Recovering from the Freeze: 5 Care Tips for your Texas Garden

Freezing temperatures have made their way to our Texas landscapes. Now, it is time to spring our cold shocked plants back with a few simple steps for a quick recovery!

Where to start? How do we save our plants from frost damage? We are here to help you care for your outdoor plants after winter conditions. Take a walk around your yard and examine any areas that need to be addressed. Take note of any cold damaged plants or trees, check for any water leaks, and get ready do a little winter plant care!


texas freeze 2022



What happens to cold damaged plants? Freezing temperatures can be detrimental to plant tissue. A hard freeze can freeze the water within the plant’s cells, causing the plant to become dehydrated creating frost damage to the stems and leaves. Plants respond to the cold by moving water from the cells, thus preventing the plant from taking in moisture.

When the ground has time to thaw, get outside and water! Make sure your flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs all get a good drink.

watering lawn

Need watering tools? We have a wide variety of professional hoses, watering wands, watering cans, and more! The watering tools you choose will depend on the size and type of plants you have. Gardening hoses with an adjustable nozzle are extremely useful and versatile. It is important that your hose can reach and spray every part of your garden.

watering heads

An adjustable nozzle can help control the water pressure and spray radius.

watering wands

Watering wands give your plants a gentle rain shower. This is great for back edges of border plants, hanging baskets, and those hard-to-reach areas of your garden and container gardens.

watering cans

Watering cans are ideal for small space gardening, indoor plants, and container gardens or if you do not have the capabilities to use a watering hose. They allow you to control how much water to use and to control the flow of water. Plus, they are perfect for your urban DFW, Houston, or Galveston patio gardens!



First, check your larger, more established trees. Look up at your trees and check for signs of cracked or broken limbs. Professional assistance may be needed for damage at a larger scale.

winter pruning

Younger trees and trees with thin bark can be affected by cold weather plant damage. Frost cracks are created by the sudden drops in the temperatures and sometimes cannot be visible until spring. Watch your trees and see how growth progresses once the growing season begins.

corona pruning shears

Allow the weather to warm up and give our trees time to thaw. Do a little winter pruning with your Corona® pruning tools on immediate issues like small, damaged branches and limbs.

pruning tools

Then, check for signs of frost damage on your plants. Frost damaged plants and the aftereffects present themselves in different ways. It depends on the type of plant and how it was exposed to the freeze. Snow damaged plants show signs of discoloration and cold burned leaf tips. Do not assume you have a dying plant on your hands just because the leaves are brown.

frost damage on plants

Before trying to figure out how to save a dying plant, check the stem tissue for a more accurate gauge of your plant’s current condition. If the stem has cracked, turned mushy, or become brittle, that part of the plant is likely unsavable. If the stem remains flexible and the tissue of the stem is bright green inside, your plant has survived the cold weather. Make sure to water your cold shocked plants to keep them healthy!



lawn pre emergent

For a healthy, lush lawn this spring, start with controlling weeds! Weeds tend to invade your lawn before the grass has awoken from its long winter’s nap. Proper lawn care now will help strengthen your grass to better withstand the stresses of the upcoming summer heat and to prevent aggressive weeds from developing in the growing season.

spreading fertilizer

Now is the best time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide. What is a pre-emergent herbicide? A Lawn pre-emergent prevents new weed growth from developing. It puts a barrier in the soil to stop weed seeds from germinating. With each application, it becomes more effective in preventing weeds in your Texas lawn. Pre-emergents should generally be applied in spring and in early fall.

bonide crabgrass & weed preventer

A fantastic choice for weed prevention for your DFW lawn is Bonide® Crabgrass & Weed Preventer with Dimension®. It can be used on cool season and warm season grasses. Dimension® is a selective turf and landscape pre-emergent herbicide that prevents the emergence of undesirable weeds. It controls crabgrass, foxtail, and many other weeds in established lawns. Bonide® Crabgrass & Weed Preventer with Dimension® can also provide post-emergent control of seedling crabgrass and is effective for up to 4 weeks after crabgrass has germinated. For the best results in your Texas lawn care, apply a few days after mowing. The product will become activated by rainfall or irrigation and it is a great tool for your do-it-yourself lawn care services.

