Back-To-School: Great Gift Ideas to Start the Year Off Right!

Summer vacation has been relaxing and sunny and now, its time to go back to school! Start this school year on a positive note and gift someone special with a great present that they can enjoy throughout the year. Tell your children’s teachers “Thank you” or “Good Luck” with a ready-to-go gift from Calloway’s or Cornelius! Give your college student a low-maintenance present to help spruce up their dorm décor and help bring a little bit of life into their new space.

Here are a few of our many great gift selections; the perfect additions to the inside any dorm, office, or classroom!

GIFT 1: Bonsai Garden

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We all know this time of year can be busy and even stressful at times. Give the gift of peace with a beautiful Bonsai Garden. Your teacher will appreciate the reminder to “stay zen” with this spectacular plant on their desk.

GIFT 2: Succulent Garden

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Check out these pre-made and ready to go succulent treats!  Potted, planted, and even garnished with lovely stones, this grab and go gift is on trend and a favorite to many! Not to mention, succulents are extremely low-maintenance and easy to care for!

GIFT 3: Bamboo

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Potted bamboo is another amazing option. The fine colors and textures add a calming presence to any indoor space. Perfect for your windowsill, as bamboo loves the sunlight. This is also a great plant for many, especially if you are guilty for over-watering your plants, as bamboo loves moist soil and will even tolerate some standing water.

GIFT 4: Air plants

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Tillandsia and other air plants require very little maintenance to care for since they can grow virtually anywhere. With a slight mist a few times a week, these plants will keep you happy for a long time! You can place them on driftwood, wreaths, or even explore these funky shell options, which are perfect for hanging!

GIFT 5: Cactus & Pottery

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Feel like getting your hands in some soil? Try planting your own creation for a fresh, new gift idea! Our grafted color top cactus is a fantastic way to add amazing pops of color to any space. They are perfect for sunny tables and windowsills and require very little maintenance. Pick up a trendy container or pottery that compliments these lovely plants for a memorable gift! Don’t forget your Black Gold® Cactus Mix for ideal soil structure and drainage made exclusively for your cactus plants!

GIFT 6: Gift Cards

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Not sure what to get? Send that special teacher or student a Calloway’s Gift Card at Simple select the dollar amount and even add a message to show your appreciation and send good wishes for the new school year!



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