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bird seed bells with calloways bird seed

Winter Bird Feeding: How-To Make Bird Seed Bells with your Family

Birds are essential to our ecosystem and they can benefit our lives and landscapes in many ways. Support our feathered friends with nourishment during our Texas winter! Visit our blog now and learn how to make Bird Seed Bells with Calloway’s Premium Bird Seed, explore our birding selection, and more!

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container garden with succulents and cacti

Plant Indoor Container Gardens with Succulents & Cacti

Indoor container gardens are the easiest way to refresh your home for the new year! Learn how to give your space a plant-based makeover with succulents, cacti, and gorgeous pottery!

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new year new houseplants

New Year, New You: Promote Wellness in Your Home with Indoor Plants

Start the New Year off right with indoor plants! Learn how to promote wellness in your home and refresh your space with indoor plants!

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christmas gifts

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Easy Grab & Go Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Check out our grab-and-go gardening gift ideas and shop with ease for your family!

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how to decorate planters with candy canes

Candy Cane Container Gardens: Sweet Gift Ideas with Plants

Looking for a sweet gift idea? Make a Candy Cane Container Garden! These versatile planters are the perfect sweet treat for someone special and the gift that keeps on giving! Visit our blog to learn more!

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greeter charm fresh greenery

Unique Ways to Decorate with Fresh Christmas Greenery

Fresh Greenery brings the essence of Christmas to your home. Check out these unique ways to decorate for the holidays with your Fresh Wreaths, Garland, and more!

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joy terra cotta planters

JOY Terra Cotta Planters for Rosemary Cones & Poinsettias

Joy to the world! The Christmas season is here! Get crafty this Christmas and learn how to make festive JOY-themed terra cotta planters, perfect for rosemary cones and poinsettias!

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plant ornaments for christmas

Easy Gift Ideas: How – To Make Mini Christmas Ornaments with Potted Plants

Give a gift that is from the heart with Christmas ornaments made from mini potted plants. This easy-to-make gift idea is the perfect way to bring Christmas cheer to your family or neighbors!

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decorating ideas for poinsettias

The Perfect Poinsettias: How to Fill Your Home with Holiday Color

Poinsettias are a beautiful and easy way to add holiday color to your home! Learn how to start decorating for the holidays with poinsettias, helpful care tips, and more!

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matrix pansies in store

What To Plant Now In Your Garden

Not sure what to plant in your cool season garden? Check out what is in our stores now!

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how to make halloween planters

How – To Make Halloween Planters with your Family

Trick or treat! Celebrate Halloween with your family and plants! Learn how to make your own Halloween planters with beautiful seasonal color, fresh herbs, and more!

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group of matrix pansies

How-To Make a Colorful Impact: Container Gardens & Matrix® Pansies

Get colorful with the bold blooms of Matrix® Pansies! Learn how to give your landscape an update and make a vibrant impact with Matrix Pansies® and easy-to-make container gardens!

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