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what to plant in the fall

Fall Container Garden Inspiration with Proven Winners®

Update your container gardens with the fantastic fall blooms from Proven Winners®!

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no carve pumpkin decorating

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids

Are you ready to decorate pumpkins? Get your family together and try these simple, no carve pumpkin decorating ideas!

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5 Shrubs To Plant For The Fall

Fall is the best time to plant shrubs! To help you grow, check out these 5 beautiful options for your garden.

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september garden care tips

5 Ways to Keep Your Garden Beautiful in September

Unsure of what to do in your garden this month? We are here to help! Check out these 5 helpful tips on how to care for your garden in September.

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eat better with fresh herbs

More Herbs, Less Salt: Eat Better with Fresh Herbs

Skip the salt! Eat for a healthier life and add flavor to your food with fresh herbs! Learn more here!

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diy seed balls

DIY Seed Balls: A Kid Friendly Pollinator Activity

Did you know August 21st is National Honey Bee Day? Help our beneficial pollinators with this fun family activity!

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indoor plant decor

4 Ways to Decorate your Space with Trendy Pottery & Indoor Plants

Updating your space is easy with trendy pottery and indoor plants! Visit our blog to learn more now!

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celosia container garden ideas

Container Garden Inspiration: Plant with Celosia

Give your container gardens a colorful update with sun-loving color! Get inspired and plant with Celosia!

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drip paint planters for indoor plants

Drip Paint Planters Perfect For Indoor Plants

Stay cool with an easy DIY craft for your home. Make Drip Paint Planters perfect for your indoor plants!

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ice cream cone bird feeders

How-To Make Ice Cream Cone Bird Feeders

Help feed our Texas birds with this fun and easy family activity! Visit our blog now at and learn how-to make ice cream cone bird feeders!

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how to make popsicles with herbs

How-To Make Refreshing Popsicles with Fresh Herbs

You deserve a refreshing summer treat! Visit our blog at now and learn how-to make delicious popsicles with fresh herbs!

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how to make thumbprint pottery

Crafting with Kids: How-To Make Thumbprint Planters

Get creative with your kids and try this fun summertime activity! Learn how to make Thumbprint Planters and invite beneficial pollinators to your garden!

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fourth of july container garden ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Celebrate with 4th of July Container Gardens

Happy 4th of July! Let’s celebrate with an activity that your family will love! Decorate your home indoors and out with container gardens!

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what to plant in the summer

Hot Summer Plants

Summer is here! Can your garden handle the heat? Plant for success and choose heat-tolerant blooms! Check out these gorgeous hot summer plants!

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5 Garden-Inspired Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Father’s Day! Give Dad gifts for his garden! Check out these 5 grab-and-go gift ideas from our store nearest you!

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how to plant for pollinators

Plant a Pollinator Victory Garden

Did you know over 75% of all flowering plants need help with pollination? Our world depends on beneficial pollinators. Pollinators help sustain our ecosystems and aid in the creation of many natural resources. Plant a Pollinator Victory Garden to support bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!

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planting tips for june

How-To Care For Your Texas Garden in June

June is here and it is time to give your garden a little TLC! Maintaining plant and soil health now is important to help your plants thrive throughout the summer! Not sure where to start? We are here to help! Check out these tips on How-To Care for your Texas garden in June!

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how to plant soiree kawaii catharanthus

Vinca Love: How-To Plant Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus

Did you know “Kawaii” means cute in Japanese? That is exactly what Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus is! These adorable blooms will sparkle in your next container garden! Learn how to plant Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus with these 3 container garden ideas!

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5 terrific tabletop indoor plants

5 Terrific Tabletop Indoor Plants

Do you love indoor plants? Spruce up your tabletops with gorgeous foliage and indoor color! Check out these 5 Terrific Tabletop Indoor Plants, learn helpful care tips, and more!

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vegetable gardens

How – To Plant Vegetables: Vegetable Garden Checklist

Grow your own fresh vegetables now! Get started with our Vegetable Garden Checklist! Learn more here!

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mothers day gifts

Give Mom Gifts For Her Garden: 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Let us help! Check out these 5 great gift ideas for Mom and her garden!

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cinco de mayo container garden ideas

Cinco De Container Gardens: Make Every Day a Fiesta with Indoor Plants

Make every day a fiesta with indoor plants and pottery inspired by Cinco de Mayo! Learn how to set up your Cinco De Container Garden display when you visit our blog now!

