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Cornelius Specials Through 2/27/2020 – Click Image for Product Details

Cornelius Nursery Sugar Land Grand Opening

We are excited to bring to you our newest Cornelius Nursery location in Sugar Land! Join us for the celebration starting today, with Grand Opening giveaways now through Sunday, and a week full of specials at all Cornelius locations to celebrate this momentous event!


The rich colors of Geraniums provide the perfect complement to flowerbeds and containers. The long stems and delightful green leaves add to the charm of this bloom.

6 inch, Reg $7.99

30% Off

Rieger Begonias

Beautiful cool season blooms with creamy flowers. Great as an indoor plant or on covered patios and porches for pops of soft color!

4.5 inch, Reg $7.99

30% Off

Senator iQ & Ambassador Begonias

With some of the boldest and darkest bronze-leaf blooms, and richest green-leaf coloring on the market! Large flowers and prolific bloomers. Ideal for flowerbeds.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

30% Off

Impreza™ Impatiens

A wonderful shade-loving plant with colorful, bright flowers that fill garden spaces! Great for flowerbeds, containers, and shady areas of the garden.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

30% Off

Ideal™ Select Dianthus

Frilly flowers in fun colors with a compact habit, making them great for containers and smaller spaces to fill with bright blooms!

4 inch, Reg $2.49

50% Off

Tradewinds™ Tropical Hibiscus

Now arriving! Enjoy an island getaway in your garden with the brilliant blooms of Tropical Hibiscus. Bold, bright, and beautiful. Great for containers.

6 inch, Reg $16.99

30% Off

Organic Herbs

There’s no better thyme to plant your Herb garden than right now! Choose from our wide selection of Organic Herbs such as Basil and more.

4 inch, Reg $2.99

30% Off

Chef Jeff’s® Vegetables

Food tastes better when it’s fresh from the garden. With Chef Jeff’s®, you’ll grow some of the best and most delicious Vegetables! Choose from Tomatoes, Peppers, cool season Vegetables, and more.

4 inch, Reg $2.99

30% Off

Encore® Azaleas Autumn Embers™

Clusters of light, fluffy blooms provide rich color to landscapes throughout spring! Captivating compact shrub with rich green leaves provides year-round impact.

3 gallon, Reg $29.99

30% Off

Baby Gem™ Boxwood

Great for containers and distinctive topiaries. Baby Gem™ Boxwood is a great option for smaller spaces, growing slowly with rounded leaves in a vibrant green hue.

3 gallon, Reg $29.99

30% Off

Little John Dwarf Bottlebrush

A compact dwarf variety of the Bottlebrush with intense, brushy-like blooms in a mounded habit. Great to fill landscapes or maintain as a low hedge.

3 gallon, Reg $24.99

30% Off

Bonide® Weed Beater Complete

Weed season is upon us. Now is the time to apply preemergent to prevent weeds from forming in your lawn, and to stop any current grassy and broadleaf weeds. Works on cool and warm season grasses!

10 lb, Reg $29.99

Just $24.98

Nitro-Phos Barricade®

Contains a selective turf and landscape herbicide that prevents emergence of weeds. Apply now for the best results and a must-have for Houston-area gardens!

10 lb, Reg $24.99

Just $19.98

Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil

Made from the highest quality Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, with Composted Bark Fines to create a light mix of soil with a superior blend of organic matter and water-holding polymers. Great for all indoor and outdoor containers to give your plants their best start!

1.5 cu ft, Reg $16.99

30% Off

Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food

The preferred Food for new lawns! Our specialized formula includes Sure Release, Fx Iron®, and Aqua Turf® to help keep your lawn green and healthy. Now is the best time to apply!

25 lb, Reg $34.99

30% Off

Calloway’s Premium lawn Food Phosphorus Free

The ideal fertilizer for established lawns. The 21-0-0 formula contains triple controlled release nitrogen, as well as vital iron and micronutrients. Our Phosphorous Free formula was carefully developed by Calloway’s Nursery Professionals according to the exacting standards of Texas A&M AgriLife Earth-Kind® recommendations.

25 lb, Reg $29.99

30% Off

Calloway’s Natural Garden Food – New and Improved!

Our best natural fertilizer is now ever better! Ideal for lawns, flowerbeds, vegetables, fruits, trees, and shrubs, Natural Garden Food is one of the leading fertilizers for an organic landscape. Enhanced with Jobe’s Biozome® and Archaea, a unique blend of beneficial microorganisms, which breaks down complex minerals to improve long-term soil quality.

20 lb, Reg $34.99

30% Off

Indoor Plants

Bring the joy of gardening inside with our wide selection of Indoor Plants! A great way to add color and live to your interior spaces, and provides a natural air filter. Choose from Palms, Succulents, Indoor Cactus, Sansevieria, and more.

All 30% Off


Compliment your indoor and outdoor garden with stunning pottery! Some of the best selection available in the DFW Metroplex! Choose from terra cotta, plastic, ceramic, and so much more. Find the perfect pottery to accessorize your plants.

All 30% Off

Home Décor

Accent your home with spring designs from Cornelius Home & Gift! Enjoy seasonal fragrances from Michel Design Works®. Adorn your home with seasonal flags, welcome door mats, or speak with one of our designers for a custom arrangement to fit your décor!

Starting at $12.99