Fantastic Plants for Fall Color

planting mums

Do your flowerbeds need a fall refresh? Give your garden a quick and easy makeover that you and your family can enjoy throughout the season! Check out these fantastic plants that provide gorgeous color, delicate textures, and festive fall varieties!



For colorful blooms in a variety of shades, colors, and patterns, pansies will delight any flowerbed or container. Pansies are masses of bright flowers that thrive from late fall to early spring.


They need partial to full sunlight and are highly tolerant of urban pollution. Consider laying a thick layer of mulch for the winter to protect the plant’s roots during colder conditions while also retaining moisture in the soil.

pansy flowers


ornamental cabbage and kale

Ornamental cabbage and kale will add texture and color to your flowerbeds or containers.


As they grow and establish, they develop showy purple, pink or white variegation, keeping your garden dynamically colorful.



garden mums

Garden mums are a fall favorite and a fantastic choice for adding seasonal color to your landscape or containers. They feature an array of colorful, fluffy pom-pom flowers through the season.

garden mum

Garden mums love full sunlight and with proper care, they can re-grow as a perennial each year. These lovely plants can grow to 20-30 inches tall and will fill your outdoor space with magnificent shades of fall color. Garden mums come in a variety of colors, such as:


yellow mums


orange mums


white mums


bronze mums


purple mums

And more!



Petra Crotons adds a gradient of hues in each leaf. Many adore this plant for its attractive and glossy oval leaves that emerge green in the spring and turn to a pleasant hue of plum purple with showy red variegation and tinges of yellow.

petra croton

Crotons enjoy part shade to full sun and can work well as a focal plant or balance the composition in any flowerbed or container.



Pumpkins are in stores now! They make a strong visual statement while adding gorgeous color to your landscape! With so many sizes, colors, shapes, and styles, you are sure to find your perfect pumpkins!

pumpkin decor

Use containers to hold pumpkins, stacks of straw bales, or pick up various sizes to create an interesting display! You can even place pumpkins sporadically around your flowerbeds for a pop of seasonal beauty!


Fall is a fabulous time of year! We hope you are excited to start planting and decorating your home and landscape with seasonal color and beautiful plants!

pumpkin fest

Want some more Autumn Harvest fun?? Mark your calendars and bring the kiddos! Pumpkin Fest is on October 5th from 9am-7pm at our store nearest you! We will have delicious popcorn, pie pumpkin decorating, fun crafts, giveaways, and so much more! Check out our event page on Facebook or our website for more information!