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plant with proven winners

Plant for the Earth with Proven Winners®

Let’s celebrate our Earth and start growing with plants from Proven Winners®! Choose award-winning options from Proven Winners® to grow for sustainability, to support pollinators, and more!

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how to grow roses

How-To Grow Roses in your Texas Garden

Stop and smell the roses! Plant roses and fill your garden with abundant, disease-resistant, and easy-to-maintain blooms. Visit our blog now and learn how-to grow roses in your Texas garden!

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calloways plant foods

How – To Feed Your Texas Garden: Calloway’s New & Improved Plant Foods

April is the time to start feeding your plants. Use Calloway’s Premium Plant Foods! Plant like the experts and try our new and improved formulas made for your Texas garden. Visit our blog at to learn more!

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color hanging baskets

Easy Easter Color: All About Hanging Baskets

For easy Easter color, try adding hanging baskets to your garden. Learn how to plant your own hanging basket and explore our egg-citing selections here!

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hand holding soil

Plant with Success: Use Calloway’s Premium Garden Soils

The key to healthy, thriving plants is quality soil. Plant with success and use Calloway’s Premium Garden Soils! Our new and improved formulas are made with the highest quality ingredients for your Texas garden!

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how to decorate for spring

Spring Décor: Gifts for your Texas Home and Garden

Spring is here! Update your space and treat your home and garden to gorgeous décor. Visit our blog now to explore our fabulous selection!

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st pattys day ideas

Plant a Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with stylish Shamrocks! Learn all about the Oxalis Shamrock plant and make your own Succulent Shamrock or Pot of Gold Planter! Visit our blog now for more information!

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what to grow in march

Texas Gardening 101: The Best Plants to Grow in March

March is here and it is time to grow! Visit our blog and learn what to plant now in your Texas garden!

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container gardens for sun, shade, and flavor

Gardening for Beginners: 3 Easy Container Garden Recipes to Plant Now

Give your container gardens a colorful update with fresh seasonal color and let us help you get started! Try these 3 easy container garden recipes perfect to plant now!

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ice on grass

Recovering from the Freeze: 5 Care Tips for your Texas Garden

We are here to help you and your garden recover from the freeze! Not sure where to start? Check out these 5 easy care tips for your Texas garden!

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valentines day gifts

5 Easy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Let your love grow this Valentine’s Day! Check out these 5 easy gardening gift ideas for your family!

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football containers

Celebrate the Big Game with Plants: Football-Themed Gardening Ideas for the Family

Make this weekend a touchdown with football-themed gardening fun for your family! Visit our blog now and learn how to make decorative planters perfect for the big game! Plus, enjoy planting tips, a free football-themed plant tag template, and more!

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how to prune a tree

Cool Season Gardens: What to Plant Now, Pruning Tips, & More!

Get your garden ready for spring and start planting! Not sure where to start? Visit our blog and explore our premium selection of cool season plants, learn tips on pruning, lawn care, frost protection for your Texas garden, and more!

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wellness garden

Wellness Gardens: Plant for a Healthy New Year

Grow your way to better health! Plant for wellness both inside your home and out with fresh edible plants like herbs, fruit trees, berries, and indoor plants! Visit our blog now and learn how to plant for wellness in your garden, care tips, and more!

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bird seed bells with calloways bird seed

Winter Bird Feeding: How-To Make Bird Seed Bells with your Family

Birds are essential to our ecosystem and they can benefit our lives and landscapes in many ways. Support our feathered friends with nourishment during our Texas winter! Visit our blog now and learn how to make Bird Seed Bells with Calloway’s Premium Bird Seed, explore our birding selection, and more!

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container garden with succulents and cacti

Plant Indoor Container Gardens with Succulents & Cacti

Indoor container gardens are the easiest way to refresh your home for the new year! Learn how to give your space a plant-based makeover with succulents, cacti, and gorgeous pottery!

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new year new houseplants

New Year, New You: Promote Wellness in Your Home with Indoor Plants

Start the New Year off right with indoor plants! Learn how to promote wellness in your home and refresh your space with indoor plants!

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christmas gifts

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Easy Grab & Go Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Check out our grab-and-go gardening gift ideas and shop with ease for your family!

