Category: Houseplants

indoor plants for earth day

Celebrate Earth Day with Indoor Plants

How can you do your part on Earth Day? Celebrate with beneficial indoor plants!

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displaying air plants

4 Creative Ways to Display Air Plants

Searching for a striking houseplant? Try Air Plants for their easy-going nature and stylish versatility!

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decorate with indoor plants

Decorate Your Home with Indoor Plants

New year, new indoor plants! Refresh your space and decorate your home with our fabulous collection of easy to grow plants.

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thanksgiving planters

Thanksgiving-Inspired Planters for the Indoors

Thanksgiving is almost here! Get your home ready for the holiday with festive planters and indoor plants. Gather your family together and create lasting memories with these turkey-themed containers.

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Plant for Fall with Crotons

Are you ready for fall? Prepare your home for the season with beautiful Crotons!

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6 best indoor plants to plant now

6 Best Indoor Plants for the Summer

Bring nature inside and stay cool with houseplants! Check out the 6 best indoor plants to grow this summer.

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paint pottery for indoor plants

Painting Pottery for your Indoor Plants

Get creative and paint pottery for your indoor plants! Try these great ideas that the whole family will enjoy!

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air plants

Air Plants for Beginners: Creative Decorating Ideas, Care Tips, & More

Do you love easy indoor plants? Discover our premium selection of Air Plants! Air Plants are striking, unique, and do not require soil to grow. Visit our blog now to learn more!

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leafjoy collection

New Indoor Plant Collection: leafjoy™ from Proven Winners®

Bring nature inside™ with our newest selection of premium indoor plants! Come explore leafjoy™ from Proven Winners®!

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succulents and cacti

Creative Container Gardens with Succulents & Cacti

Looking for a DIY activity? Make creative container gardens with Succulents and Cacti!

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indoor plants ideas

Create Your Urban Jungle with Indoor Plants

Nurture your life with nature and indoor plants! Create a relaxing and peaceful space in your own urban jungle.

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best indoor plants

5 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners

Become a plant parent with these 5 best indoor plants for beginners! Explore our low maintenance selections, care tips, fun facts, planting instructions, and more!

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