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hot weather gardening

5 Ways to Help Your Texas Garden Thrive in Extreme Heat

The heat is on! Here are 5 ways to keep your garden thriving all summer.

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caladium care tips

How to Grow Caladiums in your Texas Garden

Enhance your home and garden with colorful Caladiums!

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spruce up your spring garden

4 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Spring Garden

From drab to fab, here are 4 easy spring garden makeover ideas you can do today!

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fruit and berry gardens

How-To Plant Fruit Trees & Berries

Do you love fresh fruit? Grow your own fruit trees and berries! Not sure where to start? We are here to help!

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how to plant fall bulbs for spring color

How-To Plant Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

Do you want a colorful spring garden? Plant fall bulbs now!

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Gardening 101: Plant Cool Season Color

Are you new to gardening? Check out this helpful list on the perfect cool season color to plant now.

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eat better with fresh herbs

More Herbs, Less Salt: Eat Better with Fresh Herbs

Skip the salt! Eat for a healthier life and add flavor to your food with fresh herbs! Learn more here!

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planting tips for june

How-To Care For Your Texas Garden in June

June is here and it is time to give your garden a little TLC! Maintaining plant and soil health now is important to help your plants thrive throughout the summer! Not sure where to start? We are here to help! Check out these tips on How-To Care for your Texas garden in June!

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vegetable gardens

How – To Plant Vegetables: Vegetable Garden Checklist

Grow your own fresh vegetables now! Get started with our Vegetable Garden Checklist! Learn more here!

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how to grow roses

How-To Grow Roses in your Texas Garden

Stop and smell the roses! Plant roses and fill your garden with abundant, disease-resistant, and easy-to-maintain blooms. Visit our blog now and learn how-to grow roses in your Texas garden!

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hand holding soil

Plant with Success: Use Calloway’s Premium Garden Soils

The key to healthy, thriving plants is quality soil. Plant with success and use Calloway’s Premium Garden Soils! Our new and improved formulas are made with the highest quality ingredients for your Texas garden!

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valentines day gifts

5 Easy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Let your love grow this Valentine’s Day! Check out these 5 easy gardening gift ideas for your family!

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