How to Make a Container Garden for the Fall

The crisp and cool autumn breeze is in the air reminding us that fall is here! Bring the gorgeous colors of the season and let’s start planting! Adding seasonal color to your containers will liven up your home in a quick and simple way. Today, we are going to teach you how to make a container garden for the fall so you can enjoy beautiful color throughout the season!

How to Make a Container Garden for the Fall



You will need the following items to complete your creation:

  • Fall color like Matrix® Pansies, Ornamental Cabbage or Kale, and Alyssum
  • Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  • Pottery from Calloway’s or Cornelius
  • Calloway’s Natural Garden Food or Calloway’s Premium Flower Food


Fill the container with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil. Select a container with proper drainage for moisture control to keep your plant’s roots healthy. After you add your plants and water thoroughly, add more soil if needed.


ornamental cabbage

When selecting plants, remember to keep these details in mind:

  • Where will my container creation be displayed?
  • What are the sunlight requirements?
  • What are the watering requirements?

When planting for fall, it is always best to select plants with similar sun and water requirements in order to be successful!

For a fall container, choose plants that thrive in cooler weather with vibrant blooms or lush foliage for a perfect display. When putting your container together, use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” method. This will help you create an interesting layout for your fall plants.

Ornamental Cabbage or Kale


Ornamental Cabbage and kale are prized for their gradient of deep hues in purples, greens, and whites. Also known as a “flowering” cabbage or kale, this “Thriller” plant comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. From frilly and crinkled to broad and flat leaves, ornamental cabbage or kale will add a dynamic and playful focal point in your container creation. Ornamental Cabbage and Kale enjoys full sun to part shade and thrives in a rich, moist soil.

Matrix® Pansies

matrix pansies

For one of your “Filler” plant selections use an all-time favorite plant for the fall, Matrix® Pansies. Matrix® Pansies are cool weather bloomers that fill your flowerbeds or containers with a burst of color. Available in many colors, not to mention, different varieties like clear or blotch, the options are endless when you are selecting your pansies. These beauties will create a dramatic display to compliment your design. Matrix® Pansies enjoy full sun to partial shade.


container gardening

Alyssum is a perfect “Spiller” plant. It’s covered in dense clusters of small, star-shaped flowers that eventually spill over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. This cool season plant has an extremely fine and delicate texture that makes any space feel complete. It does best in full sun to partial shade.


fall planting

Give your plants the proper nourishment for long-lasting and healthy blooms. Pick up our Calloway’s Natural Garden Food to feed your lawn and garden the organic way. Or, try our improved and specialized formula in our new Premium Flower Food. Our 12-4-8 formula contains nitrogen, Fx Iron®, phosphate, and other key ingredients to help your flowers bloom with big, bold color! Fx Iron® is an environmentally friendly source of iron. It helps keep your flowers blooming without staining concrete surfaces.

When feeding your plants, always read the instructions on the packaging for feeding times and amounts.

plants for fall

Stop by our store nearest you for all your planting needs to create your Container Garden for the fall! Questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at all of our store locations!

Mum Pumpkins: How to Plant Mums in a Pumpkin

Just like peanut butter and jelly or campfires and s’mores, mums and pumpkins are a match made in heaven. Complete your next fall gathering with a naturally beautiful decoration like Mum Pumpkins. Mum Pumpkins are simply fun to make and easy to enjoy! Your family and friends will swoon over your beautiful creation! In just 2 simple steps, you can make your celebrations this fall even more vibrant with Mum Pumpkins.

Mum Pumpkins: How to Plant Mums in a Pumpkin


For your Mum Pumpkins, you will need the following items:

  1. Jack O’ Lanterns
  2. Mums
  3. Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  4. Pumpkin carving tools
  5. Spoon
  6. Hand shovel


cutting pumpkins


First, carefully cut open the top of your pumpkin. Make sure the opening is large enough to fit the root ball of your plant.


cleaning out pumpkins


Using a spoon or the hand shovel, clean out the pumpkin. You will need to remove all the stringy insides and pumpkin seeds.




Once the pumpkin is all cleaned out, now you can start planting!



