So Hot Right Now – The Best Sun Loving Plants for your Garden

The weather is warming up and that Texas spring sun is shining proudly on our yards. Luckily, our flowerbeds and containers couldn’t be happier this time of year. Why? Because we stocked up on plants and beautiful color that thrives in these sunny and warm conditions!

Heat tolerant and drought tolerant plants will give your garden life all season long!

The Best Sun Loving Plants for your Texas Garden


It is so important to make sure you know how much sunlight your garden receives throughout the day. This will help factor into your plant selection. If your garden receives full sun, all day long, then you need to plant accordingly.

Start your garden and containers off on the right foot and take some time to learn about your yard.


We made a helpful infographic for you to reference for the best sun loving plants. Print it out, save it to your phone, and share it with your family and friends!

We outlined the best plant varieties from annuals to perennials that love full sunlight!

Heat Tolerant Plants

Annual selections range from lovely Zinnias, Angelonia, Pentas, Lantana, Cora® Vinca, and the always popular tropical Hibiscus!

Some perennial selections that enjoy sunlight are Salvia, and re-blooming Daylilies!

All of our top picks of sun loving plants will give your garden colorful blooms to enjoy this spring and throughout the summer! Check out the varieties we have available at a store near you!


Give your plants the best soil and food to help them thrive and grow successfully. Soils like Calloway’s Flowerbed Mix or Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil are great options to give your plants the nutrients they need and help maintain moisture control.

Calloway’s Premium Mulches will also help retain moisture – keeping your plants healthy and refreshed.

Let’s enjoy the season in the most beautiful way possible, with lots of heat loving color!


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