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decorating ideas with pumpkins

Creative Decorating Ideas with Pumpkins

Want to spruce up your space for the season? Check out these 5 creative decorating ideas with pumpkins!

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All About Pansies

Enjoy a colorful landscape throughout the season with pansies! Check out our blog to learn all about pansies like planting tips, color varieties, and more!

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fall display ideas

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Fabulous Display

Create a fabulous fall display full of pumpkins, gourds, and so much more! Learn more here!

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air plant pumpkins

Air Plant Pumpkins Are Too Cute To Spook

October is all about thrills and chills! Don’t trick, just treat yourself to boo-tiful and low maintenance décor like Air Plant Pumpkins! Learn more here!

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4 Step Ombre Pumpkins

Decorate your home with ombre pumpkins! Learn how to make yours in just 4 simple steps!

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All About Mums

What is the difference between Garden Mums and Floral Mums? Check these helpful care tips and learn more information about planting mums here!

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fall color

Fantastic Plants for Fall Color

Refresh your landscape and add vibrant seasonal color with fantastic plants for the fall! Learn more here!

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Plant Pruning Tips for the Fall

To prune or not to prune, that is the question. Check these helpful tips on what plants to prune and what to avoid during the Autumn season! Learn more here!

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Decorate your Outdoor Space with Celosia

Decorate your outdoor space with the vibrant, low-maintenance color of Celosia and fantastic pottery! Learn more here!

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succulent container garden

How to make a Succulent Container Garden

Do you love succulents? Make a beautiful Succulent Container Garden! Check out our planting tips here!

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brush stroke pottery

How To Make Brush Stroke Pottery

Create cute containers for your plants with Brush Stroke Pottery! Learn how to make your darling décor here!

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Bromeliad Care Tips

Bromeliads are an easy way to add beautiful color and elegance to your indoor spaces. Check out our blog to learn more about these low-maintenance houseplants!

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living containers

How To Make Living Containers

Check out this inventive spin on hanging plants without a container! Learn how to make Living Containers and display your plants naturally here!

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garden services

All About Garden Services

It is time to get your landscape ready for the upcoming autumn season! Let us plant for you! Learn more about our Garden Services and all we have to offer you and your landscape!

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succulent planters

How to Make Pineapple & Strawberry Planters for Succulents

Looking for a fantastic DIY craft project? Learn how to make adorable pineapple and strawberry themed planters for succulents!

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how to care for succulents

How to Care for Succulents

Whether you are new to the gardening scene or you are known for being a green thumb, succulents are lovely, low maintenance plants that bring beauty to any space! Learn some tips on how to care for your succulents here!

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hanging baskets

How to Make a Hanging Basket Container Garden

Hanging baskets are the perfect way to add color to your landscape, patio, porch, or even indoors. Learn how to make your own hanging basket container garden here!

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All About Crotons

Crotons are known for their striking foliage with glossy, colorful leaves! Check out our blog to learn all about our beautiful Croton selections here!

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5 Colorful Summer Blooms To Plant Now

Are your flowerbeds or containers in need of a summer pick-me-up? Try these 5 fantastic options for colorful summer blooms! Learn more here!

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save water

Gardening Tips with Neil Sperry: Gardening To Save Water

Learn how to save water in your garden this summer with these helpful tips from Neil Sperry here!

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summer landscape

How To Refresh Your Landscape This Summer

It’s summer in Texas. Refresh your landscape and keep it healthy and beautiful throughout the season with these helpful tips! Learn more here!

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container gardens

How To Create a Desert Themed Container Garden

Do you want an indoor garden full of vibrant plants, one that’s easy to manage, and relatively low maintenance? Learn how to create your own Desert Themed Container Garden here!

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gardening tools

9 Tools Every Beginner Gardener Needs

Are you new to gardening? Pick up these 9 essential tools for your planting success! Learn more here!

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4th of july container garden

How to Create Your Fourth of July Container Garden

Create your own container garden for your Fourth of July festivities! Learn how to make it here!

