Limelight Hydrangea

Simply a stunning development in the world of hydrangeas, this new variety features enormous, dense upright panicles of flower heads that start out a soft lime green, fading over the summer to white and finally brown in fall, one of the hardier selections.

Calloway’s Professional Azalea Food

With an 8-12-11 formula helps develop strong roots, limbs and foliage that will support your abundant blooming flowers. Even more important our Azalea food contains essential nutrients and trace elements that are ideal for acid-loving plants like Azaleas, Camellias, Hydrangeas and Gardenias. For lush healthy plants and beautiful long lasting blooms.

8-12-11 Slow Release

For use on acid-loving plants; Azalea, Hydrangea, Camellias, and Gardenias.

Calloway’s Amazing Azaleas

This water soluble food is designed for acid-loving plants. Simply mix with water for instant impact in your garden. Amazing Azaleas was designed with a formula that provides maximum growth and blooms on your Azalea plants. It is also great for other shrubs that prefer acidic environments such as camellias, hydrangeas, and gardenias.

30-10-10 Water Soluble

Best for azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas, and gardenias.

Big Daddy Hydrangea

This variety produces incredibly huge pink or blue bloom clusters, depending on soil pH, on strong upright stems; luxurious, large, shiny green foliage; a gorgeous, elegant addition to the garden, and a great cut flower.

BloomStruck® Hydrangea

Beautiful, large, violet blue or rose pink blooms, depending on soil type; blooms on both old and new wood all summer long; sturdy ruby red stems, glossy deep green leaves turn burgundy-red in fall to offer year-round interest

Blue Enchantress Hydrangea

A stunning shrub producing bold flowers of sky blue when grown in acidic soil, pinkish in alkaline; flowers mature to a cream splashed green; ideal for the shrub border or foundation garden; perfect for patio containers.

Nantucket Blue Hydrangea

One of the showiest and most desired summer-blooming garden plants with large, lavender-blue flowers; requires acidic soils to maintain blue color; blooms on old wood so protecting flower buds in winter may be necessary.

Fuchsia Glow Hydrangea

A stunning shrub producing bold fuchsia mophead flowers when grown in alkaline soil, bluish in acidic; ideal for the shrub border or foundation garden; perfect for patio containers.

Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

A choice compact garden or massing shrub featuring showy spikes of flowers which emerge white and quickly turn deep pink; interesting deep green foliage with mahogany fall color, and papery bark; somewhat coarse in appearance, best used in groupings.

Little Lime Hydrangea

This compact shrub is a smaller form of ‘Limelight’; features large conical flower heads that start chartreuse and change to pink in the cooler, late-season weather, lasting into fall.