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shelter for bees

2019 Gardening Trends: Silence of the Insects

Designing an insect-friendly garden will attract pollinators and beneficial bugs to your yard and help our ecosystem thrive! Learn more here!

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3 Tips for Keeping your Poinsettias Beautiful

Poinsettias are a perfect plant for the holidays with their striking colors and delicate texture. Learn how to keep your Poinsettias beautiful with these 3 simple tips!

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fall garden clean up

5 Clean-Up Tips for your Fall Garden

It is time to prep your garden for winter and plan ahead for spring blooms! Check out our helpful guide and learn more about these easy and effective 5 Clean-Up Tips for your Fall Garden here!

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spring blooms

Landscaping Tips: 5 Great Fall Plants for Spring Blooms

Creating a beautiful landscape all year long is possible! Check out these 5 plants to add to your landscape today so you can enjoy gorgeous spring blooms! Learn more here!

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fall plants

It’s fall y’all with Tammy Dombeck of Greets, Eats & All That

It’s fall y’all and fall is the time for planting! Pick up beautiful fall color that will last through the season and check out our variety of pumpkins! Learn about our fall plants and more here!

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fall planting

Fall Gardening Tips: Time to Plant your Trees and Shrubs

Fall is the time for planting, especially new trees and shrubs! Check out our simple step-by-step guide on all you need to know when planting trees and shrubs here!

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floral mums

Top 8 Plants for Great Fall Color

Want to capture the beautiful colors of the season with your landscape? Check our top 8 plants that will add great fall color to your flowerbeds and containers to enjoy throughout the season!

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vegetable seeds

When to Plant your Autumn Harvest Seeds

Now is the time to plant your vegetable seeds for a plentiful autumn harvest! Learn more about our seed selection and sow dates from our handy check list here!

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window boxes

All You Need to Know About Summer Window Boxes

Summer Window Boxes are always in style and will add gorgeous color to your home with just a few plants! Learn how to make your window box here!

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lawn care

4 Tips on Caring for your Summer Lawn

We know your lawn is feeling that summer sun. Give your landscape the care that it needs with 4 helpful tips on how to keep your lawn beautiful this season and withstand that Texas sun!

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