Get your Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil and hand shovel. Fill about ½ of your pumpkin with potting soil and create a space for your plant.


potting soil


Next, remove your mum from the container. You can use Floral Mums or Garden Mums. Garden Mums are a great choice for the outdoors because of their full blooms. For the indoors, Floral Mums are the perfect complement with their delicate petals and lovely colors. If you decide to plant with Garden Mums, you can replant in your flowerbeds after use. Check out our blog, “All About Mums” for planting tips.


planting mums in pumpkins


Gently break up the plant’s root ball and place into the pumpkin. Add more potting soil to fill the remainder of the pumpkin.


Finally, wipe off the outside of your pumpkin to remove any soil or remnants leftover from cleaning and display your creation!




Decorate the indoors or outside with bright, autumn colors and your beautiful Mum Pumpkins. Have fun spending time and enjoying the season with your family and friends!


Mums in pumpkins


Stop by our store nearest you today for your Mum Pumpkin supplies and more!

Creative Decorating Ideas with Pumpkins

Decorating with pumpkins is such an easy and beautiful way to embrace the cozy essence of the season. The vibrant colors and soft shapes have a charm that warms your soul. If you are looking to spruce up your space for the season, you have come to the right place. Check out these 5 creative decorating ideas with pumpkins!


ideas with pumpkins

For this decorating tip, you will need the following items:

  1. Mini pumpkins or long-stem bumpkin pumpkins
  2. Small candles
  3. Wide serving platter or dish

pumpkin centerpiece

First, clean off your pumpkins to remove the excess soil. Then, alternate pumpkins and candles on your platter until it is full. Depending on the length, you should likely need 2-4 candles and 3-6 pumpkins.

pumpkins with candles

Pair with a lovely table runner to really complete the look.

mini orange pumpkins

Be careful when working with live candles, and always monitor children. Use glass candle holders if needed.


mini white pumpkins

For this decorating tip, you will need the following items:

  1. Mini white pumpkins
  2. Candlestick holders

Simple, yet elegant, this centerpiece idea is very black and white. How fabulous is the high contrast of the black with the natural, white color of the pumpkins?

white pumpkins

Of course, you can take this any direction you wish! You can paint your candlestick holders, use different colors of pumpkins, and really make a design that speaks to you and your trendy style!

mini pumpkins


pie pumpkins

For this decorating tip, you will need the following items:

  1. Pie Pumpkins
  2. Ribbon
  3. Metal Tray

A good idea for adding a little something extra to your pumpkins without the hassle of painting or carving is ribbon!

pumpkin centerpiece tips

Grab a couple different variations of ribbon of the same color scheme and thickness. Then, tape or glue the ribbon to the pumpkin.

orange pumpkins

Place the pumpkins on their side in the metal tray to create a little piece of art. The pumpkin stems and ribbons lead your eyes throughout the centerpiece.




pumpkin decorating tips

For this decorating tip, you will need the following items:

  1. Cake Tray
  2. Mini pumpkins
  3. Slightly larger pumpkins like Tiger Striped Baby Pumpkins

tiger striped pumpkin

Add a little pumpkin and spice to your kitchen with this decorating tip! Stack your pumpkins along the rim of the cake tray. Start with the bottom row and then proceed to the top row.

mini pumpkin ideas

Complete the design with the center pumpkin to tie it all together and create a fresh and vibrant look.




pumpkin ideas

Some other quick and fabulous ideas to display around your house or as a fall centerpiece is to use tall glass candle holders. Pending the size of the candle holders, you can fit small gourds, mini Indian corn, or even mini pumpkins. Stack the pumpkins and use different colors, most importantly, have fun with it!

Finally, complete your place setting on your tables with a gorgeous little pumpkin or unique gourd for a perfect little splash of fall color!

Have fun sprucing up your space with these 5 decorating tips with pumpkins! Stop by our store nearest you today for all your pumpkin needs!





All About Pansies

Pansies are the perfect choice for your flowerbeds and container gardens. A fall favorite, these wonderful blooms are the ideal choice for cool-season color. Plant pansies now to enjoy these vibrant blooms well into the early spring season.


