When to Plant your Autumn Harvest Seeds

Let’s welcome September and the upcoming season with a garden full of fresh vegetables! Now is the time to get your autumn seeds planted so you and your family can enjoy a plentiful harvest, well into the first frost.

When to Plant your Autumn Harvest Seeds


To make planning easier, we created a handy checklist for you! Just print it out and simply check off all the items that you need to pick up!

vegetable seeds

When selecting seeds, you will need to decide whether or not you want an organic selection. We have several different varieties available in both options!

Next, think about when you will be planting these. Use the handy checklist as a tool to help plan your planting schedule. Select vegetables that have similar sow dates to plant together, and go ahead and pick up the later options to add to your garden in the next month or two.



Where will you be planting your seeds? Some varieties grow great together in a large container, while others need more space or even a trellis to vine appropriately.

Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals for their suggestions on the appropriate container size or space required for your vegetables to grow successfully.

If using a container, try adding some herbs to your pots for a fragrant and beautiful creation that you can enjoy in so many ways!

Once you decide on your harvest planting space, pick up our premium soils and fertilizers. Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil is perfect for any container as it maintains moisture for your plants roots to grow strong and happy.

For flowerbeds, be sure to enrich your soil with Calloway’s Organic Compost. It stimulates beneficial microorganisms necessary for plant growth while balancing the aeration and hydration ratio within your soil.

Jobe’s® Organics® All Purpose Water Soluable Plant Food is a fantastic fertilizer for your organic garden. It helps enhance soil conditions, stimulate plant growth, and increase resistance to disease, insects, and drought. Calloway’s Organic & Natural Fertilizer also will keep your vegetables fertilized, plus you can use it on your lawn, flowerbeds, and more!

Stop by our store nearest you to pick up everything you need to start your autumn harvest garden!




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