Create Stylish Bookshelves with Succulent Bookends

Succulents are a fantastic choice for indoor color! They are low maintenance, unique, and versatile. Succulents can be used in so many ways and in many different containers.

Put these beauties to work and create cute bookends that will not only be a functional piece of décor in your home but will bring lovely color and texture to your space.

Create Stylish Bookshelves with Succulent Bookends


To get started, you will need the following supplies:

decor pebbles

  1. Succulents from Calloway’s or Cornelius
  2. Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  3. Décor Pebbles from Calloway’s or Cornelius
  4. 2 square glass vases
  5. 4 clear plastic cups

glass vase and cup


Step 1: Add Décor Pebbles

white decor pebbles

First, add a layer of pebbles. Make sure that the planting cups can sit securely below the edge of the vase.


Step 2: Plant your Succulents


Create a draining system with your plastic cups to keep your Succulents happy. Proper draining is key to the health of your plants. Make drain holes in 2 of your 4 plastic cups. We recommend using a hand drill to avoid breaking your cup and for easy hole creation. If you are crafting with kiddos, always use adult supervision with hand tools!

Drill 4 – 5 holes around the bottom of the cup.

drill holes in cup

Next, add your Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil, leaving room for your plant.

premium potting soil

Then, plant your Succulents in their containers. Water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain through the container.

Next, stack the sets of plastic cups. Keep the cup without holes on the outside to avoid water leaking into your pebbles. The second cup will work like a saucer for your plant.

plant your succulent

Once your plants are ready, place into the vase and secure your cup into the layer of pebbles.


Step 3: Add more Décor Pebbles

black decor pebbles

We are using a black and white theme with this design. For our next layer, we added a row of black pebbles.

cover soil with pebbles

Finally, top off your creation with white pebbles. Cover the soil and make sure the cup is not exposed.


Step 4: Stylize your Bookshelves

succulent bookends

Your Succulent Bookends are complete! Now it is time to set it up. Place each container on both ends of your books to support them in style.

These are great bookends for your gardening books, cookbooks, or your favorite novels. Display this in your office, bedroom, living room, or dorm!

succulent bookend ideas

Have fun and experiment with different colors of pebbles or stones or create different designs for the different seasons. Make patterns or keep it monochromatic. The options are endless! Find the style that works best for you!


Step 5: Succulent Care

completed bookened

To maintain the life and health of your Succulents, water only when the soil feels dry, or give your plants a slight mist weekly. Also, allow your plants to get some bright light throughout the day to keep them vibrant.

Stop by our store nearest you for your planting supplies! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals!







What’s in Store: Edibles

Treat your family to the fresh taste of growing your own edible plants. Now is the time to plant your fruit trees, berry plants, and herbs! Check out what we have in store now!


fruit trees

Grow juicy peaches, crisp apples, or tasty figs in your own back yard with our sensational selection of fruit trees.


Apple Trees

apple tree

Apples are a healthy and tasty snack. Or you can take your fresh apples to the next level with a classic and delicious pie. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, you can pick from your favorite apple varieties.

Realfresh™ Granny Smith Apples

granny smith apple

Realfresh™ Granny Smith Apples grow very large fruit with a bright, green color. You will love the crisp texture and tart taste!

Realfresh™ Yellow Delicious Apples

yellow delicious apple

Realfresh™ Yellow Delicious Apples are known for their sweetness and lovely flavor. This tree is vigorous and hardy and will produce large, golden fruit, perfect for growing at home.

Some other fantastic varieties of apple trees available are Realfresh™ Anna, Gala, and Jonathan! Stop by today and pick up your apple tree.


Peach Trees

peach tree

Peaches are juicy, delicious, and can make delicious jams, pies, and cobblers. They are a popular fruit tree, especially in Texas.

Realfresh™ Redskin Peaches

redskin peach

Realfresh™ Redskin Peaches are deep red in color with a sweet, yellow inside. It is resistant to disease and great for baking.

Realfresh™ Belle of Georgia Peaches

belle of georgia peach

Realfresh™ Belle of Georgia Peaches are large with a white flesh. They drop when they are ripe and are known for being a vigorous tree. Enjoy the intensely sweet and delicious flavor!

Other fantastic varieties are the Realfresh™ Harvester, Red Globe, June Gold, and Loring Peaches!


Pear Trees

pear tree

The interesting shape and coloring of a pear will add a layer of texture and design to any landscape! Plus, they provide delicious fruits with a soft yet tasty flavor.