Matrix® Pansies

yellow pansy

Matrix® Pansies are known for their large blooms and color. They are hardy and will thrive during our cool southern seasons. Matrix® Pansies have superior branching and short stems to support the abundance of blooms and keep them upright. Available in a variety of colors, you can find selections in solid or “clear” colors or blotch.


Blotch vs. Clear Pansies

purple blotch pansy

Pansies are a popular choice because there are many colors and patterns. They are available in blotch or clear. What does that mean exactly? Blotch pansies contain a dark center, which are sometimes referred to as faces, that create a dramatic display in your flowerbeds or containers.

purple and white blotch pansy

Clear varieties contain beautiful blooms that are rich in color with the classic, yellow centers.

matrix pansy

We offer many shades like white, orange, yellow, blue, and more!

clear blue pansy


Pansy Planting Tips

blotch pansy

Pansies need partial to full sunlight throughout the day. They will grow to be about 6-8 inches tall at maturity with a spread of 8 inches. When planting in your flowerbeds, it is important that the individual plants are spaced approximately 6 inches apart to provide space and room to grow.

orange pansy

Pansies like average to moist soil conditions. Try planting with Calloway’s Flower Bed Mix in your flowerbeds or Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil in your containers for an ideal balance of moisture in the soil to foster healthy root growth.

yellow pansy

Matrix® Pansies also make for a fantastic “Filler” plant in your container gardens. The masses of spectacular color will compliment any “Thriller” plant and create a vibrant and full creation.

planting pansies

An important planting tip for any potential freeze conditions is planning ahead. Give your pansies a good drink of water before the expected freeze. This will help by keeping available water closer to the root system and enable your plants to weather the cold.

Finally, to protect your plant’s roots even more, consider covering your flowerbeds with a thick layer of mulch, especially in the winter. If you do not have time to lay your mulch before a freeze, use a frost cloth to protect your plants from the frosty conditions.


Feeding your Pansies

Give your pansies that extra boost with quality plant food from Calloway’s. Our new and improved Premium Flower Food is great for all blooming flowers, especially pansies! Our 12-4-8 specialized formula contains nitrogen, Fx Iron®, phosphate, and other key ingredients to help your pansies produce big and bold color! Fx Iron® is an environmentally friendly source of iron that won’t stain your concrete!

flower food

Apply your Calloway’s Premium Flower Food every 30 days from time of planting. Follow the instructions on the label for usage amounts based on the area the pansies are planted.


Pansies are playful and will delight your landscape with a rainbow of colors. Stop by our store nearest you today for all your pansy planting needs! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at all of our store locations.





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Fall Porch Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Fabulous Display

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

It’s pumpkin time, y’all! Grab your pumpkin-flavored beverage and let’s get to decorating! Creating a fabulous fall display on your porch or patio is easy! It makes your home feel extra warm and welcoming this time of year and will fill you with excitement for the season!

So here’s our tips on front porch decorating ideas with pumpkins, gourds and more!

To create the perfect fall display, you will need the following:

  1. Large pumpkins
  2. Medium pumpkins and gourds
  3. Indian Corn
  4. Bale of hay (or multiple depending on the size of your display)


autumn harvest

First, when you are selecting your pumpkins and gourds, grab a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. This will help you create a visually pleasing design.

Next, start with the large pumpkins. Set them up on a bale of hay, on outdoor furniture, and however you feel that they should be set up. Starting with the large pumpkins will help create a stable base for adding more pumpkins around it.

fall display

Find some great pumpkins for stacking to add volume and height to your display.



When you have your large pumpkins set and ready to go, set your Indian corn and your medium-sized pumpkins and gourds. Place these around the larger pumpkins, or even add some to the top of your large pumpkins.

fall decor

Fill in the empty space on your bale of hay to keep your display looking full. Next, add your Indian corn. These beauties create an extra colorful addition and a gorgeous texture.

indian corn

Fit the corn into any space that needs an extra dash of color. Use the larger pumpkins to hold the corn or place it on top of the pumpkins.

indian corn ideas


Add that extra sparkle with small pumpkins and gourds. Their cuteness alone will make your display stand out from the rest. Their gorgeous coloring and shapes compliment their small size in a wonderful way.


metal art

While your display will look fabulous with just harvest selections, adding a touch of darling metal art will help your display sing joy to the season.

