How to make a Succulent Heart

Mama always said, “Life is like a box of Succulents!” Skip the chocolates and candy because Succulents are the sweetest gift one can receive. Put your Valentine’s Day chocolate tin to good use and make a Succulent Heart! Make someone smile or treat yourself with a gorgeous gift that keeps on giving!

How to make a Succulent Heart

You will need the following supplies to get started:


  1. Metal heart shaped candy or chocolate tin with plastic insert
  2. 2 in Succulents from Fresh from Florida®                                                                                                                                                fresh from florida
  3. Black Gold® Cactus Mix
  4. Moss


Step 1: Create drain holes

drain holes

Remove the plastic insert from your candy tin and give it a quick rinse. This will help remove any leftover chocolate or candy remnants.

create drain holes

The candy molds will be used to contain each Succulent. To allow your plants to grow and stay healthy, you need to create a draining system. On the bottom of each mold, carefully drill or create a few holes. These holes will allow water to drain through the plant’s roots properly as Succulents do not enjoy standing water.

When creating the drain holes, always be careful and always have adult supervision if working on this craft with kids.


Step 2: Add soil

black gold cactus mix

Next, add potting soil. Use Black Gold® Cactus Mix to provide the ideal soil structure and proper drainage for your plants. This soil mix has a unique blend of ingredients made specifically for plants like Succulents.

add potting soil

Make sure each candy mold has soil before you start placing your Succulents.


Step 3: Add your Succulents


Find an eclectic blend of Succulents to make your Succulent Heart extra sweet! Remove each plant from its container and carefully shake the soil off the roots.

add succulents

Place a succulent in each mold filled with Black Gold® Cactus Mix until the heart is full.

succulents in soil

Carefully, water in your plants and check for any blocked drain holes. Use a toothpick to clear any blockages. Add more Black Gold® Cactus Mix around your plants if needed.


Step 4: Add Moss

add moss

Finally, complete your Succulent Heart with beautiful SuperMoss®. Add a layer of moss until the soil is covered and be sure to fill in around your plants. This will really help complete the look and better secure your plants and the soil.

succulents in moss

Your Succulent Heart is now complete! Isn’t it sweet? We just love the different colors and shapes of the Succulents. The fine texture of the moss brings it all together.

succulent candy heart


Step 6: Succulent Care

One of the fantastic features about this craft is that it provides an environment for your plants to grow and stay healthy. When your plants are ready for more space, move your Succulents to a new container.  Visit our blog here and check out some of our new pottery!

succulent heart

Stop by our store nearest you today for all your Succulent planting supplies! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!