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how to decorate planters with candy canes

Candy Cane Container Gardens: Sweet Gift Ideas with Plants

Looking for a sweet gift idea? Make a Candy Cane Container Garden! These versatile planters are the perfect sweet treat for someone special and the gift that keeps on giving! Visit our blog to learn more!

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greeter charm fresh greenery

Unique Ways to Decorate with Fresh Christmas Greenery

Fresh Greenery brings the essence of Christmas to your home. Check out these unique ways to decorate for the holidays with your Fresh Wreaths, Garland, and more!

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joy terra cotta planters

JOY Terra Cotta Planters for Rosemary Cones & Poinsettias

Joy to the world! The Christmas season is here! Get crafty this Christmas and learn how to make festive JOY-themed terra cotta planters, perfect for rosemary cones and poinsettias!

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living christmas trees

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees: What To Look For When Shopping For a Quality Tree

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are here! Choose a Christmas Tree that will last throughout the holiday season! Learn how we care for our Christmas Trees, explore about our selection, and more!

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plant ornaments for christmas

Easy Gift Ideas: How – To Make Mini Christmas Ornaments with Potted Plants

Give a gift that is from the heart with Christmas ornaments made from mini potted plants. This easy-to-make gift idea is the perfect way to bring Christmas cheer to your family or neighbors!

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decorating ideas for poinsettias

The Perfect Poinsettias: How to Fill Your Home with Holiday Color

Poinsettias are a beautiful and easy way to add holiday color to your home! Learn how to start decorating for the holidays with poinsettias, helpful care tips, and more!

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decorating for christmas

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays at Calloway’s & Cornelius

Get your home ready for the holidays with fresh seasonal selections and more! Check out all our Christmas goodies, arriving at your neighborhood Calloway’s or Cornelius now!

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matrix pansies in store

What To Plant Now In Your Garden

Not sure what to plant in your cool season garden? Check out what is in our stores now!

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how to make halloween planters

How – To Make Halloween Planters with your Family

Trick or treat! Celebrate Halloween with your family and plants! Learn how to make your own Halloween planters with beautiful seasonal color, fresh herbs, and more!

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group of matrix pansies

How-To Make a Colorful Impact: Container Gardens & Matrix® Pansies

Get colorful with the bold blooms of Matrix® Pansies! Learn how to give your landscape an update and make a vibrant impact with Matrix Pansies® and easy-to-make container gardens!

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fall container gardens

Autumn Harvest Container Gardens: Fall Planter Ideas with Pumpkins

Put your pumpkins to good use with the perfect fall container garden! Check out these simple ideas for a beautiful Autumn Harvest!

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pumpkin decorating ideas

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas & Inspiration for the Family

Let’s decorate some pumpkins! Check out these creative pumpkin decorating ideas for the kids and for your home!

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jack o lantern planters

Easy Fall Crafts: Jack O’ Lantern Planters for your Garden Mums

Celebrate Halloween with your family and have fun getting your home festive together. Try making an easy fall craft like Jack O’ Lantern planters with Garden Mums!

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decorating your home for fall

How – To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Make your home gourd-eous for the Fall! Check out our Autumn Harvest selections, metal art, and décor! Plus, learn easy decorating tips for cute and stylish seasonal displays!

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broccoli and cauliflower harvest

Tips for Growing Broccoli & Cauliflower in your Garden

It is time to grow your favorite cool season veggies like Broccoli and Cauliflower! Check out these helpful planting tips for a successful harvest and learn how to grow Broccoli and Cauliflower in your garden!

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teacher gift ideas with plants

Back-To-School Gift Ideas for Teachers

School is back in session in a whole new way. Show support to our educators for keeping our students growing with personalized pottery and indoor plants. Check out these super cute DIY ideas and more!

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best indoor plants

5 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners

Become a plant parent with these 5 best indoor plants for beginners! Explore our low maintenance selections, care tips, fun facts, planting instructions, and more!

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prevent weeds in august

How – To Control Weeds Now for a Fabulous Fall Lawn

Prevent weeds in your lawn now! Not sure where to start? We are here to help! Visit our blog to learn how to identify the weeds in your lawn, and what you can do to start taking control!

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how to refresh your home with indoor plants

Indoor Plants & Trendy DIY Containers to Refresh Your Home

Indoor plants are a great way to help refresh your home for the new school year! Purify the air and spend time practicing the arts with a fun DIY craft project! Visit our blog to learn more!

