Cornelius Specials

Cornelius Specials Through 6/28/18

Tattoo™ Vinca

New and available for a limited time! These standout newcomers will make a bold statement in your containers and hanging baskets. Light blooms filled with vibrant colors and soft airbrushed strokes of black throughout the flowers.

10 inch, Just $19.99

Cora® Vinca

Star-shaped blooms perfect for Texas gardens! Love the heat and drought tolerant. Great for flowerbeds, containers, and mass plantings.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48


Bright clusters of color ideal for attracting pollinators to your garden. Plant in flowerbeds and containers.

1 gallon, Reg $9.99

Just $7.98

Summer Size Color

Need a boost of bold blooms for your garden? Choose from Purslane, Zinnias, and more.

6 inch, Just $4.99

Hanging Baskets

Add color to your porches and patios with a beautiful Hanging Basket! Choose from Purslane, Periwinkle, and more.

Starting at $19.99

Tropical Hibiscus

Bring the feeling of an island getaway to your garden with Tropical Hibiscus. Dazzling colors that will capture your attention! Great for containers.

All 20% Off

Petra Croton

Great for a pop of summer color in flowerbeds or containers! Easy to care for and changes colors with the season.

6 inch, Reg $14.99

Just $9.98

Petra Croton

Get more Petra Crotons for your money with bigger foliage!

8 inch, Reg $24.99

Just $16.98

Calloway’s Hardwood Mulch

A 100% organic top dressing for all of your garden plants. The shredded wood mats together to form a protective covering over your plant roots.

2 cu ft, Reg $6.99

Just $5.98

Calloway’s Cedar Mulch

Provides your garden with an elegant red-gold finish that is eye-catching and functional.

2 cu ft, Reg $7.99

Just $6.98

Dynamite Red Crapemyrtles

This attractive ornamental shrub produces bright red blooms during the summer, adding depth and color to your landscape!

3 gallon, Reg $24.99

Just $19.98

Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass

A wonderful shrub for adding fullness and texture to your landscape! Blooms with light pink plumes that turn white.

1 gallon, Reg $8.99

Just $6.98

Rose Creek Abelia

A compact shrub of glossy green foliage that produces lightly scented white flowers. The foliage turns a magnificent bronze during winter.

3 gallon, Just $29.99

Red Yucca

A bold shrub with arching red buds are ideal for Texas landscapes. Easy to care for, loves the heat, and drought tolerant!

3 gallon, Just $29.99

Blue Label Organic Herbs

Start your edible garden with herbs! Cooking tastes better when the ingredients are fresh from your garden.

4 inch, Just $2.99


New shipments of houseplants are now arriving. Choose from Money Trees, Dracaena, Ficus, Sansevieria, Cactus, and more.

Starting at $5.99


Create the ideal home for your new plants with our wide selection of pottery to fit your home, office, gardens, and patios.

Starting at $6.99

One Stop Bird Shop

We have everything you need to provide a loving garden for the birds! Choose from Premium Bird Seed, Feeders, Houses, and more.

Americana Décor

Perfect for celebrating Independence Day. Americana designs are at Cornelius Interiors! Choose from the fun and festive displays, or consult with our designers for a custom arrangement.