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living christmas trees

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees: What To Look For When Shopping For a Quality Tree

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are here! Choose a Christmas Tree that will last throughout the holiday season! Learn how we care for our Christmas Trees, explore about our selection, and more!

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decorating for christmas

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays at Calloway’s & Cornelius

Get your home ready for the holidays with fresh seasonal selections and more! Check out all our Christmas goodies, arriving at your neighborhood Calloway’s or Cornelius now!

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rosemary wreath

Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Use your rosemary cones or fresh greenery to spruce up your Christmas in a whole new way! Learn how to add that seasonal touch to your place settings here!

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gift ideas

Christmas Gardening Gifts for Under $25

Shop smart this Christmas for your family and friends! Check out these great gardening gifts all for under $25 or less! Learn more here!

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snowy tipped christmas tree

It’s Christmas at Calloway’s and Cornelius

Come get ready for Christmas! Check out our selection of Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Flocked Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, and more with our Director of Marketing, Kimberley Gotcher and Tammy Dombeck from “Eats, Greets, & All That”!

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air plant ornament

Holiday Gift Ideas: Air Plant Christmas Ornament

Need gift ideas for your classmates or coworkers? Decorate their Holidays with Air Plant Christmas Ornaments!

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life like christmas tree

How To Decorate Your Life-Like Christmas Tree

Let us help you decorate your Life-Like Christmas Tree! Learn helpful tips from our design experts here!

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How to make a perfect Cornelius Bow

Making a beautiful bow is an art form! Our experts are here to help with a step-by-step video tutorial on creating a perfect Cornelius bow! Learn more and all you need to get started here!

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fresh cut christmas trees

3 Tips for a Lasting Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

Keeping your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree beautiful throughout the holiday season is easy! Check out these 3 Tips for a Lasting Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree here!

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how to fluff a life-like tree

How to Fluff your Life-Like Christmas Tree

Making your Life-Like Christmas Tree full and beautiful is easy! Check out these handy tips and tricks on fluffing your tree like a pro and watch our helpful video here!

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3 Tips for Keeping your Poinsettias Beautiful

Poinsettias are a perfect plant for the holidays with their striking colors and delicate texture. Learn how to keep your Poinsettias beautiful with these 3 simple tips!

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fresh herbs

Holiday Recipes: Pull-Apart Herb Biscuits

Perfect for the holidays, these Pull-Apart Herb Biscuits are easy to prepare and will compliment any meal with the vibrant mix of decadently fresh flavors. Learn how to make it here!

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