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august gardening tips

Gardening Tips – 5 Ways to Care for Your Garden in August

August is the perfect month to accomplish tasks in your garden and prepare for the upcoming seasons! Check out our blog for gardening tips on 5 ways to care for your garden in August!

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how to make succulent garden art

How To Make Garden Art With Succulents

Relax and unwind with creativity! Grow as an artist and learn how to make beautiful garden art with succulents! Visit our blog to learn more!

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Complete Your Landscape with Summer Shrubs

Complete your landscape with the perfect summer shrubs! Visit our blog for tips about our shrub selections, learn how to properly plant shrubs, and more!

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Protect your Family Outdoors with Mosquito Solutions

Mosquito control problems? We are here to help! Learn more about our Mosquito Solutions and start protecting your family now!

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variety of succulents in white container

Stay Cool and Get Crafty with Indoor Plants

Stay cool and get crafty with indoor plants! Get creative with sand art and air plants and make a beautiful indoor hanging basket!

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patriotic plant display

Celebrate the 4th of July with Family: Patriotic Plant Displays, Outdoor Games, & More

Happy 4th of July! Create a memorable celebration for your family with patriotic plant displays, outdoor games, and creative crafts!

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indoor petra croton

Petra Croton: Grow Colorful Plants Indoors

Adorn the indoors with the gorgeous colors and glossy foliage of Petra Croton! Pair with the perfect pottery to make a stylish statement in your home! Learn more information and helpful tips for your indoor planting success here!

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Father's Day Gardening Gifts

Father’s Day Gardening Gift Guide

Happy Father’s Day! Treat the Dad in your life with gardening gifts AND gifts for his grill! Learn more here!

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cora xdr vinca

Plant Vinca for the Summer: All About Cora® XDR

Welcome the summer with beautiful, thriving Vinca plants like Cora® XDR Vinca! Cora® XDR is known for its extreme disease resistance and lasting color. Reap the many benefits of planting these bold blooms in your landscape!

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tropical hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus: Create an Oasis for Your Family Staycation

Tropical Hibiscus: Need a vacation? Go to your garden! Create a tropical oasis for the perfect backyard staycation! Relax and create family memories in your tropical escape filled with vibrant color, adorable metal art, and fun garden décor!

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Pollinator Garden Growing: Invite Beneficial Insects & Birds

Pollinator Garden Growing: Learn all about the benefits of attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and more to your landscape! Enjoy plant selections and tips, start a journal, and learn how to create a bird feeder with your family!

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Summer Flowers catharanthus plants

Summer Flowers for 2020: Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus

This summer, let your garden sizzle with carefree color like Soiree® Kawaii Catharanthus! Available in all store locations, this Friday! Visit our blog to learn more about this outstanding and low-maintenance plant!

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way to grow graduates

Way to Grow Graduates: Garden Gift Ideas For A Special Celebration

Congratulations Graduates! Let’s celebrate this amazing accomplishment! Make your Graduate feel extra special with a beautiful display and garden gifts that they can cherish for years to come!

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Container Gardening Mother's day gift

Container Gardening: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

This Mother’s Day, treat the Mom in your life with gifts for her Garden! Make her a Container Garden for the sun or the shade and personalize it with a Mother’s Day Card Plant Tag! Check out our blog to learn more!

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cinco de mayo ideas

Cinco de Mayo – Celebrating with Plants

Have a family fiesta this Cinco de Mayo and let’s celebrate with edible plants, succulents, cacti and more! Visit our blog now for free decoration templates, planting tips, and design ideas to make your celebration complete!

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pizza garden

Pizza Gardens: The Perfect Family Gardening Activity

Spend time with your family and let’s plant for Pizza! Try this fun gardening activity and reap the delicious benefits when you learn how to grow a Pizza Garden with fresh herbs and tomatoes!

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Two painted clay pots with seeds of edible plants

Sow The Seeds of Victory: Gardening Tips & Activities with Seeds

Sow the seeds of victory and plant for sustainability. Enjoy the rewards of planting seeds with your family! Check out our blog for gardening tips and seed planting activities that everyone will love!

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herb easter egg hunt

Egg-cellent Ideas for the Family: Herb Easter Egg Hunt

Don’t worry, be hoppy! We have an egg-cellent idea for you and your family! Let’s celebrate the holiday with an Herb Easter Egg Hunt! Get creative with your kiddos and have fun growing together! Learn more here!

