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Our Commitments

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Our Customers

We believe gardening to be a creative process that adds value to a home, benefits the environment, and is a pleasant diversion in its own right. To assist in your gardening journey, Calloway’s offers a rich, exciting shopping experience highlighted by variety, value, quality and a regular influx of unexpected offerings. We search for and provide well-adapted varieties, fully informing our customers about the special needs of more exotic plants. All the selection and expertise in the world is moot if there’s no respect for the customers who seek it, so we at Calloway’s place a premium on our customer service, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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Our Environment

We believe flora represents a sound investment both ecologically and psychologically, that it does more than just provide mere decoration. A thoughtfully designed landscape - along with an active participation in its cultivation - can act as a physical buffer and a spiritual respite from the stress, noise and hectic pace of urban life. Your particular microclimate benefits in very real and measurable ways: taming the extremes of temperature, reducing glare, high winds, cleansing the air, conserving water, and replenishing the earth’s oxygen.

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Our Nurseries

Our nurseries are designed to inspire our customers. Through our expansive, curated selection of the finest plants available presented in eye-catching, thoughtfully unique displays, Calloway’s supplies gardeners of all levels with the inspiration – and the raw materials – to create their own masterpieces.

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The Community

Calloway’s – largely through public service and volunteer efforts – contributes directly to the communities in which we work and live and encourages and supports employees who involve themselves in community efforts. We actively support the following organizations with our time and financial resources: the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Dallas Arboretum, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Lena Pope, and the Semper Fi Fund.

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We at Calloway’s enjoy sharing our expertise with our customers - an expertise built by observing the natural world and the wonders of growing plants. Our combined mastery of botany, horticulture and customer service affords our customers a retail experience that exceeds their expectations. We measure our success by 1) the frequency with which our customers seek us out for our selections, our presentation, our knowledge, and 2) their eagerness to share their experiences with us.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We go to great lengths to ensure that our plant and garden products are premium quality, professional grade - the finest available to the market. However, if you take reasonable care of your purchase and are dissatisfied in any way, just return it with your receipt and we will refund your money in full…with a smile.