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What flowers can I buy that will attract more beneficial bugs in the Woodlands?

I have a lot of herbs and plants I planted this spring, and unfortunately my poor basil plant is being eaten A LOT lately. We have a ton of bugs in the Woodlands, but most of the beneficial insects seem to not be coming to my yard even with Marigolds waiting to be fed on. I know there are a flock of flowers that will help attract beneficials, but I never seem to find them anywhere. Any thoughts for something I can buy from y'all and a location I can buy them from?

–The best thing that you can do to attract beneficial insects is to stop spraying pesticides. If you’ve already done this, then only time will allow them to find your garden. Beneficial insects will only thrive in a garden where they can find food, which means that you must allow some pest insects into your garden. Without these, then beneficial insects have no reason to reproduce there. Check out our Beneficial Insect Blog for more ideas on plant selection:

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