DIY Bird Seed Ornaments for Valentine’s Day

Birds are very important to our ecosystem and our gardens. They work as beneficial pollinators, pest control, and are even known to help with weed control. They can also lower your stress level when you spend time outdoors to bird watch and enjoy their sweet sounds.

This is the time of year the birds need nourishment and care to prepare for the upcoming spring season. Here at Calloway’s and Cornelius, we want to show the birds some love. This Valentine’s Day, let’s make special, heart-shaped ornaments for our bird friends, made from our premium varieties of bird seed.

DIY Bird Seed Ornaments for Valentine’s Day


Here is what you will need to get started:

bird seed ornaments

  1. 4½ cups Calloway’s Bird Seed of your choosing

  2. Silicone Heart Mold Pan

  3. 1 ½ cups Water

  4. 3 tablespoons Gelatin

  5. Twine

  6. Wax Paper

  7. Cooking Spray


wild bird blend

First, you will need to select your bird seed. Do you know what types of birds are in your area? We have selections made to attract different species of birds.

  • Calloway’s Patio BlendCalloway’s Patio Blend features just the seeds and has no shells. With ingredients such as sunflower chips, oat groats, and hulled millet, you can provide the best for the birds. Attracts Sparrows, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and more.
  • Calloway’s Songbird Mix – Calloway’s Songbird Mix is a wonderful blend of premium seeds that birds love! With blend made up of only fruits and seeds, such as black oil sunflower, safflower, and cranberries; birds will flock to your garden. Attract Robins, Cardinals, Chickadees, NutHatches, Sparrows, and more.
  • Calloway’s Wild Bird Blend – Calloway’s Wild Bird Blend combines premium seeds such as white proso millet, black oil sunflower, and red milo to create a special mixture of seeds that birds enjoy. Help attract beautiful Texas birds to your garden while keeping them away from your plants! Great for Cardinals, Finches, Sparrows, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, and more.
  • Calloway’s Hot & Spicy – Calloway’s Hot & Spicy is a blend of delicious seeds, spiced with capsaicin, and full of nutrients. No need to worry about squirrels snatching them up! This will keep those critters away. Attracts Blue Jays, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, and more.


First, boil water. Once it reaches a boil, pour the water into a large mixing bowl.


Add the 3 tablespoons of gelatin and mix until it has completely dissolved.

bird seed ornaments feed the birds

Pour in your bird seed and mix well.

bird seed


Spray your heart-shaped mold pan with cooking spray to prevent the seeds from sticking for easy removal.


Fill each mold with the bird seed mixture and flatten it as much as possible.


Once your bird seed mixture is set, stick straws into each heart to create a hole for your twine. Be sure to avoid placing the straws too close to the top and any edge for better support.

bird seed ornaments

If the straws loosened up any seeds, press down around the straw area with your fingers or a spoon to fix it.



Allow the mold to set for about 4 hours or until the hearts have fully hardened.

Once they are ready, pop the hearts out of the mold onto the wax paper. This will allow the top and bottom to dry completely.  Give this step a few more hours to keep the hearts properly intact.

calloway's bird seed


Finally, once the hearts are completely dry, loop the twine through the holes and tie the ends together in a secure knot or bow.


Once that is complete, hang your fabulous bird seed ornaments onto the branches of trees in your yard. If it is raining, hold off until the weather permits to ensure your bird friends have time to gobble up their Valentine’s gifts!

twine crafts

Now, sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature and the gift of birds!

These ornaments make great party favors, presents to teachers or loved ones, and make for an easy and fulfilling DIY craft project!

Stop by a Calloway’s or Cornelius near you and pick up your bird seed today! Check out all we have to offer for our birds and other pollinators!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and the birds!



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