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Matrix® Pansy


Matrix® Pansies are prized for their vibrant, large blooms and consistent growth throughout the cooler season. These beautiful, big flowers appear in a variety of colors with both Blotch and Clear faces. These low-maintenance plants allow for easy care for your garden, containers, and landscape allowing maximum growth with little effort. You will love the bursts of vibrant color!

Mixed Colors Available.

Color may vary from images shown, depending on available store inventory.

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Species: Viola Tricolor

Other Species Names: Winter Pansy, Violet

Plant Height: 6 in.

Spread: 8 in.

Evergreen: No

Summer Foliage Color: Dark Green

Minimum Sunlight: Partial Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Full Sun

Large blooms with either a clear or blotch center that blooms from fall through early spring. With serrated, rounded leaves in dark green hues.

A mounded habit that will easily fill flowerbeds and containers for decorative, seasonal mass plantings. Requires occasional maintenance and should be pruned only after flowering.

Great for mass plantings in flowerbeds to showcase the wide array of cool season color. Matrix® Pansies grow quickly and is best planted in partial shade to full sun. Can be planted in containers and baskets as well, and may require more frequent watering in these settings.