Realfresh™ Hosui Asian Pear

hosui asian pear

Realfresh™ Hosui Asian Pears are the most delicious of all Asian pears. They produce medium to large fruits with a golden skin. They are firm, juicy, and delightfully sweet.

We also have other tasty selections like the Bartlett Pear, Shinkseiki Asian Pear, and more!


Plum Trees

plum tree

Add fresh plum slices to your breakfast, straight from your very own plum tree!

Realfresh™ Bruce Plum

bruce plum

Realfresh™ Bruce Plums normally ripen around June. These large fruits contain a red to orange flesh with a delicious and juicy flavor.




Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries add an array of color to your garden with lots of taste.



Realfresh™ Prime Ark Blackberries

prime ark freedom blackberry

Realfresh™ Prime Ark Blackberries create large, glossy berries with a very sweet flavor. They are thornless and will ripen early in the spring season.

We also have selections available in Arapaho, Traveler, and more!



Realfresh™ Pink Lemonade Blueberry

pink lemonade blueberry plant

Who says Blueberries need to be blue? Try the Pink Lemonade variety. They are the most unique of all blueberry plants with the deep pink fruit it produces.

Or you can stay traditional with the Powder Blue Blueberry or the Tifblue Blueberry for quality berries that can tolerate the spring frosts, heat, and the humidity!



Realfresh™ Dorman Red Raspberry

dorman red raspberry

Self-fertile and tolerant of our ever-changing Texas climate, Realfresh™ Dorman Red Raspberries produce medium to large red berries. They are great for snacking, desserts, jellies, and more!

Explore all the different flavors and create your own “berry” delicious garden. Check out our blog here and learn more about planting your berries in containers!



fresh herbs

Herbs are here! Start creating your own herb garden! Herbs can be used in so many different ways, like in recipes or they can even be used to repel insects!


You will find the traditional favorites like chives, basil, dill, and cilantro. Explore the different variations of these herbs and bring more flavor to your home! Start growing today and enjoy your plants immediately!


Stop by our store nearest you today and check out all our edible plants! Happy planting and happy eating! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!



Garden Series: How – To Gardening Tips from the Experts

Garden Series: How – To Gardening Tips from the Experts

All About Garden Series

Want to grow in your knowledge of gardening? Stop by our store nearest you, starting January 25th, for our Garden Series events! Garden Series is held at every store location on Saturdays from 10:15 am – 11:00 am! Each week, we will discuss relevant topics to the season and teach you everything from planting edibles in small spaces to creating the perfect landscape for attracting beneficial pollinators! Plus, you can reap the benefits on savings for attending!

Did we say savings? Yes! Receive 10% off your purchase all day when you attend any of our Garden Series events. Earn even more when you enter to win a $500 Calloway’s/Cornelius gift card*. You can enter to win at every Garden Series event that you attend!

Garden Series Calendar

garden series calendar

Click on the image above or here to access our Garden Series event calendar! This is a handy pdf that you can save to your phone or print out and keep as a friendly reminder of our upcoming topics. You can also check out the events tab on our website for details on all our upcoming, in – store events!


Gardening How – To Event Details

Want to know more? Let us tell you a little bit more about the exciting and upcoming events! Find the topics that interest you or explore them all. Check out the details for more information on all the great gardening tips you will learn!




Pruning your trees & shrubs is important. As your plants mature, your garden can benefit from pruning to ensure longevity of your blooms! Find out why you should prune your trees and shrubs, tips on how to make clean cuts, and when is the best time to prune.



indoor plants

Houseplants are a stylish and popular addition to any indoor space. Get in on this trend and learn how to grow plants indoors! Houseplants are a great way to improve the air quality in your home or office, add bright colors to your décor, and can help reduce stress. Learn the best ways to take care of your houseplants with this Garden Series.




Imagine enjoying sweet, juicy fruits and berries from your own garden! Join us as we unveil the secrets of growing these delectable treats in Texas gardens. Learn which fruits and berries are the best for our weather, how to help them thrive, and discover wonderful new varieties! Enjoy the season with a garden that is beautiful and delicious.




There’s nothing better than having delicious herbs right from your garden. We unveil the secrets of growing Basil, Mint, Rosemary, and other herbs in Texas, as well as how to care for these plants. Learn how to prepare the soil and grow a garden that is fragrant and allows you to enjoy herbs all year!



lawn care

Creating a healthy lawn is all about using the right techniques and products at the right time. Learn what your lawn needs to stay lush and weed free throughout the year. We’ll share the latest products, tips, and tricks that will help you grow a lawn that is soft and emerald green; one that may become the envy of your entire neighborhood! 