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victory garden

Victory Garden: It Is Time To Plant and Grow What You Eat

Grow from the past and let’s get back to the basics of creating a sustainable life for you and your family. Start with a Victory Garden. Victory Gardens planted the seeds of purpose to the American people while creating a sense of relief during times when our nation needed it most. It is time to grow and do our part! Learn more here!

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Father and son planting new flowers in a garden

Shop With Ease & Enjoy Your Garden: What We Have In Store

It is time to grow, Texas! We are here for your gardening success! Shop with ease and enjoy Curbside Pickup! Simply, call our store nearest you! Explore our blog and see what we have in store. Plus, make shopping a breeze with our printable Easy Shopping Form!

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A variety of ceramic blue pottery in various shades, planted in a small garden

Small Space Gardening: The Importance to Growing Your Own Food

Grow for sustainability with fresh vegetables and herbs! No matter where you live, container gardens are a fantastic solution for growing your favorite produce. Check out our blog to learn more!

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wellness and plants

Wellness & Plants: The Benefits to Gardening

Surrounding yourself with nature’s beauty does so much for our well-being. It is time to reconnect with the outdoors and learn from nature. Learn more about promoting wellness with plants and all the wonderful benefits to gardening here!

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lucky plants

Plant for Luck: All about Shamrocks, 4 Leaf Clovers, and more!

Bring luck home for Saint Patrick’s Day with shamrocks, 4 leaf clovers, and more! Check out our blog to learn more!

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Spring is here! Start the season off right with our March Lawn & Garden Checklist! Stop by a Calloway’s near you for everything you need to keep your garden thriving! Questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals!

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spring goodies

Decorate your Home for Spring

Bring spring home with adorable décor, gift ideas, and so much more! Learn more about our spring goodies, in stores now!

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unique plant choices

5 Unique Plants For Your Home

Unusual plants are fascinating and beautiful. Add extra interest to your container gardens or landscape with the unexpected styles of these 5 unique plants!

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All About Kimberly Queen Ferns

Looking for a durable and easy to grow foliage plant? Kimberly Queen Ferns are the perfect accessory to your home, indoors or out

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lawn care

Texas Lawn Care: How to Have a Healthy Yard

If you have a lawn in Texas, you know it needs lots of attention and care. Use our guide to help your yard look its best!

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early spring color

What’s In Store: Early Spring Color

Early Spring Color is here! Refresh your garden with vibrant color and blooming shrubs! Check out what we have in stores now!

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Gardening 101: Geranium Planting Tips

Add dynamic color to your landscape with Geraniums! Learn tips on planting these gorgeous blooms at!

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How to make a Succulent Heart

Make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet with Succulents! Learn how to make a Succulent Heart with a Valentine’s Day candy box here!

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valentine's day gift ideas

Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Treating your Valentine with a gorgeous gift is easy at Calloway’s and Cornelius! Check out our ready-to-go Valentine’s creations, adorable garden accents, and gorgeous blooms!

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Monthly Lawn & Garden Checklist: February

Spring is just around the corner! Start the season off right with our February Lawn & Garden Checklist! Learn how to keep your garden thriving here!

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cool window boxes

Container Gardening 101: Cool Window Boxes

Add seasonal color to your landscape with a window box container garden! Learn how to make your seasonal window box here!

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5 tall indoor plants

5 Tall Indoor Plants for Your Home

Turn your home into an indoor oasis with plants! Check out these 5 tall indoor plants that will really make a statement in your home!

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indoor herb garden tips

Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors

Brighten your home and live well with fresh herbs! Learn how to grow your herb garden indoors!

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how to make succulent bookends

Create Stylish Bookshelves with Succulent Bookends

The decorating possibilities are endless with indoor plants! Learn how to spruce up your bookshelves with Succulent Bookends!

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fruit and berry plants

What’s in Store: Edibles

It is time to plant your fruit trees, berries, and herbs! Check out what we have in store now!

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family gardening

Garden Series: How – To Gardening Tips from the Experts

Mark your calendars for our 2020 Garden Series! Enjoy gardening tips and tricks from the experts and so much more! Learn all about our Garden Series and all the topics we will be covering this spring!

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How To Grow Berries In Containers

Growing sweet berries at your home or apartment is easy when you plant in containers. Learn all about growing berries in containers here!

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