How-To Make a Succulent Zen Garden

Sometimes, we need to take a moment to relax our minds and recharge our spirits. Daily life is often overflowing with to-do lists, projects, chores, and errands. While we do our best and rock each task thrown our way, it is good to remember to take a moment for yourself.

To quote Buddha, “Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Refocusing and aligning your thoughts with the present can truly help relieve the stress and pressure of each day and we have just the thing to help you.

Creating a Succulent Zen Garden is a great tool to declutter your mind and find peace in each stroke and doodle you create in the soft sand. Adding succulents to your garden provides a delicate beauty and the organic essence of nature.


STEP 1: Gather your supplies

succulent zen garden

You will need:

Succulents are available at all of our store locations, along with the moss and Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil. Explore our terrarium kits and selections for your glass dish or check out your local craft stores.


STEP 2: Create your garden

Carefully remove your plant from the pot. Break up the soil some as you remove the plant from the container to free the roots.


Cut the toe part off of the panty hose; make sure it is a few inches long to leave room for the soil and the plant with space left to tie and secure the top.

potting soil

Place some moist moss and Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil in the panty hose and insert the succulent.

Tie the bag of soil to the base of the plant with a cut hair tie, or rubber band.


Place your plants in the glass dish and pour the sand around the plants as you fill the dish, making sure to fully cover the panty hose.

sand sand

Succulents need very little watering. The moss should help keep the roots moist, but check the soil for your plants weekly to ensure there is enough moisture. If not, give the soil a little bit of water, avoiding getting the sand wet.

succulent zen garden

STEP 3: Find your Zen

Find something to doodle with, like a chopstick, an unwound paper clip, or a capped pen; anything that can make a line in the sand will work!

succulent zen garden

Draw whatever you want, like making swirls or circles, and let your mind focus on each subtle mark through the grains of the sand.

succulent zen garden succulent zen garden

Get yourself back to feeling level so you can re-energize and be ready to take on the remainder of your day!

succulent zen garden



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