Grow your own delicious vegetables! Join us for our Garden Series as we cover what you need to know on how to start a vegetable garden, as well as how to maintain it. Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals will guide you through everything you need to successfully grow your own vegetable garden. Growing your own food has never tasted better!



succulents and cacti

Succulents and Cacti are fabulous plants you can grow both indoors and out! In this Garden Series, we’ll show you how to grow these delightful plants to ensure they last. Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals will guide you through the best way to prepare the soil, how to plant Succulents and Cacti, and how to take care of them. Add delightful texture and color to your gardens with these amazing plants!



small space vegetable gardens

Learn the secrets to growing edibles in small spaces, while creating dynamic plant combinations that are visually beautiful and very tasty! You can grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, and berries in containers on your patio or right outside the kitchen door. Find out how to combine different edibles so they will grow and thrive in your container gardens.



yearly color

Enjoy sensational color in your garden, year after year! These are perennial plants that are proven to return every year, ensuring your garden is always beautiful. Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals will guide you through planning, garden prep, and care. Learn how to transform your garden into a landscape with continual blooms!




Foodscaping is like creating a landscape with food on the mind. Using edibles as ornamentals is a growing trend, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of food from your garden in any space! Large, small, or in containers, you can create a garden that focuses on both plants and food. Learn the basics of how to transform your garden into a food landscape.



shade plants

Have a shady landscape, but don’t know what to plant? Join us for our Garden Series, you’ll learn which plants will grow best in your shaded areas and how to properly care for them! Create a season of beauty, even in the shade.



moon gardening

Moon Gardens are one of the fastest-growing trends in gardening! The key is selecting plants for you to enjoy during the glow of the night! Create a landscape that sings when the stars twinkle above. Join us for this Garden Series to learn more about Moon Gardens, how they work, and what plants will shine the best and brightest under the night sky.



patio gardening

No yard? No problem. Using your porch, patio, or balcony, you can turn any small space into a beautiful array of color with plants! We’ll show you the best plants for your living space, how to plant them, and how to take care of them for color that lasts.



colorful container creations

Decorate your home and garden with lush, show-stopping container gardens! Join us as our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals show you the secrets to making amazing container gardens for any area of your home or landscape. Learn which plants grow well together, how to combine plants for maximum visual effect, and create enticing combinations for sun or shade.




A beautiful garden filled with flowers and shrubs is made even more amazing when butterflies and hummingbirds join in! Attracting these pollinators to your landscape is good for the environment and they also help your garden flourish. Birds help control insects that may damage your plants, while they promote pollination along with butterflies! Learn how to create your own butterfly & hummingbird garden.



birds and hummingbirds

Promote biodiversity and bring the birds to your garden by transforming your greenspace into a Birdscape! Birds are a wonderful way to help your garden flourish and are a natural insect repellent. Through this Garden Series you’ll learn what it takes to plant a Birdscape, the top plants to use, and how to add beautiful color and texture to your garden to bring the birds to you.



heat loving plants

Perk up your garden this summer with heat loving plants perfect for Texas summers. We’ll show you the best plants to put in your sun or shade gardens that will tolerate the Texas weather while providing you with a bevy of color throughout the season. Learn the best tricks for planting and how to care for your new garden!




Dogscaping is designing and planting a garden that works for you and your pet! Dogscaping is a wonderful way to get your dogs engaged with your outdoor living space, with a safe environment for them (and you) to play in. Join us for this Garden Series where we show you the plants that are dog-friendly, how to design your landscape for your pets, and how to maintain your new garden.


Mark your calendars and let’s grow! See you soon at our store nearest you!





*Enter to win a $500 Calloway’s/Cornelius Nursery Gift Card and receive 10% off your purchase for the day when you attend any of our Garden Series from January 25 through May 24. Sign-up will be available after the Garden Series. You can enter with every event you attend! Drawing will take place June 2020 for 1 $500 Calloway’s Gift Card (DFW Only) and 1 $500 Cornelius Gift Card (Cornelius Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land Only).
And again for joining us, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase for the day! A ticket will be provided to you after the event. You can claim your discount during checkout.
10% off your purchase: Offer must be used on the same day as the Garden Series. No rain checks. Cannot be applied to Gift Cards, Pick & Plant Installation, or Landscape Design & Installation Services. No cash value.



How To Grow Berries In Containers

Growing your own berries is possible, no matter where you live! Container gardens are a great way to help control the conditions and grow gorgeous plants, even if you don’t have a yard. Now is the time to plant berries!

