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Products to Help Protect Your Garden from Mosquitoes

Natural CedarCide®: Repels mosquitoes and other insects safely and naturally. Spread evenly around your yard to keep the mosquitoes away.

Summit Mosquito & Gnat Barrier: Spray around your foundation and shrubs to kill mosquitoes.

Summit Mosquito Dunks®: Place in birdbaths or any areas of standing water to keep mosquito larvae from forming.

Summit Mosquito Bits®: Sprinkle in flowerbeds, containers, or anywhere mosquito larvae might be. Easy to use and effective.

The Patio Egg™ & Refills: Egg diffuser to deter mosquitoes in and around outdoor entertaining areas.

DynaTrap® Insect Traps: Safeguard your indoor and outdoor living space with the DynaTrap Insect Traps. Safe and easy to use.