All You Need to Know About Mulch

We’ve all seen mulch neatly housed in various flowerbeds throughout our neighborhoods. We know how nice it looks and how it really completes the landscape. But did you know that mulch has so many other benefits for your garden? Did you know there are different types of mulch that help different areas of your garden?

Today, we are going to teach you how to apply mulch to your garden, the different types of mulch, and their benefits.


Our friends at Monrovia created this quick and helpful video about mulch application.

Step 1: Weed and Apply

Pull all visible weeds then apply an even layer throughout your flowerbed. Use a rake for easy and even spreading.

Step 2: Pull Away from Trees and Shrubs

Create a 6 inch ring around trees and perennials to prevent rot from too much moisture touching the plant itself.



Calloway’s Hardwood Mulch


Calloway’s Hardwood Mulch is a 100% organic top dressing suitable for all of your plants.

The shredded wood mats together to create a protective covering over your plant’s roots. It regulates temperature and maintains the environment surrounding your plants.

Calloway’s Hardwood Mulch maintains moisture and keeps weeds from growing around your trees, shrubs, vegetables, and bedding plants, not to mention the color is beautiful and will visually compliment any landscape!


Calloway’s Pine Bark Mulch


Calloway’s Pine Bark Mulch is a 100% organic – all bark mulch with a slight acidity. This mulch is ideal for those plants and shrubs that prefer a more acidic environment like, azaleas, camellias, or hydrangeas.

Our Pine Bark Mulch provides an attractive top dressing to your garden while it also maintains moisture by reducing water evaporation, reduces weed growth, and maintains a more consistent soil temperature for happy, healthy roots.

If you want to keep your acidic loving shrubs truly beautiful, Calloway’s Pine Bark Mulch is the one for you.


Calloway’s Cedar Mulch


Calloway’s Cedar Mulch is made from 100% organic Eastern Red Cedar. Our Cedar Mulch is shredded and long-lasting with an elegant red-gold color.

Similar to the other mulches, Calloway’s Cedar Mulch reduces water use by preventing evaporation while it allows the plants to absorb water at a steady rate. It also maintains soil temperature and reduces weed growth.

A perk to using Cedar Mulch is its aroma. Not only is the fragrance pleasant, but it also repels insects!

Finish your landscape in an eye-catching and functional way with Calloway’s Cedar Mulch!



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