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watering tips

10 Watering Tips for Gardening Success

Learn how to properly water your garden for healthy, vibrant plants and your gardening success! Check out our 10 watering tips here!

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indoor plants

2019 Gardening Trends: The Indoor Generation

Bring the outdoors inside with indoor plants! Check out the next Gardening Trend for 2019 here!

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2019 Gardening Trends: Composting

Composting lowers your carbon footprint and enriches your soil. Learn more about this 2019 Gardening Trend here!

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living coral

How to Create Your Color of the Year Container Garden

Add a pop of color to your outdoor space with a Color of The Year themed Container Garden! Learn how to make it here!

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plants that repel mosquitoes

How to Repel Mosquitoes with Plants

Enjoy more time outdoors with plants that repel mosquitoes! Check out these tips on creating your mosquito repelling container garden, other natural solutions, and more!

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father's day

6 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

This Father’s Day, treat the dad in your life to something special! Check out these 6 Great Gift Ideas for Dad here!

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backyard staycation

2019 Gardening Trends: Backyard Staycation

Make every day a vacation by creating a relaxing oasis in your garden! Learn more about creating your backyard staycation in the next 2019 gardening trend here!

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container garden

How to Make your Summertime Container Garden

Create a vibrant and interesting container garden that you can enjoy all summer long! Learn how to make it here!

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garden trends

2019 Gardening Trends: Moonstruck Gardens

Create a Moonstruck Garden that glows in the night! Learn more about this 2019 Gardening Trend here!

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planting shrubs

How to Plant Shrubs Properly

Planting shrubs is a great way to update your landscape and the look of your home. Learn how to properly plant shrubs from our experts here!

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shelter for bees

2019 Gardening Trends: Silence of the Insects

Designing an insect-friendly garden will attract pollinators and beneficial bugs to your yard and help our ecosystem thrive! Learn more here!

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Great Gift Ideas For Mom

Show the mom in your life how much you care with a low-maintenance and budget friendly gift! Check out these great gift ideas made from stylish pottery and small plants here!

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veggies to plant in may

Gardening 101: Vegetables to Plant in May

It is time to plant more veggies! For your gardening success, check out our helpful guide on what vegetables you should plant in May! Learn more here!

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How to Make a Container Creation for Pollinators

Plant your next container creation for Pollinators! Beneficial Pollinators help the ecosystem within your yard and the plants of our world! Learn more here!

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How to Prep your Soil for Planting

For a vibrant and successful new flowerbed, it is important to properly prep your soil. Give your garden a fresh start and promote strong, healthy roots. Learn more about the steps for soil prep here!

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living coral

2019 Gardening Trends: Living Coral

Get trendy with the vibrant hue of Living Coral when you add this energizing and captivating color to your landscape and container gardens! Learn more about adding the color of the year to your garden here!

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groundcovers for shade

Gardening Tips by Neil Sperry: Choosing Groundcovers For Shade

Have you tried and tried and tried again to get grass to grow beneath your shade trees? Check out these helpful tips on groundcovers from Neil Sperry and learn more here!

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bunny planter

DIY Craft Ideas: How to Make Bunny Themed Planters

Create a planter that is simply perfect for the spring! Hop on over to learn how to make your own bunny themed planter in this easy DIY craft project!

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shade trees

Gardening Tips with Neil Sperry: Choosing a Shade Tree

What do you need to consider when choosing a shade tree? Check out these helpful tips from Neil Sperry and learn more here!

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Gardening 101: Vegetables To Plant in April

It is time to plant more veggies! For your gardening success, check out our helpful guide on what vegetables you should plant in April! Learn more here!

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container garden

Container Gardening 101

Container gardens make enjoying beautiful plants possible, no matter where you live! Start your container garden and have fun with veggies, herbs, seasonal color, indoors plants, and more! Learn the basics here!

