Calloway’s Specials

Calloway’s Specials Through 5/24/18

Cora® Vinca

Star-shaped blooms that thrive in the Texas sun. Easy to care for. Great in mass plantings, containers, and flowerbeds.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48

Proven Winners® Plants

The #1 Plant Brand. Discover the perfect plant to fill your flowerbeds and containers with unmatched quality.

4.5 inch, Reg $6.99

Just $5.98


Great for shade or sun gardens, Begonias add bright colors exactly where you need them.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48

Sweet Potato Vine

The perfect “spiller” for your containers and hanging baskets. Sweet Potato Vine thrives in Texas and is easy to maintain with light, lush foliage!

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48

ColorBlast Purslane

A new standard for Purslane; these lovely drought-tolerant blooms are low maintenance and full of color for vibrant summer flowers.

Starting at $6.99


Color that will return year after year! Choose from Mirage™ Salvia, Coneflowers, and more.

Tradewinds Tropical Hibiscus

Create a tropical paradise in your garden with beautiful Hibiscus! Wonderful in containers.

6 inch, Just $16.99


A must-have Houseplant! Sansevieria is great for indoor and outdoor covered living areas, and easy to care for. Choose from our newest selection of Shark Fin, Starfish Laurentii, and more.

Starting at $8.99


Designers, get ready to dress up your plants with amazing pottery! With multiple styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, you’ll find what you need for your plants!

Starting at $6.99

Blue Label Organic Herbs

Start your garden with the freshest ingredients. 100% Organic Herbs.

4 inch, Just $2.99


Bountiful blooms in striking colors that are ideal for containers. Choose from Blue Enchantress®, Endless Summer®, Tiny Tuff Stuff™, and more.

All 20% Off

Sunshine Ligustrum

Ideal for mass plantings or a low hedge, the golden tones of the leaves will make a statement in your landscape!

All 20% Off

Ornamental Grasses

Add texture, color, and design to your landscape. Choose from Adagio, Maiden, and Hameln.

2 gallon, Reg $19.99

Just $16.98

Dark Blue Plumbago

Enjoy a blast of blue color in your garden with Plumbago! Grows fast and requires little maintenance, these bloomers are great at attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

2 gallon, Reg $19.99

Just $16.98

Brakelights® Red Yucca

A no-fuss shrub that sprouts vibrant plumes of red buds adding dynamic color to gardens and landscapes.

2 gallon, Just $39.99

Calloway’s Organic & Natural Fertilizer

Save $5 per bag! It’s not too late to fertilize your landscapes, flowerbeds, vegetables, and shrubs, with our Organic & Natural Fertilizer.

20 lb, Reg $34.99

Just $29.98

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew®

A perfect companion for the organic gardener. Use on fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, and more to stop beetles, bagworms, and more.

Starting at $9.99

Mosquito Control Center

We are your headquarters, with everything you need to stop mosquitoes before they start biting! Choose from DynaTrap® Insect Traps – a safe, effective, odor-free, no-zap method to stopping insects.

Calloway’s Premium Bird Seed – Wild Bird Blend

Save $5! Combines the best seeds to create a special mix that helps attract Cardinals, Finches, Sparrows, and more.

20 lb, Reg $29.99

Just $24.98

Calloway’s Premium Bird Seed – Songbird Mix

Save $5! All seeds and fruit. No fillers! Bring in Robins, Cardinals, Chickadees, and more to your garden.

15 lb, Reg $29.99

Just $24.98