How To Grow Berries In Containers


blueberry plant

Who doesn’t love berries! Growing berries in containers is easy and a perfect choice for a small space garden. There are many different varieties to try like Arapaho Blackberry, Dorman Red Raspberry, and Powder Blue Blueberry. All known for producing delicious, sweet berries. Two other great and unique selections are the Pink Lemonade Blueberry and the Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

pink lemonade blueberries

Pink Lemonade Blueberries are the most unique selection of blueberry producing deep pink and surprisingly sweet blueberries. When ripened, the berries have a clear and firm texture. Enjoy year- round beauty with pinkish-white flowers in the spring, fruit in the summer, and red to orange foliage in the fall. Try adding this to your foodscape design for edible beauty all year long. This plant prefers full sun and can tolerate our winter climate.

Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry


Prime Ark® Freedom Blackberry plants are cold-hardy, drought tolerant, and self-pollinating. This thornless shrub produces large, glossy blackberries with a deliciously sweet flavor. The great taste and disease resistance make this a fantastic choice for your container garden. Blackberries prefer full sun and regular watering.




When selecting your container, larger is better. Your plants need room to grow and time to establish. The container needs an adequate drain hole or draining system.

plant dolly

We recommend purchasing a plant dollies for your larger containers. This will help give you the ability to easily move your plants to a location with better sunlight or to protection from freezing temperatures.



potting soil

Berries need a well-draining potting soil like Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil. Our potting soil is made with the highest quality of peat moss and composted bark fines to create lightness in the soil. It provides an ideal balance of air flow to the plant’s roots and proper moisture retention for healthy growth.

Here are the 6 steps for planting in containers:

  1. Fill your container with potting soil.
  2. Create a hole in the soil larger than the root ball.
  3. Loosen the root ball and place your plant in the container.
  4. Add more soil, leaving 1-2 inches from the top of the container, and pat lightly around the plant.
  5. Water in thoroughly, allowing the water to drain.
  6. Add more soil if needed.


rapidtest digital moisture meter

Watering is the most important factor in the health of your plants. For new plants, keep the soil moist until it is established. Once established, you should water when needed. Overwatering is a common cause for poor producing berries. A good rule of thumb is to allow the top 1-2 inches of the soil to become dry before watering again. Watering needs will vary in the summer and the winter.

Try using a RapidTest® Digital Moisture Meter to help measure the moisture in the soil and see if you are watering your plants enough.



natural garden food

Providing your plants with the proper plant food is important. Feed your plants, as directed, with Calloway’s Natural Garden Food. This natural fertilizer is enhanced with Jobe’s Biozome® and Archaea, a unique blend of beneficial microorganisms, which breaks down complex minerals to improve long-term soil quality. This highly enriched fertilizer also contains helpful mycorrhizae, a healthy bacteria that stimulates growth above and below the soil.




Fruiting shrubs need extra support to grow and develop. They need strong limbs to support the weight of bearing fruit. Use a trellis or tomato cage for your berry plants to aid in the establishment of strong roots.


Stop by our store nearest you for all your planting needs! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!




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All About Bird Seed

Birds are essential to our ecosystem and can benefit you and your landscape in so many ways. They aid in the pollination process while they can also help you relax. Bird watching is a hobby enjoyed by many and you can easily create your very own birding sanctuary. The first and most important element you need is quality bird seed.


bird seed types

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we want to provide our bird friends with the proper nourishment, keep pests away, and help our birds stay happy and healthy, especially during the winter. Let us educate you on our bird seed selection, what makes our bird seed mixes nutritious, and how they benefit our birds.



wild bird blend

Calloway’s Premium Wild Bird Blend is stocked full of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that birds crave. It attracts birds like Cardinals, Doves, Sparrows, and more!

wild bird blend mix

White Proso Millet

Our Wild Bird Blend contains a seed called White Proso Millet which is a grass seed that is smaller than a grain of rice. It is high in fiber and fat, and it’s a favorite for smaller birds.

wild bird blend seeds

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are also a key ingredient in this mix due to its popularity among many different bird species. Birds crave the high oil content this seed provides.



patio blend

Skip the mess and pick a bird seed that is all seed and no shells like Calloway’s Patio Blend! Full of beneficial oils and high calorie content, this tasty treat attracts birds like Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Sparrows and more!

patio blend seeds

Sunflower Chips

Sunflower chips, also known as hulled sunflower seeds, are the heart and the best part of the seed. Sunflower chips are rich in oil and high in calories which is what birds crave.

patio blend types of seeds

Shelled Peanuts

Shelled Peanuts are a popular addition to any birdseed mix. They are healthy and provide a significant amount of fat and protein which is very crucial to birds, especially during the winter.



