Calloway’s Specials

Calloway’s Specials Through 9/19/19 – Click Image for Product Details

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest has arrived. Pumpkins, Specialty Pumpkins, Straw bales, Metal Yard available now. Come in early for the best selections.

Starting at $2.99

Garden Mums

Start planting for fall with beautiful budding Garden Mums! An array of fluffy petals that bloom from early fall through winter.

6 inch, Reg $4.99

Just $3.98

Madness® Petunias

Madness® Petunias produce lovely, ruffled flowers in a myriad of colors! Great for flowerbeds and containers.

4 inch, Just $1.99

Ornamental Peppers

A striking bedding plant with upright ornamental peppers to add wonderful color and design to fall flowerbeds and containers.

Starting at $2.99


A versatile plant for indoors and out! Prized for its constant display or orange or apricot flowers and attractive shiny foliage as it is for its easy-growing nature.

6 inch, Just $12.99

Floral Mums

Excellent flowers for cutting and creating table displays. Can be grown indoors or out in containers.

6 inch, Reg $14.99

Just $12.98

Petra Crotons

Bold colorful foliage marked with yellow, red and orange. Add tropical color to indoor areas. An excellent patio or entryway greeter.

8 inch, Reg $24.99

Just $19.98

Bonide® Weed Beater Complete

Now is the time to prevent weeds in the yard. Bonide® Weed Beater Complete. Will stop any new weeds from sprouting, as well as help combat weeds that you can see!

10 lb, Reg $29.99

Just $24.98

Bonide® Crabgrass Preventer with Dimension

Time to Apply! Bonide® Crabgrass Preventer will prevent many varieties of broadleaf and grassy weeds from germinating in your lawn.

10 lb, Just $24.99

Calloway's Natural Garden Food

Time to Apply!! Introducing Calloway's New and Improved Natural Garden Food. Calloway's Garden Food has the highest nitrogen that you can get from an organic fertilizer and includes beneficial microorganisms to help not only feed your plants but revitalize your soil. For use on lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs, and vegetables.

20 lb, Just $34.99

Calloway's Premium Lawn Food Phosphorus Free

Now is the time to stock up on Lawn Fertilizer. Formulated For Mature Texas Lawns and follows EARTH-KIND environmental friendly Principles - Triple Source of Nitrogen as well as Iron, Sulfur, and Trace Elements - Contains Fx Iron an environmentally friendly source of Iron that does not stain concrete.

25 lb, Just $29.99

Calloway's Premium Lawn Food

For Healthy Lawns that are a Deep Lush Green - Formulated for Texas New Lawns with the recommended ratio of primary nutrients - Triple Source of Nitrogen as well as Iron, Sulfur, and Trace Elements - Contains Fx Iron an environmentally friendly source of Iron that does not stain concrete.

25 lb, Just $34.99

Shrubs for Fall

Fresh Shipments arriving now for fall! Choose from Kaleidoscope Abelia, Baby Gem™ Boxwood, Sunshine Ligustrum, and more.


Encore® Autumn Bonfire, Encore® Autumn Embers, and more.

3 gallon, Just $29.99

Shade Trees

Just arrived! Now is the best time to plant for fall, allowing trees to root better and ensure longevity. Choose from Live Oak, Chinese Pistache, and Shumard Red Oak.

10 gallon, Just $129.99

Snow-N-Summer™ Asian Jasmine

An attractive variegated groundcover with fun sprinkles of white, pink, and green foliage that bloom with tiny white flowers!

1 gallon, Just $12.99

Life-Like Christmas Trees

Life-Like Christmas Trees are now available at select Calloway's Nursery locations (Dallas, Flower Mound, and Preston Road)! Choose from a variety from 4ft to 12ft. Free Christmas Tree storage bag with the purchase of a 7.5ft tree or taller: while supplies last!

All 20% Off