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Tomato plants are turning pale and yellow.

I made raised beds with the dyno lite dirt(100% composted yard waste) from city of Denton. The mix is about 70 percent dyno dirt, 10 percent bagged cow manure, and the rest is a mix of peat moss and vermiculite The tomato plants are turning very pale and sickly looking after I transplant them. Dark green when planted, then whole plant gets pale from the bottom up. I had started some kale seeds as well and the tiny plants are very pale too. Other plants in the mix, beans, squash etc...seem to be doing fine. Any info would be appreciated.

You should perform a soil test on this as it sounds like the soil mix is lacking in some type of nutrient. Once you know what this soil contains, you can better address the steps that you’ll need to take to correct the problem.

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