Container Garden Inspiration: Plant with Celosia

Did you know container gardens are a quick and easy way to update your DFW landscape or your Houston home? Container gardens add vibrant color and rich foliage to any space in your garden or on your patio. This August, plant with the weather in mind and choose sun-loving blooms like Celosia! Celosia adds a dynamic and bold statement to any garden, and they thrive in Texas weather.



Celosia is native to tropical America and Africa. Also known as Woolflower, this unique plant contains spikes of feathery flowers. The name ‘Celosia’ means ‘burning’ in Greek because of the bold plumes of bright spires that can resemble a flame. Celosia can be found in many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

celosia variety

Celosia’s unique blooms are special for many reasons. Did you know each blossom is made up of numerous tiny flowers, clustered together to form a gorgeous gift from nature? You can also use these beauties as cut flowers in your indoor arrangements.

small yellow celosia

Celosia is easy to grow and needs minimal attention. They grow best in full sunlight throughout the day. Celosia requires regular watering and a well-draining soil as this plant does not tolerate standing water. The flowers can bloom up to 36 inches tall and with the proper sunlight, this plant will thrive in your garden!



how to plant with celosia


For this potting activity, will need the following supplies:

  • Pottery
  • Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil
  • Celosia and your favorite sun-loving plants
  • Hand Shovel
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Watering Can

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have fresh shipments of seasonal color, foliage, and indoor plants arriving to all our stores in the DFW metroplex and in Houston! Explore our selections in store or online and choose the perfect plants for you! The key to creating a beautiful container garden is to follow these 3 rules:

  1. Choose plants with similar sun and water requirements.
  2. Make sure your container has a drain hole to prevent standing water.
  3. Plant with design in mind – use the Thriller, Filler, Spiller Method.

Before you get started planting, watch this helpful video!



calloway's premium container potting soil

First, fill your pottery, leaving about a quarter of the space at the top. Use with well-draining soil like Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil. Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil is made from the highest quality ingredients and helps your plants get the best start for healthier growth. It contains water saving ingredients for added moisture control, a slow-release fertilizer to help feed your plants for up to 6 months, and other beneficial ingredients like sphagnum peat moss, composted rice hulls, composted pine bark, earthworm castings, Dolomite lime, and trace elements.



red celosia

To create a visually beautiful container garden, start with Celosia as the Thriller. The Thriller is a large, dramatic, and taller option. Choose dynamic blooms or tall spikes of foliage. It is the focal point in your container. You can either place your Thriller in the center of your container, if viewed from all sides, or place towards the back of the container.



The Fillers should be more rounded to make the container look full. Place your Filler in front of your Thriller. Remember, choose plants with similar water and sun requirements. Since Celosia is sun-loving, pick plants that thrive in full sunlight like Zinnias or Pentas.


Zinnias are prolific bloomers that love the sun. Zinnias are heat and drought tolerant and contain beautiful daisy-like blooms in shades of yellow, pink, orange, red, and more! They are fast-growing with dense and full foliage and are a popular choice for attracting beneficial pollinators to your landscape!


Pentas are known for their five-pointed, star-shaped blooms in vibrant colors. Pentas stay low to the ground as they grow which makes them a perfect choice as your Filler. Pentas are a great plant for attracting pollinators while they dazzle in your flowerbeds or container gardens.



sweet potato vines

The Spiller should be trailing plants that hang over the edge of the container. They will be close to the edge of the container, in front of, or surrounding the Filler. Sweet Potato Vines are a wonderful option for your Spiller. They have rich, heart-shaped leaves and trailing growth that last throughout the season. Sun-loving Sweet Potato Vines add a lovely texture and vibrant green color to any flowerbed or container garden.



container garden ideas with celosia

Your Celosia container garden is now complete! Water in your plants thoroughly until water drains out of the drain hole. Add more potting soil if needed.

Set your container out in a sunny location in your garden or patio. Enjoy the bold blooms and bright colors!



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