How To Make a Valentine’s Day Themed Terrarium

Looking for a great way to say “be mine!” on Valentine’s Day? Skip the traditional gifts and heart-shaped chocolates (well, maybe not the chocolates) and give a gift that is as everlasting as your love. Where there is love, there are Terrariums.

Terrariums add beauty and style to any room and provide numerous opportunities to let your creative side go wild! Find a container that speaks to your heart and fill it with low-maintenance plants like beautiful succulents or a spunky tillandsia. Then, have some fun by adding your favorite trinkets or keep it simple and natural. And just like that, you have a gorgeous Terrarium!

This February 14th, celebrate your love with a Valentine’s Day Terrarium! It’s so easy!

First, gather your supplies for your Valentine’s Day Terrarium. You will need your Terrarium Kit and some great plants from Calloway’s and Cornelius. Then, pick up some red sand, red and pink glass stones, and small hearts from your local craft store!

Second, simply layer in the fun! The stones go in first to help with water control. Next, add a layer of charcoal and top off with a 2 in layer of potting soil.

Third, make small holes in the soil and add your plants. Place moistened moss around plants and cover the soil. It’s easier to break the moss into pieces.

Finally, decorate! Top moss with a thick layer of the red sand, add more stones if you would like, and place your hearts behind the plants.


You now have yourself the cutest Valentine’s Day Terrarium ever!

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