hot & spicy

Are squirrels after your bird seed? Keep them away with Calloway’s Hot & Spicy! This bird seed contains the same shell-less mix as the Patio Blend, but with an added spicy kick from capsicum.

hot and spicy bird seed


Mammals have receptors in their brains that when you eat something spicy, it creates a burning sensation. That’s how we know it is spicy. Birds do not have these receptors, or the ability to taste, thus remain unphased by the spicy flavor. Squirrels, on the other hand, despise the spicy flavor and learn to avoid the temptation of trying this spicy snack.

hot spicy bird seeds



songbird mix

Bring a symphony to your garden with the delightful blend of seeds and fruit in our Calloway’s Songbird Mix. This is a favorite to many birds like Blue Jays, Grosbeaks, Cardinals and more!

songbird blend


Safflower is a seed favored by many songbirds. It is smaller than a sunflower seed with a tough shell. The bitter taste also works as a deterrent for squirrels and other critters.

Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds

Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds are a great choice for a high-oil, high-fat seed. The hulls are thicker than the Black Oil Sunflower Seeds making it a popular choice for larger birds like Cardinals.

songbird mix

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruits like cranberries and raisins help create a well balanced and nutritious snack for your songbirds. In fact, many birds are attracted to fruit in bird seed blends.



finch blend

Attract Finches, Quail, Doves and more with our Calloway’s Finch Blend. This premium seed resembles wild rice and provides necessary calories and oils to our feathered friends.

finch bird seed


Nyjer seeds are rich in oils, fats, and proteins. Also referred to as a thistle seed; this seed is small, dark, and elongated. It is lightweight and will not be wasted as quail or larger finches will gobble up any seeds that fall to the ground.

finch bird seeds



Now that you know more about what is in our bird seed, you can know what birds they attract! Check out this handy chart that outlines our native birds and the different types of bird see they enjoy.

bird seed chart

Attract the birds of your choice to your landscape with seed that will keep them happy and healthy.

Stop by our store nearest you to check out our birding area! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!





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Find Your Style: 2020 Pottery Trends For Your Indoor Plants

New Year. New You. Start 2020 on the right note and spend some time making your life and your space beautiful! Treat yourself and your home to indoor plants in the most stylish way possible! Check out our list of pottery trends for the New Year and find the style that is perfect for you!


Find Your Style: 2020 Pottery Trends For Your Indoor Plants

Staying on trend is easy with a few special accent pieces and plants! Check out this helpful infographic that outlines some of the key trends to remember for 2020! Adding these little touches of style can really spruce up your home and office space in such a simple and inexpensive way!

pottery trends


Before we dive into the trends, here are a few important factors to keep in mind when you are selecting pottery and your indoor plants:


The most important feature to look for when selecting your stylish container is a drain hole. Proper drainage is essential to the health of your plant when you are watering your plants. Check out all our new pottery selections here and see what colors and styles work for you.


The quality of your potting soil will greatly impact the health of your plants. Indoor plants need a well-draining soil that retains the proper levels of moisture. Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil provides the ideal balance of air and water to foster healthy root growth for thriving plants.


Feed your plants the best with Calloway’s Premium Tropical Plant Food! Our 15-5-10 special formula contains controlled-release nitrogen, Fx Iron®, calcium, and other key components to help your tropical plants have healthier growth. Fx Iron® is an environmentally friendly source of iron; promoting new growth and dark green foliage. Follow the instructions as listed and enjoy the beauty of your indoor plants.



The Retro look is always in style. Who doesn’t love the clean lines, pops of color, and organic shapes? This welcoming trend is traditional with an unexpected twist. You will love these stylish accents around your home and office.

When it comes to selecting your plants, there are so many to choose from! You need to be mindful of the size of the plant and make sure it will fit in your container with room to grow.

We think the Polka Dot Splash Plant, also known as the Freckled Face plant, will really jazz this trend up. Native to Madagascar, this indoor plant is attractive and colorful. The specks of red, white, and pink pair nicely with the smooth, glossy lines of the container.

polka dot splash

Polka Dot Splash plants prefer bright, indirect light. When it come to watering your plants, only water when the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry to the touch.



Matte finishes are everything. As we have seen in home décor trends, metallics and glossy surfaces are popular accent features. Pairing that with a Matte finish is the cherry on top. Matte styles have hit the fashion world in many ways from nail polish to paint colors. It has an alluring and unexpected quality that provides the perfect amount of contrast to any material or textile. Matte finishes create a relaxed feel with a futuristic approach.

zebra plant

Plant a spectacular indoor selection in your Matte container, like the Zebra PlantZebra Plants are a very interesting specimen of houseplant. They are prized for their fantastic foliage. Their large, dark green leaves are striped with white, silvery veins, reminiscent of the stripes on a zebra.