For your Houston and Galveston weed prevention, use Nitro-Phos Barricade®. Nitro-Phos Barricade® contains a selective turf and landscape pre-emergent herbicide that prevents the emergence of undesirable weeds.

bonide weed beater complete

Get lawn pre-emergent and post-emergent control which helps kill visible weeds with Bonide® Weed Beater Complete. Bonide® Weed Beater Complete is a highly selective herbicide to help control sedges, annual grass, and broadleaf weeds. Prevent new weeds from germinating and suppress the growth of visible weeds. For best results, apply on a damp lawn and wait 48 hours to water. Use a rotary spreader to apply granular product. For easy lawn service and care, we have loaner spreaders available for use.

corn gluten granulas

Looking for natural ways to control weed growth in your Texas lawn? Good Natured® Corn Gluten Granules works as a pre-emergent and is an ideal product to use for lawn care throughout Texas. It is slow release and all natural. It is easy to apply and safe for around your trees and shrubs.



mulch bags

Mulch benefits your landscape in so many ways. It does more than make your flowerbeds look complete and beautiful, mulch reduces weed growth and protects your plants. Mulch reduces water use by preventing evaporation and allowing the plants to absorb water at a steady rate.

Mulch is made from organic material that enriches the soil as it decomposes. It creates a warm barrier between the frosty air and your plant’s roots. Frozen soil prevents plants from taking up water to replace the moisture that is lost from evaporation. That is why mulch is so important, especially during the winter months. Mulch helps maintain moisture in the soil while holding in necessary heat.

Add mulch to any areas where it was displaced by the winter winds or ice. Choose from our selection of Calloway’s Premium Organic Mulches!

calloways cedar mulch

Calloway’s Premium Organic Cedar Mulch provides your garden with an elegant red-gold finish that is eye-catching and functional. Cedar mulch also helps repel insects and provides a pleasant fragrance!

mulch in garden gloves

Calloway’s Premium Organic Hardwood Mulch is a 100% organic top dressing for all of your garden plants. The shredded wood mats together to form a protective covering over your plant roots. Great for spring vegetable gardens and flowerbeds.

pine bark mulch

Calloway’s Premium Organic Pine Bark Mulch is the ideal mulch for plants and shrubs that prefer an acidic environment. It is great for azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas, and more.



The best method on how to save your plants from frost damage is to replenish the lost nutrients in the soil. Cold shocked soil is depleted, and your plants need nutrients to thrive. Amending the soil will improve the soil’s structure and fertility to perk up your plants. Remove any dying plants or vegetables and then start reviving your soil!

For your established flowerbeds, use Calloway’s Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil. Calloway’s Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil is made from the highest quality ingredients, it provides optimal conditions for vibrant blooms, and contains water saving ingredients like expanded shale, coconut coir, and earthworm castings. Additional ingredients include composted pine bark, composted rice hulls, sphagnum peat moss, dolomite lime, and more to help your flowerbeds perform their best. Calloway’s Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil also contains beneficial mycorrhizae which transports and increases nutrient uptake to the plant and organic ingredients to help promote rapid root growth, enhances nutrient retention, and balances air and water around the roots. Also added is a beneficial, slow-release fertilizer to help feed your plants for up to 6 months.

garden compost

Simply, mix 2 inches of our Flowerbed Garden Soil into the top soil to break up any impacted areas and create aeration. Water in thoroughly.

For new flowerbed prep, till the top layer of existing soil with 3 inches of Calloway’s Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil. Smooth the surface and water in thoroughly.

For your spring vegetable gardens, use Calloway’s Organic Garden Compost to refresh your soil. Calloway’s Organic Garden Compost is made from the highest quality ingredients to replenish and condition your soil naturally. With a blend of composted rice hulls, composted pine bark, earthworm castings, and mycorrhizae, Calloway’s Organic Garden Compost will give your natural garden a healthy start! The organic ingredients help promote aeration of the soil for rapid root growth and provides organic matter to enhance water and nutrient retention. Mycorrhizae transports and increases nutrient uptake to plants. Ideal for flowerbeds, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and berries.

For new bed prep, start by spreading 3 inches of Expanded Shale into the soil. Till in with 3 inches of Organic Garden Compost and water in thoroughly.

For existing beds, mix 2 inches of Organic Garden Compost into the existing soil and water in thoroughly.


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