5 Shrubs To Plant For The Fall

Fall is a great time to plant shrubs in Texas, especially as the temperatures start to cool down. Some popular shrubs to plant in the fall include Texas Sage, Dwarf Yaupon Holly, and Fringeflower. Another great option is the Sunshine Ligustrum, which can be planted in the fall and will provide beautiful, golden foliage all year round. It’s important to choose shrubs that are suited for the Texas climate, so be sure to do your research and select plants that will thrive in your area.

With careful selection and planting, you can enjoy a vibrant and lush landscape throughout the fall and beyond. Shrubs are a great addition to any landscape. Shrubs can be used as foundation plantings, privacy hedges, and for ornamental effect. Fall is the best time to plant shrubs in your garden because it gives the roots plenty of time to become established before the next summer. Are you wondering what shrubs to plant in the fall? Here is a helpful list to get started!

5 Shrubs to Plant for the Fall | Calloway's Nursery


Kaleidoscope Abelia Flower Plant for Fall | Calloway's Nursery

Kaleidoscope Abelia is a fall flowering shrub. A great choice for a hot spot in your garden, Kaleidoscope thrives in 5-8 hours of full sunlight throughout the day.

White Kaleidoscope Abelia Flower Plant for Fall | Calloway's Nursery

Kaleidoscope Abelia is a low maintenance shrub with beautiful foliage and blooms all season. This medium-sized plant is perfect for a low growing hedge.

Yellow Monarch Butterfly in Fall Garden Flower for Fall | Calloway's Nursery

The other benefit to planting Kaleidoscope Abelia is this beauty attracts pollinators and once established, it performs well in low water landscapes.



Color Guard Yucca Plant for Fall | Calloway's Nursery

Color Guard Yucca is a hardy shrub that stays under 2 feet tall. It has brightly colored foliage with large white flowers that bloom in the late spring or early summer. It performs well in partial to full sunlight and is very drought tolerant.

Drought Tolerant Shrubs for Fall | Calloway's Nursery

Color Guard Yucca can be used many ways in a landscape, and it is suitable for planters or container gardens. It is a slow-growing shrub plant and creates a dramatic contrast in your landscape design.



 Gold Dust Aucuba Shrub for Fall | Calloway's Nursery

Are you looking for a shrub to plant in the shade? Gold Dust Aucuba is the perfect choice. It is known as a gentle giant as it can grow up to ten feet tall. Gold Dust Aucuba can be a great focal point of your landscape, or it can be used as a privacy hedge.

Shade Loving Shrubs for Fall Planting | Calloway's Nursery

Gold Dust Aucuba is a popular shrub variety and fall garden plant for shade gardens all over the state. It is most known for its colorful and large leaves. This is a great choice to fill in areas of your garden where a lush look is desired. Give this shrub plant medium water after established to keep the soil slightly moist.



Pink Muhly Grass for Fall Planting Shrub | Calloway's Nursery

Do you want to add drama to your landscape? Pink Muhly Grass is the perfect shrub to plant in fall. Native to Texas and beautiful, Pink Muhly Grass is a drought hardy, ornamental grass. It is popular for its pink plumage and adds colorful texture to any urban landscape.

Ornamental Shrubs for Fall Planting | Calloway's Nursery

Pink Muhly Grass blooms best in full sunlight and works well when planted in masses or individually. It is also deer tolerant.



Sunshine Ligustrum for Fall Planting Shrub | Calloway's Nursery

Sunshine Ligustrum is a great to use as border plant around your flowerbed or as an accent shrub plant. This brightly colored variety is growing in popularity. The pop of green is a gorgeous and easy way to maintain a colorful landscape, even through the winter, as Sunshine Ligustrum is a medium-sized evergreen!

Colorful Fall Planting Shrub | Calloway's Nursery

Use this shrub to compliment darker plants in your garden for an eye-catching design. Plant in full sunlight to keep this fall garden plant happy and healthy.



Calloways Premium Tree & Shrub Garden Soil for Fall Planting | Calloway's Nursery

For the best results with your new shrubs, follow these helpful planting tips.

  1. Before placing any shrub, you should consider the overall height and width when it reaches maturity, as there should be space for the shrub to grow.
  2. Upon planting, treat new plants with ferti-lome® Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution as directed on the label.
  3. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball.
  4. Mix in equal parts of Calloway’s Premium Tree & Shrub Garden Soil with existing soil.
  5. Place root ball in the hole and fill in with soil.
  6. Firmly press soil around the plant and water in thoroughly.



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