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jack o lantern planters

Easy Fall Crafts: Jack O’ Lantern Planters for your Garden Mums

Celebrate Halloween with your family and have fun getting your home festive together. Try making an easy fall craft like Jack O’ Lantern planters with Garden Mums!

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decorating your home for fall

How – To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Make your home gourd-eous for the Fall! Check out our Autumn Harvest selections, metal art, and décor! Plus, learn easy decorating tips for cute and stylish seasonal displays!

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broccoli and cauliflower harvest

Tips for Growing Broccoli & Cauliflower in your Garden

It is time to grow your favorite cool season veggies like Broccoli and Cauliflower! Check out these helpful planting tips for a successful harvest and learn how to grow Broccoli and Cauliflower in your garden!

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teacher gift ideas with plants

Back-To-School Gift Ideas for Teachers

School is back in session in a whole new way. Show support to our educators for keeping our students growing with personalized pottery and indoor plants. Check out these super cute DIY ideas and more!

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best indoor plants

5 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners

Become a plant parent with these 5 best indoor plants for beginners! Explore our low maintenance selections, care tips, fun facts, planting instructions, and more!

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how to refresh your home with indoor plants

Indoor Plants & Trendy DIY Containers to Refresh Your Home

Indoor plants are a great way to help refresh your home for the new school year! Purify the air and spend time practicing the arts with a fun DIY craft project! Visit our blog to learn more!

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august gardening tips

Gardening Tips – 5 Ways to Care for Your Garden in August

August is the perfect month to accomplish tasks in your garden and prepare for the upcoming seasons! Check out our blog for gardening tips on 5 ways to care for your garden in August!

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how to make succulent garden art

How To Make Garden Art With Succulents

Relax and unwind with creativity! Grow as an artist and learn how to make beautiful garden art with succulents! Visit our blog to learn more!

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Crapemyrtle shrub planted in home garden with lavender blooms

Complete Your Landscape with Summer Shrubs

Complete your landscape with the perfect summer shrubs! Visit our blog for tips about our shrub selections, learn how to properly plant shrubs, and more!

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mosquito control solutions

Protect your Family Outdoors with Mosquito Control

Mosquito control problems? We are here to help! Learn more about our Mosquito control products and start protecting your family now!

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variety of succulents in white container

Stay Cool and Get Crafty with Indoor Plants

Stay cool and get crafty with indoor plants! Get creative with sand art and air plants and make a beautiful indoor hanging basket!

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patriotic plant display

Celebrate the 4th of July with Family: Patriotic Plant Displays, Outdoor Games, & More

Happy 4th of July! Create a memorable celebration for your family with patriotic plant displays, outdoor games, and creative crafts!

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