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shelter for bees

2019 Gardening Trends: Silence of the Insects

Designing an insect-friendly garden will attract pollinators and beneficial bugs to your yard and help our ecosystem thrive! Learn more here!

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How to Make a Container Creation for Pollinators

Plant your next container creation for Pollinators! Beneficial Pollinators help the ecosystem within your yard and the plants of our world! Learn more here!

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living coral

2019 Gardening Trends: Living Coral

Get trendy with the vibrant hue of Living Coral when you add this energizing and captivating color to your landscape and container gardens! Learn more about adding the color of the year to your garden here!

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bunny planter

DIY Craft Ideas: How to Make Bunny Themed Planters

Create a planter that is simply perfect for the spring! Hop on over to learn how to make your own bunny themed planter in this easy DIY craft project!

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container garden

Container Gardening 101

Container gardens make enjoying beautiful plants possible, no matter where you live! Start your container garden and have fun with veggies, herbs, seasonal color, indoors plants, and more! Learn the basics here!

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color garden

3 Tips for Adding Color to your Garden

Add colorful plants to your outdoor spaces to enhance the look, support the ecosystem, and enjoy your blooms well into the night with these 3 tips!

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watering your lawn and garden plants

Top 10 Tips for Watering Your Plants Successfully

Knowing how to water your plants or flower bed properly is the key to gardening success. Read our top 10 best watering tips to learn the right time of day to water […]

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fall garden clean up

5 Clean-Up Tips for your Fall Garden

It is time to prep your garden for winter and plan ahead for spring blooms! Check out our helpful guide and learn more about these easy and effective 5 Clean-Up Tips for your Fall Garden here!

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plant tag blog image 012518

Learn How to Read a Plant Tag Like a Pro!

We all rely on plant labels to give us the information we need to determine if a plant will work in our gardens or not. But do you know what everything on those labels mean?

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How to clean flowerbed blog image 012518

How To Clean Out Your Flowerbeds For Spring Blooms

Bring in a season of color this spring and learn how to clean out your flowerbeds now to ensure a healthier garden!

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