot and dry locations.

Fragrant Mistflower

Fragrant Mistflower

Plant this wonderful plant in spring, enjoy the wonderfully scented flowers all year, come winter simply mow or cut it back, and watch it re-grow in spring. Nothing could be easier. It attracts butterflies like crazy, will tolerate some shade, but ideally Fragrant Mistflower prefers hot dry conditions with good drainage.

Red Yucca

Red Yucca

One of the prettiest and most elegant of the xeriscape plants, Red Yucca is valued for its easy care (almost none required) and very low water needs. The beautiful red flowers blooming almost throughout the entire growing season are a magnet for hummningbirds.


Holly, Dwarf Yaupon, Texas Native

Holly, Dwarf Yaupon

This is the perfect native plant for the slightly more formal garden, where you may desire clipped and trimmed hedges. The glossy leaves and compact growth habit, make the Dwarf Yaupon an excellent easy care choice. It is an evergreen that will tolerate partial shade.*


Cenizo, or Green Texas Sage

Green Texas Sage, also known as Cenizo

This is a marvelous semi-evergreen shrub for full-sun areas. The large shrubs reach heights and spreads of about 4'-8'. Purple flowers cover the plant almost all summer long! This plant loves dry heat and sun, water it sparingly and it will be an amazing specimen.

Martha Gonzales Rose

Martha Gonzales Rose

Use this pretty rose as a single specimen plant or as a lovely hedge. Martha Gonzales produces bright red single flower roses all season long. It tolerates some shade, but does best in sun.*


Yucca Rostrata

Yucca Rostrata x Rigida

This is a naturally occuring cross, between Rostrata and Rigida, that is found along the Mexican border where the two species co-exist. The plant is very cold hardy and drought tolerant. The leaves grow to almost 4' long, while the flowering stalk may reach 12'-15'. Full sun, low water.



A wonderful tropical looking shrub, growing 3'-6' tall, Esperanza is covered with beautiful yellow flowers almost all year long. It is drought and heat tolerant, and blooms best in full sun though it does tolerate partial shade well enough.

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