Baby Jade Boxwood

An exceptionally compact Boxwood that is ideal for smaller gardens, or for using as a focal point in landscapes.

Baby Gem Boxwood

This compact boxwood is great for smaller plantings; as it slowly grows it forms a rounded, dense mound; an extremely versatile shrub that’s ideal for small and formal hedges or topiary, takes pruning exceptionally well.

Green Tower® Boxwood

A very columnar variety with lustrous dark green leaves with lighter undersides; makes a great vertical accent, topiary, or garden detail plant; foliage will not brown in winter.

Boxwood Basil

A compact, dense variety producing flower spikes adorned with white-lavender flowers in mid summer; aromatic leaves are very small but full of flavor; great for mixed containers, herb gardens, and annual beds.

Japanese Boxwood

A versatile broadleaf evergreen landscape shrub which takes pruning exceptionally well, can be shaped and sheared into formal hedges, topiary and other landscape oddities; makes a great informal hedge.