Our Story

Our Story


Native Texans, Jim Estill, John Cosby and John Peters, came together and pooled their resources to build a garden center focused on serving Texas gardeners. It started with one store in Richardson. With a focus on customer service and a promise of quality products, the founders searched nationwide for premium products and seeds. Then they forged deep and lasting relationships with local growers to bring fresh, large, premium plants to local gardeners. Two and half decades later the Calloway's founders still play their leadership role in the organization. As the company has grown so has the Calloway's team of dedicated experts. Each customer and every season brings a new chapter and the Calloway's journey continues with a passion to serve and bring beauty to Texas gardens. 

Jim EstillJim Estill, Company Founder and President

"Together, John Cosby, John Peters and I started out with the idea that our customer's success was rule number one. That's what drives us today ... even after 25 years. That means we must find the finest plants, brand the best products, hire the most knowledgeable people and guarantee everything."

John CosbyJohn Cosby, Company Founder and VP, Real Estate

"We didn't start a cookie-cutter company, where people march in rote step. We find locations in growing communities, build clean, easy-to-shop stores and staff them with great people. Our idea is to stay open to the unique characteristics of each store and allow the store staff latitude to really serve our customers."

John PetersJohn Peters, Company Founder and VP, Operations

"One of the important ideas we shared was that we would hire the best people, give them real authority to run their stores and have some fun. I'm proud of the fact that we have more Texas Master Certified Nursery Professionals in our stores than any other retailer. Our team is passionate and that's what makes them great!"

John BenoitJohn Benoit, In-Store Experience and Presentation Manager

John creates the Calloway's shopping experience with visual décor and products for the gardening seasons. He designs floor plans and works with store personal to best showcase merchandise with customers in mind. "The world is confusing enough. I try to make it easy to find the solutions you need for your garden."

Adam PerezAdam Perez, Pottery and Tropical Plant Buyer

Adam's title only hints at his responsibilities. A 20-year veteran of Calloway's and Cornelius Nursery, he selects garden pots from overseas, orders holiday items and chooses houseplants from specialty growers that share his passion for quality.

Sandy PoolSandy Pool, Tree, Rose & Shrub Buyer

Sandy has packed a lot into her more than 15 years with Calloway's and Cornelius Nursery, from serving customers to managing stores. Today, she selects Azaleas, Crapemyrtles, and Roses that dazzle in your garden. "I love searching out the best performers!"

Tim RunteTim Runte, Bedding Plant Buyer

Tim meets with seed companies worldwide. "I like to bring you plants you won't find other places." To lead the market, he gets the seed and cuttings of improved varieties to Texas specialty growers, where they're nurtured in our climate for you.

Mike McGonigleMike McGonigle, Lawn & Garden Products Buyer

Mike, a 20 plus year veteran at Calloway’s and Cornelius finds the best garden enhancing products and solutions for Texas gardeners. “I find the best raw materials and science available to develop a product with the Calloway’s name so our customers can be successful in their gardens.”