How To Make Garden Art With Succulents

You deserve some time to de-stress and unwind. Clear your mind and get creative! Creativity and craft projects are a great way to boost your overall well-being. Crafting has been proven to help us learn how to cope with unfamiliar situations. When we approach new projects, we study the process and follow directions which eases anxieties of the unknown. The lessons we teach ourselves when we invest our time with creativity can help us take on each day with confidence and a better state-of-mind. There are many benefits to crafting for adults and kids and now is the perfect time to bring out your inner artist!


  1. Numerous studies show concentrating on some form of craft with our hands helps us relax and take away stress. We are focused on a productive project and forget about everything else. This is classified as a form of meditation.
  2. Give yourself the gift of satisfaction and pride. When we create, we accomplish a goal. As you observe your creative process, you are in control of making something beautiful which will fill you with an internal joy and pride in yourself.
  3. Overcome challenges and boost your self-esteem with creativity. The craft project is the challenge you have set for yourself to achieve. You work out the solution and complete your mission. This will help you with other problem-solving skills, as well as fill you with an abundance of self-esteem.
  4. Improve your mental agility by working with your hands. Working on a creative project with your hands, improves your decisive thinking and stimulates the creation of new brain connections, like exercise for your brain.
  5. Make yourself feel happier. When you create and focus on manual activities, it helps to oxygenate the brain, thus generating the promotion of endorphins that make you feel happy.



close up of succulent garden art

For this project, you will need the following supplies:

  1. Succulents in various sizes and styles
  2. 14in or larger pottery
  3. 4in terra cotta pot
  4. Exotic Décor Pebbles
  5. Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil or Black Gold® Cactus Mix

Step 1: Setup to Plant

add stones for better drainage to pottery

First, add stones to the bottom of your container to create a proper draining system that is ideal for succulents. Then, add your potting soil. We recommend using Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil or Black Gold® Cactus Mix.

calloway's premium container potting soil

Fill the container with the potting soil, leaving room at the top for your succulent arrangement and small pot. Add the 4in terra cotta pot, placing sideways into the soil.

place small pottery in the soil

Move some soil into the small pottery and add more potting soil if needed before you start planting.


Step 2: Plant your Succulents

plant succulents in soil

Now, it is time to start planting. Carefully, remove the succulents from their containers and gently breakup the root ball. Dig a hole in the soil and plant. Repeat this step until your “bouquet” looks full and to your liking.

bouquet of planted succulents

Play with the different colors and shapes of our succulent selections. This will give your creation color, movement, and design.


Step 3: Complete with Décor Pebbles

exotic decor pebbles in gray and white

Choose from our selections of Exotic Pebbles & Glass. Go colorful or stay neutral and let the gorgeous hues of your succulents be the focal point of your creation.

succulents garden art add gray pebbles to lower portion of design

First, lay the pebbles in a thick layer to cover the potting soil. Use the darker color of the pebbles on the lower half of the design. This will help balance the color scheme.

succulents garden art add white pebbles to top of design to cover soil

Next, add white stones to the top half of your design. Making sure to cover all potting soil.

succulents garden art create gradient with pebble colors

Once both colors of stones are added, create a gradient effect in the middle. Simply, sprinkle a few of  the gray stones into the white and repeat with the white stones into the gray. This will create the effect of the colors softly mixing into each other.

succulents garden art completed

Once the gradient looks how you want it, your project is complete! You are an artist! Display your creation as a centerpiece on your table, gift to your neighbors, or complete your porch décor with your beautiful garden art.

close up of succulents



Pick up your supplies at our store nearest you and plant with ease! At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we are here to help with convenient ways to shop for your garden! Our open-air stores are here for you to enjoy, or you can call our store nearest you and place your order over the phone for Curbside Pickup! The store will contact you when your order is ready!

small succulents and pebbles

Questions about plant care, availability, or quantities of plants? Call our store nearest you! Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals are here to help with your planting needs!


Treat yourself to a moment of solitude and relaxation with this fun and creative garden art project! This craft is perfect to do with the kids and your family. Share your garden art with us on our Facebook page or Instagram and use hashtag #CALLOWAYSNURSERY or #CORNELIUSNURSERY! We love to see what you grow and create!