A Proven Sun-Lover for Texas gardens!

As the weather warms up, we are always on the look-out for new Summer color. A newcomer onto the scene, SunPatiens, has all the industry in a buzz! This cross between the traditional New Guinea Impatiens and a wild Impatiens has produced a full sun and high heat-loving variety. SunPatiens has the flower size of the New Guinea but a strong garden vigor that will allow them to survive harsh Summer conditions.

SunPatiensPlant these beauties in full sun and watch them explode! They will tolerate some shade but may have a tendency to become leggy. If they do get too tall or big, give them a quick trim and they will pop right back out. SunPatiens can reach 2 to 3 feet tall and wide. Plant them 3 feet apart and you will soon be enjoying a mass of flowers. They bloom from the bottom up and will create a solid ball of dazzling color!

SunPatiens are as easy to care for as they are beautiful. Like most Impatiens, SunPatiens should be well watered. Plant them in a well draining soil with plenty of organic material. Always, mulch your beds with 2 to 3 inches of mulch to help retain moisture and protect the roots. Apply a timed release fertilizer at planting, therefore, you will be fertilizing with each watering.

They are excellent planted directly into the landscape beds for borders or foundation plantings. SunPatiens are also striking when planted in large containers, hanging baskets or window boxes. The 2 to 3 inch blooms provide massive flower power from Spring until first frost.

Claude Monet, the artist, once said, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.” Our own gardens can be canvasses so paint your landscape with the easy-to-grow, easy-to-enjoy SunPatiens! You get the best of both shade loving Impatiens and the larger flowered New Guinea Impatiens. Create your own masterpiece, today!