Calloway’s Specials

Calloway’s Specials Through 7/19/18

Cora® Vinca

Cora® Vinca loves the sun and holds up in Texas weather. Great in flowerbeds and containers.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48

Sweet Potato Vine

Fill your garden and baskets with the bold colors of Sweet Potato Vine. Great as a compliment to flowers, or grown on its own. Choose from Marguerite, and more.

4 inch, Reg $1.99

Just $1.48


A fragrant plant that adds fun texture to your gardens and containers while acting as a natural deterrent for mosquitoes.

6 inch, Reg $12.99

Just $9.98

Summer Sized Color

Enjoy the big colors of summer with 6 inch bedding plants! Choose from Vinca and more!

6 inch, Reg $4.99

Just $3.98

Super Summer Color

For when you need that extra boost of blooms in your landscape! 10 inch, big pots of colorful summer foliage. Choose from Pentas, Tattoo™ Vinca, and more.

10 inch, Starting at $19.99

Just $16.98

Blue Label Summer Color

Add a pop of color to your flowerbeds and containers with these beauties! Choose from Bloomify™ Lantana, ColorBlast Purslane, and more.

4.5 inch, Reg $5.99

Just $2.98

Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food

Save $5! Ideal for new lawns, this specialized formula will help your grass perform its best throughout the season.

25 lb, Reg $34.99

Just $29.98


Discover unique and stylish pottery to fit your aesthetic. We carry multiple styles, shapes, colors, and sizes for your plants – indoors and out!

Starting at $6.99

Summer Shrub Sale

Save $10 on select shrubs! Each week throughout summer, we’ll have a new set of shrubs on sale for $10 off the retail price. Choose from Gulf Stream Nandina, Dwarf Burford Holly, Red Yucca, and more. Visit us for this week’s selection. Look for the Summer Shrub Sale signs with the bright sun!

3 gallon, From $24.99 to $29.99

$10 Off


Summertime blooms are better in Texas with Crapemyrtles. A staple in landscapes; known for their bountiful bursts of color. Choose from Black Diamond®, Pink Velour, Red Rocket, and more.

All 20% Off

Baby Jade™ Boxwood

A compact shrub with a lot of personality! Baby Jade™ is an evergreen that holds its bold green color throughout the year.

Starting at $12.99

Blue Label Organic Herbs

Food tastes better when it’s fresh from the garden. Enjoy delectable edibles with organic herbs!

4 inch, Reg $2.99 / 1 gallon, Reg $9.99

20% Off

Celebrity Tomatoes

Prized for their taste, Celebrity Tomatoes bear clusters of medium to large sized tomatoes with little maintenance needed! Plant now for a fresh fall crop of tomatoes!

4 inch, Reg $2.99

50% Off

Petra Croton

Great for a pop of summer color in flowerbeds or containers! Easy to care for and changes colors with the season.

6 inch, Reg $14.99

50% Off

Kimberly Queen Ferns

You don’t need a green thumb to successfully take care of these ferns! Easy to care for, great indoors, outside, on patios, on porches, in landscapes, and just about anywhere. While supplies last.

6 inch, Reg $14.99

30% Off


These plants thrive with minimal care, and provide a dynamic design to homes!

10 inch, Reg $29.99

30% Off