2019 Gardening Trends: The Indoor Generation

Did you know about 90% of people worldwide spend up to 22 hours each day indoors? Children only spend, on average, 1 hour outside daily. As crazy as these statistics sound, think about why this has become a new normal. Over the past 200 years, as our technology has advanced and evolved, so has our time outdoors. Back then, our jobs and livelihoods involved working on the fields and farming. Now, we have offices, computers, and factories that were created to enhance our way of life and allow us to work in an efficient manner.

This is why bringing houseplants into your indoor spaces has become a blossoming 2019 Gardening Trend called the Indoor Generation. As humans, we need daylight and fresh air for our health and happiness. This Gardening Trend acclimates to our daily lives by encouraging fresh air in our indoor spaces with beautiful indoor plants. Bringing the outdoors in adds light, life, and creates a healthier space for you to spend your time.

Who is the Indoor Generation?

We all are a part of the Indoor Generation. Our generation has trended more towards urban dwelling and renting versus owning a home with a yard. This can create less opportunity to be outdoors, but only if you let it! There are many ways to become involved and reconnect with nature with indoor plants. Indoor plants clean the air, create a healthier home, and enhance the look and design of your space. In fact, Biophilic Design, which means “connecting the human world with nature”, is growing in popularity. Make your space alive with vibrant foliage, no matter how big or small!

Indoors is the New Outdoors

Indoor plants bring an organic beauty to the empty corners of our indoor spaces. Fill your office, home, and apartment with their stunning leaves, unique stems, and you can even add that something extra with some fantastic pottery. These plants can make a huge statement and bring a stylish pizzazz that everyone will love!

Indoor plants also provide these 4 health benefits:

  1. Purifying the air
  2. Relieving stress
  3. Improving focus
  4. Reducing seasonal ailments

5 Impressive Indoor Plants

There are many different sizes and styles of indoor plants. Pay attention to the light and air flow in your space as these are important factors that will help you decide what houseplants are right for you.



The unique look of the Sansevieria plant can make a strong visual statement in any space. The Sansevieria is ideal for indoor spaces as it removes allergens! The Sansevieria doesn’t produce allergens; it releases moisture in the air and lessens airborne allergens while it also avoids the collection of such allergens due to the smooth surface of its leaves.



Succulents are a trendy way to bring personality and greenery to your home. They require little maintenance while they help improve the quality of your life. Succulents are continually producing oxygen while they clean the air, reduce humidity, and remove those nasty toxins.



Bromeliads add color and beauty to any interior space. They come in a variety of colors and a range of sizes that can suit anyone or any space. Bromeliads are extremely drought tolerant which allows for easy maintenance. They improve air quality, but they do most of the work at night. Studies have shown that nighttime is when bromeliads release most of their oxygen and remove air pollutants.



Dracaena is one the easiest and most common indoor plants around. Dracaena is a shrubby species with over 40 different varieties and sizes which can work with all different spaces in your home or office. Dracaena plants are considered one of the best for removing benzene chemicals from the air which can be found in everyday products like paints, cleaning products, and plastics.


zz plant

The ZZ Plant is an extremely popular indoor plant with dark green, glossy leaves. The green coloring is an indication that this plant absorbs light from minimum sources, which makes them a great plant for the indoors. The ZZ Plant is unique and long-lasting, not to mention resistant to plant disease and insects or mites.

Check out this printable list for more information on other fantastic indoor plants. Save it to your phone, print it out, and bring it with you when you are selecting your next indoor beauty!


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The Indoor Generation has it right; houseplants are a “win win” in any space. Connect with nature and take a breath of fresh air with your indoor space filled with beautiful plants! Stop by our store nearest you for all your planting needs!