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color garden

3 Tips for Adding Color to your Garden

Add colorful plants to your outdoor spaces to enhance the look, support the ecosystem, and enjoy your blooms well into the night with these 3 tips!

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garden flag

Tips for Decorating Your Yard

Give your home that extra touch of style and charm with garden décor! Click here for decorating tips and some great options we have to offer that will make your landscape truly yours!

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Roasted Zucchini & Squash with Herbs & Feta Recipe

Dig into this divine mixture of fresh zucchini, squash, feta cheese, and fresh herbs! Get the recipe and learn how to make it here!

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How-To Make House Number Planters

Enhance your curb appeal and get creative with pottery personalized with your home address! Learn how to get started making this fun and easy craft project here!

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watering your lawn and garden plants

Top 10 Tips for Watering Your Plants Successfully

Knowing how to water your plants or flower bed properly is the key to gardening success. Read our top 10 best watering tips to learn the right time of day to water […]

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Gardening 101: Vegetables To Plant in March

It is time to plant your veggies! For your gardening success, check out our helpful guide on what vegetables you should plant in March here!

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The Best Indoor Plants & How To Take Care of Them

Indoor plants are easy to maintain and can be placed in any room of your home. From ferns to ficus, houseplants can add color and texture to your space and offer air […]

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How-To Plant Succulents in Containers

Refresh any space with succulents. Succulents are stylish, low maintenance, and unique! Learn how to plant succulents in containers to spruce up your space here!

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drinks with herbs

2 Deliciously Refreshing Spring Beverages with Fresh Herbs

Easy, tasty, fresh, and fun – these spring beverages will refresh you into the season! Learn how to make them here with our helpful video and more!

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How-To Garden for Spring Refreshments & Fresh Herbs

Quench your thirst for spring with tasty refreshments made fresh from your herb garden! Learn how to get started with these simple recipes and gardening tips here!

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chicken and veggies

30 Minute Dinner: Sheet Pan Balsamic-Herb Chicken & Veggies

Need to make a quick dinner? This easy, 30 minute recipe is full of flavor and perfect for your busy weeknight! Learn how to make Sheet Pan Balsamic-Herb Chicken & Veggies here!

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bird seed

DIY Bird Seed Ornaments for Valentine’s Day

The birds need quality nourishment this time of year. Show your feathery friends some love with bird seed ornaments on Valentine’s Day! Learn how to make them here!

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Sweet & Savory Snack Ideas: Goat Cheese & Herb Stuffed Strawberries

Fall in love with a snack that is creamy and decadent with the subtle sweetness of strawberries. Learn how to make Goat Cheese & Herb Stuffed Strawberries here!

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air plants

How-To Decorate Your Space with Air Plants

Give your home extra style and a pop of color when you decorate with Air Plants! Learn how to get trendy with this low-maintenance favorite here!

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football planter

How-To Make Fantastic Football Planters For The Big Game

Are you hosting a watching party for the big game? Decorate your space, indoors or out, with these DIY Football Planters! Learn how to make yours here!

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fresh cilantro

Recipes for the Big Game: How to Make Skinny Taco Dip

Looking for the perfect snack that won’t burst your belt buckle? Try this Skinny Taco Dip, full of fresh flavor, and watch the big game without the guilt! Learn how to make it here!

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easy dinner

Simple Weeknight Dinner Ideas: Lemon & Basil Bow Ties

Keep it simple tonight with a delicious dish that even the kids will gobble up! Enjoy Lemon & Basil Bow Ties as your main course or as a classic side dish. Learn how to make it here!

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fresh cilantro

Tasty Dip Recipes: Jalapeno Cilantro Dip

Start the New Year off with a kick! Celebrate with flavor, spice, and everything nice like this Jalapeno Cilantro Dip! Learn how to make it here!

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Ricotta, Prosciutto, & Herb Crackers

Appetizer Ideas: Ricotta, Prosciutto, & Herb Crackers

Spread Christmas cheer with flavorful bites of creamy ricotta, decadent prosciutto, buttery crackers, and fresh herbs! Learn how to make this delicious appetizer here!

