Ryusen Japanese Maple

vigorous grower with excellent heat and sun tolerance; tolerates late spring freezes as well.

Oshio Beni Japanese Maple

This cultivar’s name means ‘Great Red Tide’ and it delivers with striking red foliage emerging in spring, fading to a bronze green during summer, but then changing to a brilliant crimson in fall; perfect for the periphery of borders or rock gardens.

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

A very popular tree that grows vigorously when young to a lovely vase shape; its most outstanding feature is the lovely coral bark on the younger branches in the winter and colorful foliage throughout the rest of the year from yellow-green to gold.

Burgundy Lace Japanese Maple

A superb compact landscape tree that demands a showcase location in the garden; finely cut purple-bronze palm-shaped leaves give rich color and texture all season long, ideal for shrub gardens and small landscapes.

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

A popular high quality small tree with rich deep purple foliage all season long and spectacular fall color in various shades of red and orange, compact and artistic growth habit; demands a place of emminence in the garden.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Possibly the most popular of all feature trees for the home landscape, with rich burgundy-purple palm-shaped foliage all season long and a very artistic spreading growth habit; put it in the front yard and give it lots of room to grow.

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

An incredibly artistic accent plant for the garden, featuring lacy foliage that emerges a beautiful crimson-red and fades to a purple-green in summer, turning stunning fiery shades of color in fall; best planted in a sheltered location.

Japanese Maple

The most coveted of all small landscape trees, and with good reason – it has almost the perfect shape, habit, and fall colors; the species can be quite variable, numerous cultivars are available selected for specific attributes.

Curled-Leaf Japanese Privet

A very dense variety that makes a great hedge or screen, as well as an accent or container planting; deep green, glossy foliage is wavy and genly curled, creating great texture; best in full sun; highly adaptable.