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Great Gift Ideas For Mom

Show the mom in your life how much you care with a low-maintenance and budget friendly gift! Check out these great gift ideas made from stylish pottery and small plants here!

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The Best Indoor Plants & How To Take Care of Them

Indoor plants are easy to maintain and can be placed in any room of your home. From ferns to ficus, houseplants can add color and texture to your space and offer air […]

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How-To Plant Succulents in Containers

Refresh any space with succulents. Succulents are stylish, low maintenance, and unique! Learn how to plant succulents in containers to spruce up your space here!

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air plants

How-To Decorate Your Space with Air Plants

Give your home extra style and a pop of color when you decorate with Air Plants! Learn how to get trendy with this low-maintenance favorite here!

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indoor plants

How to Make Stylish Brown Bag Planters

Need to spruce up your dorm, office, or living space? Accessorize your small potted plants with adorable Brown Bag Planters. Learn how to make them here!

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How to Make Pretty & Personalized Flower Pots

Decorate your space and stay trendy with pretty and personalized flower pots with some easy crafting! Learn more about how to get started here!

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gift ideas

Back-To-School: Great Gift Ideas to Start the Year Off Right!

Start the year off correctly with a great, low-maintenance gift for your teacher or even your college student! Learn more about all we have to offer here!

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home decor

Easy Crafting: How to Make Moss Bowl Topiaries

Are you looking for a new centerpiece idea? Learn how to spruce up your table décor and put your pottery to good use with an elegant and easy-to-make Moss Bowl Topiary!

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succulent and air plant magnets

Easy DIY Crafts: Succulent & Air Plant Magnets

Are you looking for some great crafting projects? Learn how to make succulent and air plant magnets! It is so easy and a great activity for all ages!

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The 10 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Promote wellness, purify the air, reduce stress, and add beautiful, natural color to your home or office with our 10 Best Indoor Plants! Enjoy their many benefits & low-maintenance care!

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