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Side Dish Ideas: Sour Cream Herb Biscuits

Complete your holiday feast and impress your guests with delicate and tasty biscuits made with fresh herbs! Learn how to make these delicious Sour Cream Herb Biscuits here!

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How to make a perfect Cornelius Bow

Making a beautiful bow is an art form! Our experts are here to help with a step-by-step video tutorial on creating a perfect Cornelius bow! Learn more and all you need to get started here!

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mac and cheese

Family Dinner Ideas: Ultimate Mac & Cheese

Get cozy with a warm home cooked meal full of creamy and cheesy decadence that your family will love! Learn how to make Ultimate Mac & Cheese here!

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fresh-cut christmas trees

3 Tips for a Lasting Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

Keeping your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree beautiful throughout the holiday season is easy! Check out these 3 Tips for a Lasting Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree here!

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fresh herbs

Party Recipes: Warm Bacon Cheddar Dip

Party it up this holiday season with a delicious dip full of flavor, fresh ingredients, and most importantly, bacon! Learn how to make our Warm Bacon Cheddar Dip here!

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how to fluff a life-like tree

How to Fluff your Life-Like Christmas Tree

Making your Life-Like Christmas Tree full and beautiful is easy! Check out these handy tips and tricks on fluffing your tree like a pro and watch our helpful video here!

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fresh tarragon

Simply Tasty Herb Scallops

Bring the flavors of the coast home with this simply tasty recipe. Try this decadent seafood dish of succulent scallops with fresh herbs and breadcrumbs! Get the recipe and watch how to make it here!

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3 Tips for Keeping your Poinsettias Beautiful

Poinsettias are a perfect plant for the holidays with their striking colors and delicate texture. Learn how to keep your Poinsettias beautiful with these 3 simple tips!

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fresh herbs

Holiday Recipes: Pull-Apart Herb Biscuits

Perfect for the holidays, these Pull-Apart Herb Biscuits are easy to prepare and will compliment any meal with the vibrant mix of decadently fresh flavors. Learn how to make it here!

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fall garden clean up

5 Clean-Up Tips for your Fall Garden

It is time to prep your garden for winter and plan ahead for spring blooms! Check out our helpful guide and learn more about these easy and effective 5 Clean-Up Tips for your Fall Garden here!

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Fiesta Ranch Corn Dip

Easy Party Recipes: Fiesta Ranch Corn Dip

The time of year has come for parties and potlucks. Give your guests a flavor fiesta in each bite with our delicious Fiesta Ranch Corn Dip. Learn how to make it here!

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indoor plants

How to Make Stylish Brown Bag Planters

Need to spruce up your dorm, office, or living space? Accessorize your small potted plants with adorable Brown Bag Planters. Learn how to make them here!

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smash potatoes

Simple Side Dish Recipes: Smash Potatoes

Do you love roasted potatoes? Have some fun and reap the tasty benefits of this delicious spin on roasted potatoes with buttery toppings. Learn how to make it here!

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spring blooms

Landscaping Tips: 5 Great Fall Plants for Spring Blooms

Creating a beautiful landscape all year long is possible! Check out these 5 plants to add to your landscape today so you can enjoy gorgeous spring blooms! Learn more here!

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herb dip

Easy Party Recipes: Herb Dip for Veggies

Looking for a delicious dip recipe to make for your next party? This Herb Dip with Veggies is the perfect way to treat your guests this Halloween. Learn how to make it here!

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cajun chicken alfredo

Cajun Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Chicken Alfredo with the flavors of New Orleans is a match made in heaven. This Cajun Chicken Alfredo recipe combines the perfect amount of decadence with a Cajun kick. Learn how to make it here!

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fall plants

It’s fall y’all with Tammy Dombeck of Greets, Eats & All That

It’s fall y’all and fall is the time for planting! Pick up beautiful fall color that will last through the season and check out our variety of pumpkins! Learn about our fall plants and more here!