We have options that range from great Halloween-themed characters to unique Autumn Harvest designs. Check out all we have to offer and find the pieces that speak to your style!

Your fall display is now complete! Setting up a fabulous fall display do not take much time and it makes such an impact.

fall ideas

Happy fall y’all and happy decorating!

Don’t forget! Pumpkin Fest is tomorrow at every store location from 9am to 7pm. Bring the family for some FREE fall fun, crafts, and more! Have fun together selecting your pumpkins for your fabulous fall display!


Air Plant Pumpkins Are Too Cute To Spook

ceramic planter

Do you love Halloween? Do you enjoy Air Plants? Pick up your Air Plant Pumpkins and Sugar Skulls and be the ghostess with the mostest or treat your ghoul friends to fabulous and festive seasonal décor. Plus, they come pre-planted and ready to go! Learn more about all we have to offer and enjoy care tips for your Air Plants!


Jack O’ Lantern Selections

ceramic pumpkins

Go classic with the vibrant orange and spooky Jack O’ Lantern smile when you choose the ceramic pumpkin style. The whimsical and playful quality pairs perfectly with the dynamic texture and shape of any Air Plant.

air plant containers

Wish your friends, teachers, co-workers a very happy Halloween with a gourd-eous ceramic planter. These cuties are the perfect size for any office, home, apartment, or dorm!


Sugar Skull Selections

sugar skull air plants

Get colorful with our Sugar Skull varieties. Super festive and trendy, our Sugar Skull Air Plants are available in many color options. You are sure to have some skele-fun with these planters.

indoor planting

Skip the candy this year and treat yourself to the sweet style of these Sugar Skull ceramic planters. Pick up one in every color!


Air Plant Care Tips

pumpkin planters

Air Plants are easy to care for and are long-lasting! While they are extremely low maintenance; they do still need filtered light or bright, indirect light. Also, Air Plants need minimal watering. You can mist your Air Plants with water about 2 times a week to keep them fresh and happy.

Stop by a Calloway’s or Cornelius near you today and pick up your Air Plant Pumpkins or Sugar Skulls! Pair these funky styles together or go full pumpkin. Most importantly, have fun! This is a wickedly exciting time of year!

Want more tips on decorating with Air Plants? Check out our blog here!

air plant pumpkin

Also, don’t forget to join us, THIS SATURDAY, for Pumpkin Fest! Bring the kiddos and select your family pumpkins! Snack on fresh popcorn and enjoy fun crafts and pie pumpkin decorating! Check out our event page here for more information!

4 Step Ombre Pumpkins


Decorating with pumpkins is always fun! Let’s take it to the next level with a trendy and stylish ombre color scheme. Ombre is a gradual gradient from one hue to another and a trend you will see in fashion, décor, hair styles, and now, pumpkins! Today, we are going to teach you how to make your own ombre pumpkins to complete your mantel for the fall season! You can create a more dramatic ombre look with stronger color changes or keep it subtle and elegant. Choose the colors that are right for you!


clean pumpkins

Pick up your pumpkins at a Calloway’s or Cornelius near you. Depending on the size of your mantel, 16-20 medium to small pumpkins should do the trick. When you are ready to get started painting, the first and most important step is to clean your pumpkins. This will help the with the longevity and the health of your pumpkins.

pumpkin display ideas

Get a bucket and water. Add 1 tablespoon of soap and 1 tablespoon of bleach. Please assist any children with this step and always be careful with bleach! Let the pumpkins soak for about 10 minutes. Then, allow them to dry completely.


pumpkin decorating

After your pumpkins are clean, the next step is to spray paint them. Use a primer-based spray paint and coat your pumpkins and their stems. This will help protect your pumpkins and make it better surface for painting.

Allow the spray paint to dry completely before starting the next step. Also, break your pumpkins into 4 groups.


Time to start painting!

