How to Properly Plant a Groundcover

Do you have any stark areas in your garden that you don’t know what to do with? Groundcovers are a great solution because they add texture and color. They also provide many added benefits.

From moisture retention, preventing weeds, and soil erosion control, groundcovers offer many of the same benefits as mulch while also adding beauty and interest to your landscape.

Groundcovers can replace the need for grass in certain areas or even fill in the sparse areas under trees for a fuller look with reduced maintenance.


Check out this helpful video from our friends at Monrovia®.


Clear the area where you will be planting. Remove all weeds and grass.

Add about 2” of Calloway’s Organic Compost and rake in until smooth.


Grab your plant selections. We recommend Dwarf Mondo Grass, Liriope, or Asian Jasmine.

Dwarf Mondo Grass is a dense herbaceous evergreen perennial.  It has a fine texture that sets it apart from other garden plants with less refined foliage. It grows to be about 4 inches tall and has a spread of 8 inches.


Liriope is a dense evergreen that grows to be about 8-18 inches tall and wide and is ideal for tight spaces. This perennial produces beautiful purple to white flowers. Its low maintenance and requires little to no pruning.


Asian Jasmine is a woody vine with a simple texture that can blend into your landscape to create a subtle balance among other plants. The glossy leaves change color depending on the season and it can grow to be about 12 inches tall at maturity.


Next, read the label on your plant tag and check what the spacing requirements are.

Make a triangle out of cardboard that matches the length required.  This will give your plants even placement and the proper staggering to fill the space correctly.


Add a time release fertilizer to the soil, like Calloway’s Professional Tree & Shrub Food. The slow controlled-release nitrogen is ideal for all types of trees and shrubs.

Plant your groundcovers – ideally a quart size option.  Then, simply complete the look with about 2” of Calloway’s Mulch.

In about 6 months, you will have lovely and full coverage from your groundcovers.


Check out all of our groundcovers at a location near you! Feel free to ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals if you have any questions about your planting needs.