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Mexican Street Corn Soup Recipe

Do you consider yourself a Mexican Street Taco connoisseur? Put your taste buds to the test with this unforgettable and authentically divine Mexican Street Corn Soup recipe! Learn how to make it here!

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fall planting

Fall Gardening Tips: Time to Plant your Trees and Shrubs

Fall is the time for planting, especially new trees and shrubs! Check out our simple step-by-step guide on all you need to know when planting trees and shrubs here!

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bruschetta chicken

Delicious Bruschetta Chicken Recipe

Do you love bruschetta? We have a fantastic recipe that will take this Italian classic up a notch with decadent mozzarella and juicy chicken! Check out the recipe and learn how to make it here!

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pumpkin decorating

Tips for Decorating Your Pumpkins

Skip the carving and the mess. Decorate your pumpkins with the ease of pre-made bows and fall accents that are simply gourd-eous! Learn how to give each pumpkin style and pizzazz here!

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pasta shells with herbs

Easy Dinner Recipes: Yummy Pasta Shells with Herbs

When life is busy, keep dinner simple with tasty pasta shells, red bell peppers, and fresh herbs. Check out this yummy pasta shells and herbs recipe here!

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Fall Party Ideas: Pumpkin Place Cards

Fall in love with these pumpkin place cards and complete the look of your autumn tablescape. Perfect for parties or as an accent to your autumn décor, learn how to make pumpkin place cards here!

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Healthy Recipes: Classic Succotash with Fresh Herbs

Looking for a healthy dish that your family will love? This Classic Succotash recipe is packed full of yummy veggies, fresh herbs, and more! Get the recipe here!

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floral mums

Top 8 Plants for Great Fall Color

Want to capture the beautiful colors of the season with your landscape? Check our top 8 plants that will add great fall color to your flowerbeds and containers to enjoy throughout the season!

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herb butter

Herb Butter Recipe for your Fresh Corn

Take your freshly cooked corn on the cob to the next level by adding delicious herb butter made with fresh basil! Learn how to make herb butter and get the recipe here!

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fall lawn decor

Make your yard fall-tastic with metal art!

Decorate your yard for the season with cute and quality metal art from The Round Top Collection®! Check out our fantastic fall selection here!

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Decadent Desserts: Fresh Strawberries & Mint Whipped Cream

Start September off sweetly with a fresh and decadent dessert! Learn how to make strawberries topped with mint whipped cream here!

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How to Make Pretty & Personalized Flower Pots

Decorate your space and stay trendy with pretty and personalized flower pots with some easy crafting! Learn more about how to get started here!

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southwest chicken tortillas

Tasty Recipes: Southwest Chicken Tacos

Let’s take chicken tacos to a new level with a creamy dressing full of flavor and spice in every bite! Learn how to make this delicious recipe here!

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vegetable seeds

When to Plant your Autumn Harvest Seeds

Now is the time to plant your vegetable seeds for a plentiful autumn harvest! Learn more about our seed selection and sow dates from our handy check list here!

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peach cobbler

Peach & Basil Cobbler Recipe

Take advantage of the fresh summer produce and make your summer complete with something sweet to eat!! Learn how to make this delicious Peach & Basil Cobbler here! It’s the perfect ending to any summer day!

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gift ideas

Back-To-School: Great Gift Ideas to Start the Year Off Right!

Start the year off correctly with a great, low-maintenance gift for your teacher or even your college student! Learn more about all we have to offer here!

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herbed squash salad with yogurt dressing

How to Make Herbed Squash Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Pair your next cookout with a fresh summer squash salad infused with rich, Mediterranean flavors! Learn how to make this simple side dish here!

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window boxes

All You Need to Know About Summer Window Boxes

Summer Window Boxes are always in style and will add gorgeous color to your home with just a few plants! Learn how to make your window box here!

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