All About Garden Services

Let’s update our landscapes with vibrant plants, hardy trees and shrubs, and quality soil. Don’t feel like planting? Let us plant for you! At Calloway’s and Cornelius, our Garden Services team is always here to help! For your gardening success, observe your landscape and be mindful of sun exposure, water restrictions, and size of the area you want to plant.

pick and plant



Did you know that we offer the ultimate time-saving service for those who can’t spend as much time as they’d like in the garden? It’s called Pick & Plant! You pick it, we plant it. It’s that easy! Pick & Plant is our in-store garden service to you with your gardening success.

How does Pick & Plant work?

Pick & Plant is available at every store location. This service is fantastic for planting trees or filling your flowerbeds with fresh, seasonal color. Whether you know what you want or need some assistance, we are here to help.


When you arrive at the store, there is a designated member of our team that can help you with your Pick & Plant order and arrangements. Simply ask one of our employees and they will direct you accordingly.

First, explore our selection of the season’s freshest, hand-picked plants and choose the plants you want.

you pick your plants

Then, speak with one of our in-store Garden Services advisers to make sure you have everything you need (plants, topsoil, mulch, etc.) for a successful garden project. After you work with our team member and finish your paperwork, we’ll schedule your Pick & Plant installation!

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Finally, enjoy the hassle-free experience! We will show up with the plants you selected and the tools necessary to plant them. You show us where you want them and we’ll have your plants professionally planted in no time.


What do I need to know for my plant selection?

With every plant that you add to your landscape, it is important to be aware of these key factors:

  1. Amount of light and sun exposure thought the day? Is it shady, sunny, or does the area receive part sun and shade throughout the day?
  2. What direction is the area facing? North facing and south facing landscapes will receive different levels of sunlight throughout the day.
  3. What size is the planting area?
  4. What permanent objects surround this area?
  5. Is there access to water for your plants?

When you have a better understanding of your landscape, this will allow you to select the proper plants, the right number of plants, and it will give you a better idea of how much soil and mulch you will need to complete the area.


Remember, soil and mulch are extremely important for your garden’s success. Select from our Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil or Premium Tree & Shrub Garden Soil and pick out your mulch. Mulch will protect your plants’ roots and conserve moisture in your soil.



Do your flowerbeds need a makeover? Unlock your garden’s potential with a beautifully and professionally designed landscape! Our Landscape Designers will assess your space and give you professional direction and a new design for your garden project.

landscape design


How does Landscape Design & Installation work?


To get started, click here. Select your location and fill out our short form to schedule your design.

landscape design

Next, one of our landscape designers will contact you to schedule a time to meet for your design consultation. During the consultation, the designer will measure the planting area, take photos of the area, and discuss how you would like to move forward with your space. For example:

  1. How do you use your space or wish to use the space?
  2. What kind of look or theme do you want for your landscape?
  3. Do you have any color or plant preferences?

We want to provide you with your ideal design for your dream landscape. For our designers to get started on planning out your new and improved landscape, remember that the design fee is due upon your first visit and consultation. The design fee covers the design work only, not the installation.

After the consultation is complete, the designer can begin creating the renderings. The renderings will show plant selections and placement to give you an accurate idea of what to expect. The designer will set up a time to meet with you to present the completed full-color renderings. You can make changes and discuss more details with the designer at this time.


Also at this presentation, the designer will provide you with a job proposal. The proposal outlines all the components (plants, soils, mulches, stones, etc) needed to complete and install your new landscape design and the costs associated with it.



Once you have your final and completed rendering, we also offer the option for installation. If you would like us to install the design that we presented, the deposit that is outlined in the job proposal will need to be paid to move forward. Remember, this is separate from the design fee.


The designer will discuss schedules and timelines for the installation process. They will also check in with updates while we finalize details, order plants, verify safety needs and schedule dig test for gas and power lines in the planting area, and gather all the supplies needed to complete your project.

gardening safety

Our designer and landscaping partners will arrive to complete the installation of your new landscape design. They will prep the soil, remove or transplant items, plant and install everything, lay mulch, water, etc. Once completed, the designer will gather the remaining items needed from you to finish and close out the project.

soil prep


You will love your new landscape! Get started today with Calloway’s and Cornelius Garden Services!