Cornelius Specials

Cornelius Specials Through 1/23/2020 – Click Image for Product Details

Indoor Plants

Enjoy the fun of gardening in any season with Indoor Plants! A great way to refresh your home with vibrant foliage. Choose from Lemon Lime Dracaena, Sansevieria, Ficus Benjamina, Chinese Evergreen, and more.


Compliment your new Indoor Plants with our new selection of Pottery! Create a trendy, colorful garden with our wide selection of Pottery, including ceramic, glazed, and more.

Matrix® Pansies & Violas

Your winter garden just got brighter with Matrix® Pansies and Violas! These lovely flowers bloom with bold colors, and thrive in the cold weather. Great for flowerbeds and containers.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48


Now arriving: Geraniums for your winter garden! You’ll love the bold, rich colors of Geraniums filling your gardens. Great as an accent or the show-stopping feature in your landscape.

6 inch, Just $7.99


These versatile, colorful blooms, are a great option for filling flowerbeds and containers with winter flair! An easy-care plant; great as a cut flower in bouquets.

Starting at $6.99

20% Off

Calloway’s Premium Flower Food

Great for all blooming flowers, our Premium Flower Food is a specialized formula to help your flowers bloom bigger, bolder, and longer! Use on new flowerbeds, established flowerbeds, and in hanging baskets!

4 lb, Just $14.99

Fruit Trees

Start your edible garden today with a Fruit Tree! Food tastes better when it’s fresh from the garden. Choose from Peaches (Redskin, Red Globe), Plums (Methley, Morris), Fuyu Persimmons, & so much more.

5 gallon, Starting at $39.99


Have a smaller space and still want your edible food fix? Plant a Berry shrub! Great for containers and patio gardens. Choose from Pink Lemonade Blueberries, Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberries, and Dorman Red Raspberries.

2 gallon, Starting at $19.99

Botanical Interests® Seeds

Start your edible garden from the ground up with our huge selection of Botanical Interests® Seeds! Choose from Herbs, Vegetables, and even Flower Seeds, including organic varieties.

Starting at $1.79


It’s time to start planting your Roses for spring, for beautiful blooms throughout the season. Choose from classics like Mister Lincoln and Julia Child. Or new for 2020: Marc Chagall™, Forever Yours™, Camille Pissarro™, and more.

2 gallon, Just $24.99

Bonide® Weed Beater Complete

Weed season is upon us. Now is the time to apply preemergent to prevent weeds from forming in your lawn, and to stop any current grassy and broadleaf weeds. Works on cool and warm season grasses!

10 lb, Just $29.99