Simple Guide to your Perfect Container Creation

Creating your own container garden is easy, even if you have limited space! Let us teach you how to make a stylish visual statement in just a few simple steps!

STEP 1: Selecting your perfect container

We have a great selection of beautiful pottery in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Find a style that suits your décor or select a container that will work as an amazing accent piece on your porch or patio!


When selecting your container, it is good to keep in mind a few points:

  1. Choose a container with one or more drainage holes.
  2. Remember that a larger container makes a greater visual impact and they do not dry out as quickly.

The best thing about our quality containers is their classic designs and color schemes; you can count on our containers to always be in style. Plus, you can re-use your containers in so many different ways – they will also serve a purpose, no matter what time of year!

STEP 2: Select a potting mixture

The soil you use to create your container garden is very important. Your potting soil should drain well, but it should also retain enough moisture to keep your soil evenly moist.

Most importantly, potting soil and soil from your garden or the ground are very different. We recommend never using soil from the ground as a form of potting soil. In Texas, our soil contains clay which can prevent proper drainage and can impede root growth.

potting soil

Our Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil is the perfect choice for your perfect creation! Our soil contains water-retaining crystals that properly releases water to your plants over extended periods of time.

STEP 3: Select your plants

This is your time to shine! Channel your inner designer and select plants with different textures, colors, and sizes.

Keep in mind, your plants should all contain the same water requirements and sunlight requirements which should also align with where your container will be placed in your yard. If the container will be in the sun for extended periods of time throughout the day, select from our sun-loving options to ensure your container garden stays spectacular.

A great tool to use during the plant selection phase is the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” method:

  • A “Thriller” plant should be the focal point. It will add height and drama to your combination.


  • A “Filler” plant is a medium sized plant that tends to be a more rounded or mounded plant. The filler plant will make your container look full.


  • A “Spiller” plant is added last. These consist of trailing plants that will gracefully spill over the edge of the container.

sweet potato vine

STEP 4: Plant your container

Pick up one of our easy to use products called DrainIt, a patented drainage technology helps water flow through and soil stay put. This will prevent your soil from leaking out, but make sure the container can still properly drain.

Fill the container about halfway with your potting soil, remove the plants from their containers and plant them in their new home. Make sure the soil in the container is level with the soil from the potted plant.

Add Calloway’s Professional Flower Food to your potting soil and fill in the mixture around the plants. Be sure to leave at least one inch below the top of the container for watering purposes. For a nice finishing touch, add a layer of our green or Spanish moss to keep your plants moist and looking great! Finally, water well when everything is planted.

You are finished creating! Now take care of your plants and show off your container garden with pride!

STEP 5: Caring for your container creations

Keep your plant tags and label your plants. Your plant tags contain all the care information that you need to keep your plants happy!

Feed your plants regularly. Depending on your selection, one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals can direct you on which food is best! One great option is our Calloway’s Amazing Blooms Water Soluble Plant Food.

flower food

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