Refresh Your Container Gardens for Spring

Refresh Your Container Gardens for Spring

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming up and flowers are blooming. There is no time like springtime! Renew your home and patio for the season with a container garden refresh.

Container gardening is a quick and easy way to update your home. They can easily be moved, and they are extremely versatile. Paired with decorative planters or handmade pottery, you can create many stylish spring accents for all your spaces. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a vast selection of outdoor planters, indoor planters, clay pots, and so much more!


Using Sun Plants in Your Spring Container Gardens

Add a pop of color to the sunny areas of your landscape with sun loving plants. Choose annuals or perennials and mix in different heights and textures for a beautiful design.


For an island flair, start with Tradewinds™ Tropical Hibiscus. The bold and bright blooms create the ideal focal point for your creation and will transcend your spirit to a tropical haven. Tradewinds™ Tropical Hibiscus is a leading variety known for its large, exotic blooms surrounded by attractive glossy, green foliage. They produce daily flowers from spring to fall.


Next, add vibrant foliage with ColorBlaze® Torchlight® Coleus from Proven Winners®. This fuchsia and maroon showstopper thrives in the sun AND the shade. It is easy to grow and is one of the most fabulous heat tolerant plants.


Complete your sun-loving container with the cascading blooms of Superbells® Coral Sun Calibrachoa. This award-winning variety from Proven Winners® has abundant, small petunia-like flowers all season long. They are beautiful plants that like full sun and heat. They are long blooming and easiest to grow in outdoor planters.

sun plants

When you are finished planting, display your creation outdoors for all to enjoy. For container gardening, Calloway’s has the best plants for you and your space. Spring forward into your creativity and have fun experimenting with different sun loving plants! Remember to keep your plant tags for easy access to care tips, sun requirements, and more!


Using Shade Plants in Your Spring Container Gardens

Searching for the best plants for a shaded porch? Bring light to the shadows with a bright outdoor planter filled with shade-loving flowering plants.


Who says you need the sun to shine? White Variegated Flax Lily knows what we are talking about! This bold and dynamic perennial has grass-like foliage, streaked in shades of green and white. It features delicate spikes of lavender star-shaped flowers in mid-spring and is a good choice for attracting beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies to your yard.


Next, choose shade-loving flowering plants like Dragon Wing® Red Begonias or Ambassador Begonias. Dragon Wing® features dainty, orchid-like flowers with large, glossy green leaves and a trailing growth. Ambassador Begonias have compact habit with bold blooms and rich green foliage. Begonias with green leaves are more sensitive to the sun and thrive best in shade to partial shade. They are ideal for filling your shade garden with texture and color.

coleus for shade

To create fullness in your container, add a fast-growing shade plant like Coleus. Coleus is a low-maintenance annual with heart-shaped leaves that range in many different colors. They are compact, full, and don’t require any upkeep. They are the ideal  shade tolerant plant to add color and texture to any garden.


Complete your container with an extra touch of flower power by including Impatiens! Impatiens are beautiful outdoor shade plants. They are draped in stunning colorful, round flowers with small pointy leaves. This lovely annual has a mounding habit that will blend well with your creation to complete your design.

shade plants

When you are finished planting, display on a shady porch or patio to add that spring fling feeling to your outdoor space!


Container Gardening Care Tips

If you are wondering how to take care of plants in pots, we are here to help! First, set yourself up for success with a quality, well-draining potting mix. Use Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil for all your container garden creations! It will help your plants get the best start for healthier, continued growth. Our potting soil mix has water saving ingredients including Hydrogel water holding crystals, Expanded Shale, and Coconut Coir for added moisture control.

calloway's premium plant food

Give your plants an extra boost with the ideal plant food for flowers. Feed your plants with Calloway’s Premium Flower Food. Our fertilizer has a 12-4-8 specialized formula that contains the nutrients essential for plant growth including nitrogen, Fx Iron®, phosphate, and other key ingredients to help your flowers bloom with big, bold color!

watering can

Watering is crucial for container gardens. Your watering frequency will vary as the weather gets warmer and container gardens generally need to be watered more often. Check your plant’s water requirements to ensure you are practicing the proper watering techniques. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a helpful selection of watering tools from hoses to watering cans for your gardening success.

Make watering easier and try using a RapidTest® Digital Moisture Meter! It is equipped with an easy-to-read digital indicator along with a stainless-steel probe to correctly check soil moisture at the root level. Monitoring a plant’s soil moisture level helps prevent over and under-watering.



calloway's container gardens

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have everything you need to refresh your container gardens for spring! Visit us today and explore our entire collection of seasonal blooms, fantastic pottery, indoor plants, fresh vegetables, and so much more! Shop one of our 27 neighborhood stores or shop online now!

Have questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals; they are here to help!





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