Zebra Plants require lots of moisture and warmth indoors, especially during the winter. They prefer bright, filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight. Water enough to keep the soil moist and never allow the soil to dry out. Mist frequently during the growing season. Zebra Plants do best in indoor temperatures around 60-70 degrees F. In the summer, Zebra plants can bloom yellow flowers. Once blooms are spent, cut back to allow room for future growth.



Geometric patterns and styles will be a huge trend this coming year. They are bold, timeless, and extremely versatile. You can find geometric patterns in fabrics, tiles, light fixtures, and pottery! We have a great selection of geometric pottery in stores now! Geometric patterns make a statement and can be used in many different scales, styles, and colors.

zz plant

Complement your Geometric container selection with a low maintenance indoor plant. Try the ZZ Plant! ZZ Plants thrive indoors under fluorescent lights, making it a great choice for your home or office. Extremely forgiving and tolerant of our busy schedules, this indoor plant is tough. We love ZZ Plants for their decorative, glossy leaves. They carry an exotic flair and add an interesting texture to your space.

Water your plant when the top 1-2 inches of your potting soil dries out.



Porcelain pottery will bring beauty to any space. The classic patterns and simple colors add a vintage flavor in a subtle way. The timeless porcelain material is brought to life with hand-painted elements and patterns.


Make a statement with a vintage flair and a Dracaena plant. Dracaena is a gorgeous tropical plant. It contains upright canes and long leaves striped with colors like dark green, chartreuse, and white. Breathe easy with this plant, NASA studies reveal that Dracaena eliminates significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

Dracaena prefers bright, indirect light. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch.



More Mosaics please! Mosaic patterns are a popular trend incorporated into fashion and home décor in many different and new ways, like pottery. They add an abstract texture while creating a cohesive style to any space. Layer in this old style with modern pieces for a trendy display.

money tree

Enjoy the benefits of your Mosaic pottery when you plant a Money Tree! Many people believe Money Trees bring good luck and financial success. Money Trees have a braided trunk with long green leaves. They are a low maintenance plant and a popular choice for apartment dwellers.

Avoid direct sunlight and heater vents to avoid scorching the leaves. Water when the top 2-4 inches of the soil is dry.



Sometimes less is more. Add accent pieces that are simple and neutral to your space. Concrete styles and natural elements create a crisp and clean look. Let the clean lines and subtle marble texture give your space depth and create a personalized feel.


Add beautiful drama to your indoor space when you plant Sansevieria. Best known for its air-purifying qualities, Sansevieria helps absorb carbon dioxide in your home while releasing oxygen. Also known as Mother In Law’s Tongue, we love the upright habit and various shades of green of this plant. It will add color and texture to any indoor space.

Sansevieria prefer bright, indirect light and can tolerate low light. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch.


Happy New Year! We hope you find the style or styles that are perfect for you and your space. Enjoy all the benefits of indoor plants and the beauty they will bring to your everyday life.


Stop by our store nearest you for all your indoor planting needs! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals at our store nearest you.






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Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Adding that extra seasonal touch to your Christmas tablescape and gifts is easy! Put your rosemary cones and fresh greenery to use in a whole new way. We have a couple great decorating tips that will make your holiday warm and welcoming.

Decorating Ideas For Christmas

IDEA #1: Rosemary Wreaths

table ideas

Hosting for the holidays? Make your guests feel extra special with a thoughtful and fresh touch to your place settings.

All you need is:


  1. Twine
  2. A few sprigs from your fresh rosemary cone

First, snip a few sprigs of rosemary from your rosemary cone. Use longer pieces for an impactful wreath and gather as many as you need to have 1 per place setting.

rosemary cone

Then, create a wreath shape by pulling each end of your sprig of rosemary to meet each other. Tie the ends together with a piece of twine and make a bow. You can use thin ribbon or yarn, whatever you have on hand.

christmas ideas

Watch as your guests gush over the beautiful contrast of the natural color and texture of the rosemary and twine with your holiday dinnerware or china.

table display tips

A cute rosemary wreath is the perfect finishing touch to your perfect Christmas feast!


IDEA #2: Fresh Greenery Gifts

christmas gifts

Save money on gift wrap and adorn your holiday gifts with fresh greenery. This simple addition comes from the beautiful greenery you already have in your home. Use a couple small branches from your trees or garlands and make your gifts extra special.

