How To Grow Berries in a Container

Imagine the juiciest, most delectable berry you’ve ever tasted. There is nothing quite like a fresh blueberry, the subtle sweetness of a raspberry, or the richness of a blackberry.  What a dream it would be if these delicious treats were right in your backyard or on your patio! At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we make dreams a reality and growing your own berries has never been easier!

No yard? Limited space? Have no fear! Growing your own berries is possible! You simply need a container, soil, 2 gallon blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry plant, and a few minor supplies.

Think of the time or money you can save by skipping the grocery store for a pint of berries that may or may not taste as good as they should. Plus, who knows what chemicals or pesticides have soaked into your blueberries or how long that crate of raspberries has been sitting on the shelf.

Give your family the best. They deserve it, and so do you! Stop by your local Calloway’s or Cornelius today and have your pick at top quality plants, beautiful containers, and the best plant food and soils to help your plants grow successfully. Plus, check out our handy infograph for the simple instructions on how to plant berries in a container.

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