You will need:

  1. 2 shades of chalk paint (light and darker) for a fantastic matte look and choose a color scheme that fits your style the best
  2. Gold paint
  3. Large and small paint brushes

To get started, create your paint colors:

ombre pumpkins pumpkin crafts

  • Group 1 will be 100% the light color
  • Group 2 will be 2 parts the light color and 1 part the dark color
  • Group 3 will be 2 parts the light color and 2 parts the dark color
  • Group 4 will be 100% the dark color

Paint your pumpkins and give each pumpkin a few coats of paint. Wait before each coat dries before applying the next coat. Once everything is good to go, paint the stems of your pumpkins with the gold paint. This may also need a few coats to achieve a bright, gold color.

fall display


decorating with pumpkins

Let’s get to decorating! Set up your pumpkins in an interesting pattern, keeping the color groupings together, and set up your display from lightest to darkest.

pumpkin display

Add some greenery or hay to completely the look and enjoy the subtle elegance of your new ombre pumpkin display!

Stop by our store nearest you for your fabulous and quality pumpkins! Be sure to check out our Autumn Harvest selections! Plus, mark your calendars for our upcoming Pumpkin Fest! Join us next Saturday from 9am-7pm at any Calloway’s or Cornelius, bring the kiddos, and let’s have some fall fun!

All About Mums

Fall mums are one of our favorites. They fill the season with spectacular color, indoors and out! Originally cultivated in China back around 15th century BC, mums thrived in the temperate climate of Asia. Over time, they have become an iconic flower and are used in different ways across the world. In Europe, mums are used for remembrance while in the United States, we celebrate with mums and decorate our special occasions with the gift of their beautiful colors.

Today, let’s talk about how to care for your mums, the difference between Floral mums and Garden mums, and how to utilize your mums indoors and outdoors.


garden mums

Garden mums are a hardy perennial that feature mounds of blooms in colors like purple, red, orange, yellow, bronze, pink and more! They bloom from early fall through November. Perfect for your landscape, garden mums need full sunlight. With proper care, your garden mums will return year after year.

Planting Tips

When planting your garden mums, it is important to use a well-draining flowerbed soil. Try Calloway’s Flower Bed Mix. Mums thrive in the fall when the temperatures are gradually cooling and are a staple of fall color plantings. That is why fall is the best time of year for mums.

landscape mums

Plant in a sunny spot of your landscape and be sure there is access to a water source. Once planted, protect the plant’s roots from the upcoming cold and winter conditions with a thick layer of mulch. Using mulch will help your plant’s roots to establish and build a strong root system throughout the winter.

Care Tips

In addition to mulch, during the freeze of winter, it is best to cover your garden mums. When the temperatures start to warm up a bit in early spring, this is the time to pinch your plants back. What does that mean exactly?

Pinching your plants encourages more branching for a fuller plant. Think of a gray hair; if you pluck it, many more come back. The concept is very similar, but with a better benefit.


To pinch your plants, simply cut off the new growth at the end of the stem. You can continue this process, as needed, well into July. This will force your plant to grow twice as many stems for lots of wonderful blooms to enjoy in the fall.


floral mum

Floral mums are perfect to enjoy indoors and they are an excellent choice for cut flowers. They feature an array of colorful petals and need bright, indirect light. Floral mums are a fall favorite and complete any table display or seasonal décor.

Planting Tips

The key components to planting floral mums are based on a couple of factors. First, a good container is important. Floral mums should be planted in a container that is slightly larger than the plant size and it should contain a good drain hole.

yellow floral mums

Plant with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil for proper moisture control and a strong, healthy plant.

Care Tips

Once planted, place your floral mums in an area of your home that receives bright, indirect light throughout the day. Good air circulation and avoiding excess humidity are also important with floral mums.

red floral mum

During the growing season, feed your plant with a water-soluble fertilizer, like Calloway’s Amazing Gardens.

Now that you know more about your fall mum selections, let’s get to planting and decorating! Fill your fall display and tablescapes with beautiful mums, pumpkins, metal art, and more! Get into the spirit of this wonderful season and make your home warm and welcoming with mums!

floral mums

Stop by our store nearest you for all of your planting needs! Also, stop by on October 5th for our annual Pumpkin Fest, from 9am-7pm at all of our locations!



