How to Create Your Color of the Year Container Garden

No yard? No problem! Bring to life the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, in your next container garden! Designing your own container garden is a great way to add color to your landscape, or even your porch or patio. The great thing about container gardening is that you do not need a yard. No matter where you live, you can create a beautiful garden. Container gardens can be updated as frequently as you wish. You can even create fabulous seasonal designs well into the winter for the holidays. Before you get started, we would like to share a few key factors to keep in mind for your container garden’s success.

STEP 1: Supplies

Gather your supplies. This will vary depending on your creation, but here are the basic items you will need:

  • Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  • Fresh Plants and Color in shades of Living Coral
  • Calloway’s Premium Pottery
  • Calloway’s Professional Flower Food

STEP 2: Soil and Pottery

The soil you use is very important to the health and success of your container garden. First, never use the native soil from the ground, as it does not contain the nutrients and moisture-retaining properties of a proper potting soil.

Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil is formulated specifically for your containers. With moisture retaining minerals, Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil provides the ideal balance of air and water to foster healthy root growth for thriving plants. It is ideal for all potted plants and container gardens.

Your selection of Calloway’s Pottery or whatever container you are using must have a drain hole. If there is too much moisture, it will cause root rot and that can be easily avoided with the draining system in your pottery.

To get started, place a piece of bark or stones in the bottom of your container to help prevent the soil from leaking out, making sure water can still flow through. Then, fill your container with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil.

STEP 3: Adding Your Plants

Pick your plants in shades of living coral and design a visually pleasing container garden. When it comes to the design, use the “Thriller, Filler, and Spiller” method. Choosing your plants based on “Thriller, Filler, and Spiller” selections will create an exciting creation with dimension and color.

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on placement of your plants based on the “Thriller, Filler, and Spiller” design method.

First, add your “Thriller” plant. Find a vibrant plant in shades of living coral. Choose selections with big, bold blooms or gorgeous clusters of petite flowers that sparkle against the green foliage.


The “Thriller” plant will be a large, dramatic, and taller option. It is the focal plant in your container. Depending on where your container will be displayed, you can either plant your “Thriller” in the center, if your container will be viewed from all sides, or in the back of the container.

color of the year container garden

Then, add your “Filler” plant. The “Filler” plants are medium-sized plants that tend to be a more rounded plant to make the container look full. Place your “Filler” around the “Thriller” or in front of the “Thriller” plant. In our design, we selected a fantastic plant for this time of year, Cora® Vinca.

Cora® Vinca’s showy, star-shaped blooms and medium texture make a great “Filler” plant while also providing a punch of color. Cora® Vinca loves the heat and will thrive throughout the season.


Finally, add your “Spiller” plant. The “Spiller” plants are trailing plants that hang over the edge of the container. They should be planted close to the edge of the container, in front of, or surrounding the “Filler” plant.

creeping jenny

To complete our Color of the Year Container Garden, we decided to compliment the coral colors with bright foliage. Choose a selection that will spill over the edge of your container with attractive leaves that remain vibrant in color throughout the season.

color of the year

Your container garden will shine in your outdoor space and provide a pop of beautiful, natural color.

STEP 4: Feed and Finish

Add in your Calloway’s Natural Garden Food as directed. This will help with the health of your plant for brighter, bolder blooms. Water in thoroughly and add more potting soil as needed.

Now, sit back and enjoy your Color of the Year Container Garden! Stop by our store nearest you for all your planting needs! To learn more about the 2019 Gardening Trends Color of the Year, check out this blog!