How-To Make House Number Planters

Adding your house number or address to your mail box or nailing the numbers to a wall on your porch is always a great idea. It helps friends, family, deliveries, and even emergency crews find your home easily. This spring, make your home even more inviting and enhance your curb appeal with darling planters personalized for you, by you!

How-To Make House Number Planters

STEP 1: Supplies

You will need the following items to complete this project:

STEP 2: Paint

To get started, check your pots. Remove any price tags before you begin painting. You can really get creative with this project with your paint color, technique, or style.


For our creations, we taped and covered the top portion of our pottery.

paint projects

Then, we added spray paint in metallic gold to the exposed bottom half of the pottery.

painting pottery

STEP 3: Personalize

Once your paint has dried, it will be time to personalize your pottery! Grab your number stencils, a paint brush or sponge, and your paint.

Tape and secure the stencil to your pottery.


Then, carefully create your numbers. Be sure to layer the paint as opposed to using too much at one time, or else it can drip, or impact the crispness of the edges for your numbers.


personlize your pottery

Allow the paint to dry before removing the stencils.

STEP 4: Plant

Add your potting soil to each pot until it is a little more than half way full. This will give you room to add in your plants. Then, mix in your Calloway’s Professional Plant Food.

Next, add your flowers or plants. You can mix up your spring color, keep it cool with lots of greenery, or mix and match! The key components to keep in mind when selecting your plants are the water and sun requirements per plant. Choose selections that match each other and fit the location where you will be putting your planters. This will help ensure your gardening success and keep your plants healthy and happy.

Add more soil if needed and water in your plants.

STEP 5: Enjoy!

Set up your newly personalized planters in a location that is visible for all your neighbors to enjoy and admire.

house number pottery

Change your plants out, try different stacking methods, add designs, this project will never get old. Happy planting!