You will need the following:

fresh greenery

  1. Twine or ribbon
  2. Gift tags
  3. Small Christmas bells
  4. A few sprigs of fresh greenery from Calloway’s or Cornelius

First, wrap your Christmas box with twine and tie into a bow. Using a decorative box is simple and elegant, or you can simply use craft paper for a completely natural look.

tie bow

Slide the fresh greenery under the bow.

gift wrapping ideas

Then, get another piece of twine and string on the gift tag and bell. Wrap that piece under the main bow and greenery. Tie into another bow to help secure your greenery and tag.

Now you have a fabulous gift that is almost too pretty to open, but so easy to wrap!

There are so many ways to make your home and gifts holiday ready! Have fun and enjoy the season! Plus, you can save 50% on ALL Christmas merchandise at our store nearest you!

Stop by our store nearest you today and pick up your fresh garlands, wreaths, Fresh Cut Christmas trees, rosemary cones, and so much more! Merry Christmas and happy celebrating!

Christmas Gardening Gifts for Under $25

Christmas is around the corner. Still have shopping to finish or need some great gift ideas? Give your pocketbook a break and pick up something that everyone can enjoy throughout the year. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have lots of great gift options under $25.

Christmas Gardening Gifts for Under $25


bird house

Birds are so important to the well being of our world and ecosystem. They help with pollination, insect control, and our stress levels. Watching the beauty of birds in your backyard can reconnect you with nature and educate you about our environment. Treat your aunts and uncles, grandparents, or neighbors with a stunning bird feeder, bird house, bird seed, or nectars.

humming bird feeder

There are many different types of houses and feeders to choose from and several types of food and nourishment to provide our friendly visitors. Not to mention, winter is a great time to remember to make sure we are taking care of our feathery friends, as the cold conditions can impact their access to the resources and food they need to survive.


gardening gloves

Protecting your hands is important when gardening, especially when you get to wear something so cute! Check out our selection of gardening gloves, available in many different styles, materials, colors, and designs! Pick up a pair for everyone in your family!


Affordable and adorable, this thoughtful gift can be put to good use throughout the year!



Hand tools are important for many different types of gardening. From container gardens to flowerbeds, hand tools should be a staple in every home.

kids shovel

Pick up some tools for your kiddos too! We have lots of different gardening selections to help get our children engaged in nature and for you to create some wonderful memories!

hand tool

Spread some mulch, dig a hole for a new pansy or create the herb garden of your dreams; these tools are the perfect gift for any level of gardener. Beginner gardener? Check out our blog here for tips on all the helpful tools you need for gardening success!



At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a vast selection of pottery in different sizes and styles. Check out our newest selection that is just perfect for any houseplant or seasonal color indoors. We love the festive, red color for this time of year.


The retro shapes and modern designs will be come like a piece of art in any home, office, apartment, dorm, or classroom. Not to mention, this is the gift that keeps on giving all year long by simply switching out the plants!

Check out the selection of our new pottery here or stop by our store nearest you and find the style that will work best for your family and friends!


watering can

Watering is important to the health and success of any plant and every gardener needs access to the proper watering tools. Watering cans and hoses are a fantastic and inexpensive gift idea and any watering tool will be put to great use throughout the year.


plant food

Gardening with quality plant food is key. Gift someone special with our new and improved plant foods! We have foods available for tropical plants, trees and shrubs, annual color, and so much more! Simply follow the instructions provided and keep your plants vibrant and healthy from season to season!



Give the gift of glow with lighting that is safe for the indoors and out. Check out our selection of light strings big and small, vintage style lightbulbs, or battery powered tea lights. Enhance special someone’s outdoor space with the twinkling touch of the holidays!

Stop by our store nearest you and pick up your last-minute Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers today! Questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!


How to Make a Container Garden for the Winter Season

Winter is a magical time of year. Breathing in the crisp, cool air or snuggling up to the glowing warmth of your fireplace are moments we cherish every year. Winter is full of mystery, excitement for snow days, and time with family and friends. Warm your heart and home with a colorful container garden that is made to last throughout the season.

How to Make a Container Garden for the Winter Season



You will need the following items to complete your creation:

  • Cool season color like Matrix® Pansies, Cyclamen, and Ivy
  • Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  • Pottery from Calloway’s or Cornelius
  • Calloway’s Natural Garden Food or Calloway’s Premium Flower Food
  • Metal Art


Fill the container with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil. Select a container with proper drainage for moisture control to keep your plant’s roots healthy. After you add your plants and water thoroughly, add more soil if needed.


When selecting plants, remember to keep these details in mind:

  • Where will my container creation be displayed?
  • What are the sunlight requirements?
  • What are the watering requirements?

