The Joy of Gardening: 3 Ways Plants Benefit Your Life

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Plants offer more than beauty to your landscape. They are essential for your mind, body, and soul. Rejuvenate your spirit and enhance your home with gorgeous foliage and flowers. Discover the joy of gardening and appreciate the wonderful benefits that plants will add to your daily life!



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Did you know that gardening is one of the healthiest hobbies? During the pandemic, more and more people spent their time in the garden. Getting your hands dirty and walking around barefoot helps facilitate grounding and connection with our Earth. Gardening supports wellness in multiple ways, and it can make your life happier and healthier.

Support your Immune System

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Outdoor gardening can help your body fight diseases. When you spend time outside, your skin uses sunlight to make one the nutrients that your body needs – vitamin D. It is essential for body function and can strengthen your bones as well as your immune system. If your vitamin D levels are low, you can be at greater risk for developing dementia, type II diabetes, and more! Studies have shown that this vitamin can lower your risk of different cancers, lymphoma, and even multiple sclerosis.

Build Strength, Sleep Better, and Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Gardening is exercise! Different projects that your garden requires fall under different levels of vigor. Raking or mowing is considered light to moderate, while digging or chopping wood is considered vigorous. Working in your garden can work most of your muscle groups and can help you maintain a healthy weight. The best thing about enjoyable work in the garden is it doesn’t feel like time spent in the gym!

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Researchers have discovered that people who garden are more likely to get a restful 7 hours of sleep. Growing plants indoors can also help ensure quality of your sleep. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The extra oxygen helps you sleep easier.

Indoor plants also soak up different pollutants and toxins that are commonly found in our homes. Carpets, paint, cleaners, printer toners and inks, all can give off volatile organic compounds that can build up in the air and irritate your eyes, skin, and asthma symptoms. Surrounding yourself with plants can help you breathe easier.

Reduce Stress and Protect your Mind

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Gardening is good for your mind. It can definitely help you relax, but it can improve your memory. Research has discovered that activities like gardening can actually increase cognitive thinking. It may even be an effective treatment for people with dementia.

Growing plants can reduce stress and promote sharper focus. Plants have a calming effect, especially when handling a tough task or increased pressure. Learning to nurture a plant can help reduce anxiety, improve attention, and lessen depression symptoms. Working in your garden helps you work out the struggles of the week, ease your mind, and boost your confidence.



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Gardening can help improve your home in many ways. Landscaping does more than create a more attractive environment; it can benefit your life, increase the value of your home, and make a positive impact on our world.

Environmental Benefits

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Creating a lively garden will not only boost your curb appeal, but it also helps the environment. Plants clean the air and the ground. They purify the air through the process of photosynthesis which releases fresh oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. Plant’s roots improve the health of our soils by absorbing different heavy metals and chemicals. This creates cleaner groundwater and can help prevent soil erosion. The roots hold topsoil together, preventing it from being washed away. Topsoil is essential to our ecosystems. It contains a host of nutrients that can benefit your lawn and garden.

Gardening and landscaping support our beneficial pollinators. It creates a vibrant ecosystem that will attract birds, butterflies, and other helpful insects to your space. Trees and shrubs create a safe haven for pollinators to rest. Flowers like Marigolds, Zinnias, and Lantana will keep them fed and happy.

Increase Property Value

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Your home is a an important investment. Increase the value of your space with beautiful landscaping. Whether you are moving soon or planning for future goals, spending valuable time maintaining your lawn and flowerbeds will make your home more desirable and help ensure it sells quickly.

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Need help with your landscape? At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a  knowledgeable and reliable Garden Services team that can assist you with your gardening goals.

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Experience an easier way to transform your Texas garden with Landscape Design & Installation! Our professional landscape designers will provide a personal home visit to assess your greenspace, create your landscape design, and provide an installation proposal.

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For the ultimate time-saving service, try Pick & Plant! Pick & Plant is ideal for those who can’t spend as much time as they’d like in their garden, but love to shop in our stores! Simply, visit and explore our selection of the season’s freshest, hand-picked plants and choose your favorites. Speak with one of our in-store Garden Services advisers and schedule your installation. We will show up with the items you selected and the tools necessary to plant. You show us where to plant, and we’ll have the job professionally done in no time!



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Get the family involved and garden together! Gardening as a family can promote a stronger bond and closeness. It offers a shared purpose where everyone is working together on a meaningful project. There are many ways to get your kids excited about gardening. They will enjoy the trust and responsibility of tasks like watering plants or explore their creativity with fun projects and crafts.

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Ready to have fun together and create more memories? Check out these helpful blogs full of exciting activities that the whole family will love!



At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have everything you need to help you discover the joy of gardening! Shop our neighborhood stores or shop online for Curbside Pickup or Delivery!

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