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Fantastic Plants for Fall Color

planting mums

Do your flowerbeds need a fall refresh? Give your garden a quick and easy makeover that you and your family can enjoy throughout the season! Check out these fantastic plants that provide gorgeous color, delicate textures, and festive fall varieties!



For colorful blooms in a variety of shades, colors, and patterns, pansies will delight any flowerbed or container. Pansies are masses of bright flowers that thrive from late fall to early spring.


They need partial to full sunlight and are highly tolerant of urban pollution. Consider laying a thick layer of mulch for the winter to protect the plant’s roots during colder conditions while also retaining moisture in the soil.

pansy flowers


ornamental cabbage and kale

Ornamental cabbage and kale will add texture and color to your flowerbeds or containers.


As they grow and establish, they develop showy purple, pink or white variegation, keeping your garden dynamically colorful.



garden mums

Garden mums are a fall favorite and a fantastic choice for adding seasonal color to your landscape or containers. They feature an array of colorful, fluffy pom-pom flowers through the season.

garden mum

Garden mums love full sunlight and with proper care, they can re-grow as a perennial each year. These lovely plants can grow to 20-30 inches tall and will fill your outdoor space with magnificent shades of fall color. Garden mums come in a variety of colors, such as:


yellow mums


orange mums


white mums


bronze mums


purple mums

And more!



Petra Crotons adds a gradient of hues in each leaf. Many adore this plant for its attractive and glossy oval leaves that emerge green in the spring and turn to a pleasant hue of plum purple with showy red variegation and tinges of yellow.

petra croton

Crotons enjoy part shade to full sun and can work well as a focal plant or balance the composition in any flowerbed or container.



Pumpkins are in stores now! They make a strong visual statement while adding gorgeous color to your landscape! With so many sizes, colors, shapes, and styles, you are sure to find your perfect pumpkins!

pumpkin decor

Use containers to hold pumpkins, stacks of straw bales, or pick up various sizes to create an interesting display! You can even place pumpkins sporadically around your flowerbeds for a pop of seasonal beauty!


Fall is a fabulous time of year! We hope you are excited to start planting and decorating your home and landscape with seasonal color and beautiful plants!

pumpkin fest

Want some more Autumn Harvest fun?? Mark your calendars and bring the kiddos! Pumpkin Fest is on October 5th from 9am-7pm at our store nearest you! We will have delicious popcorn, pie pumpkin decorating, fun crafts, giveaways, and so much more! Check out our event page on Facebook or our website for more information!

Plant Pruning Tips for the Fall

To prune or not to prune. It’s a question often asked as we enter a new season. Fall is a great time for planting, but is it an ideal time for pruning? What are the factors that contribute to this decision? Check out this helpful list of spring trees and shrubs that should and should not be pruned during the fall.



Pruning your spring trees and shrubs allows flower buds to develop for spring blooms, it cleans up the spent blooms and hanging branches, it can protect your home and plants from the potential hazards created by heavy and icy tree limbs.

When it comes to the time of year and pruning your flowering trees and shrubs, the key components and deciding factors are the blooming season and the heat. From the start of spring to the end of summer, your trees and shrubs are blooming and growing. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for pests to come out to play while increasing the risk for disease in your healthy plants.

pruning tips

Also, many trees and shrubs bloom during the spring. If pruning occurs too early, you are removing the flower buds and eliminating the opportunity for your plant to grow spring blooms.

Always look up what types of plants you are wanting to prune to verify the appropriate timing for that variety. For the fall season, here is a quick list and tool to use as a reference for your next pruning adventure.



These 7 plants have already formed their flower buds needed for spring blooms.

1. Azalea


2. Forsythia

3. Flowering Peach, Plum, Pear, Crabapple Trees

4. Loropetalum


5. Oakleaf Hydrangea

6. Spirea

7. Viburnum



These 9 plants will make new flower buds on new growth next year.

1. Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

2. Cape Plumbago

3. Limelight Hydrangea

4. Gardenia

5. Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree

6. Hibiscus

7. Knockout Roses and most shrub roses

8. Pomegranate

9. Crapemyrtle




Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals at our store nearest you!