When planting for the winter season, it is always best to select plants with similar sun and water requirements in order to be successful!

For a winter container garden, choose plants that thrive in cooler weather with vibrant blooms or lush foliage. When planting, use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” method for a bright and dynamic display. This will help you create an interesting layout for your winter plants.




Cyclamen is a great choice for cool season color and is the perfect “Thriller” plant for your container garden. They will dazzle in your container gardens, indoors and out! Their long stems and heart-shaped leaves are adorned by soft, yet striking blooms bursting in shades of pinks, reds, whites, and more!

red cyclamen

Cyclamen is extremely versatile outdoors as they do well in both sunny and shady locations. For more care tips on cyclamen, check out our blog, “Cyclamen plants: How to care for your Cyclamen”.

Matrix® Pansies


For one of your “Filler” plant selections, use Matrix® Pansies. Matrix® Pansies are cool weather blooms that fill containers with a burst of color or soft texture. Available in many styles like clear or blotch.

white pansy

These beauties will create a dramatic display to compliment your design. Matrix® Pansies enjoy full sun to partial shade.


Hedera Ivy


For a perfect “Spiller” plant, try Needlepoint Hedera Ivy. The glossy lobed leaves remain dark green throughout the winter.

needlepoint ivy

Ivy enjoys partial sunlight to full shade, making it a very versatile plant. Plus, it is very adaptable to the surrounding dry or moist conditions.



metal art

Metal art at Calloway’s and Cornelius is an easy way to add that little something extra to your plants and your container garden. It’s the finishing touch to complete the look. Check out our collection from Roundtop and find the seasonal piece that fits your container garden design and your style.



container garden 101

Give your plants the proper nourishment for long-lasting and healthy blooms. Pick up our Calloway’s Natural Garden Food to feed your lawn and garden the organic way. Or, try our improved and specialized formula in our new Premium Flower Food. Our 12-4-8 formula contains nitrogen, Fx Iron®, phosphate, and other key ingredients to help your flowers bloom with big, bold color! Fx Iron® is an environmentally friendly source of iron. It helps keep your flowers blooming without staining concrete surfaces.

When feeding your plants, always read the instructions on the packaging for feeding times and amounts. In the winter season, plants still need to be watered. To help your plants endure the winter chill and any upcoming freezes, make sure to water prior to a freeze so the roots can have time to properly absorb the moisture.

winter container garden ideas

Stop by our store nearest you for all your planting needs to create your Container Garden for the fall! Questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at all of our store locations!

It’s Christmas at Calloway’s and Cornelius

It’s Christmas at Calloway’s and Cornelius! Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Flocked Christmas Trees, Poinsettias and more are in stores now! Tammy Dombeck from “Greets, Eats, & All That” joined our Director of Marketing, Kimberley Gotcher, to talk about our fantastic selection and help you get ready for Christmas!


christmas tree

Every year, our buyers worked hard to find the best selection of Noble Fir and Fraser Fir Christmas Trees on the market. Each tree is pre-cut for you when it arrives to our stores to help it absorb water and keep your tree healthier longer.

Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree comes ready to go in a FREE Christmas Tree stand. Once you find your perfect tree, simply tear off the bottom of the tag and take it to the register. We will bring your tree to you, wrap it, and carry it out to your car.

noble fir

Don’t forget to purchase your Tree Preservative! This will keep your tree fresh and green so you can enjoy it through the New Year!

Check out our blog for more tips for a lasting Fresh Cut Christmas tree here!



flocked christmas tree

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? There is just something special about that “fresh snow” look. Bring home your own Flocked Christmas Tree. We have selections ready to go in snowy tipped and full flocked varieties.

christmas trees with snow

All of our trees are freshly flocked at each of our store locations! Pick up yours today!



red poinsettia

No other plant says ‘Christmas’ like the dazzling colors of poinsettias! The bright leaves capture the joyous sentiments of the holidays with bright, bold colors. Poinsettias from Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery are selected for their unmatched quality and are picked from premium growers to ensure that you receive the best of the best.


Poinsettias are the gift that keeps on giving! They are available in classic red, pink, white, and more. For an easy gift idea, purchase a foil wrap to make your Poinsettia extra special.

Did you know that when you purchase a Poinsettia you are helping kids in need? 10% of all Poinsettia sales will be donated to Lena Pope in their efforts to help children get the best possible start in life!

beautiful poinsettias

Check out our blog for tips on caring for your Poinsettias here!


Stop by our store nearest you for your Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Fresh Garlands and Wreaths, and so much more! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!